me and loneliness


Title: Me and Alone

Author: Hassan Sholeh Saadi

Publisher: Reflection of Culture

Subject: Persian poetry

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 120

Language: Farsi



Me and loneliness is a collection of 89 poems in 120 pages and in different frames, which was published in 1993.

Contrary to the story that the author can attribute the subject to others and keep himself as a narrator and mostly neutral in the book, poetry is a mirror of the poet’s feelings and perceptions and thoughts that he shares directly with the audience. Of course, these perceptions may And the resulting thoughts should have a basis other than the poet’s personal emotions, but in any case, the shape and image of the poem show that what the poet says is related to himself and his beloved.

A lover who may be earthly or heavenly. There must be love in this field and most of the lover is indifferent to this love and indifferent to the lover. They expressed
Some poems have been exposed to political and social issues, but this part of the poetic literature does not sit well in the heart, although sometimes it has an undeniable effect on enlightening and provoking the audience. In general, our people expect poetry to affect their heart emotions and emotional problems. Due to the unfaithfulness of the beloved sympathize.

The poems in this collection are no exception to this rule. As its name suggests, the most important problem of the poet is loneliness that has plagued him unjustifiably and innocently. , And has not neglected the honor of the unfaithful lover. The poem on the back cover of the book shows such a situation well:

A single tree in my desert
I do not expect rain
My branches are dry and burning
I have no choice but to break the eye of my friends
I have a shadow, but
O traveler …
I put my shadow under my feet
To rest

In the shadow of Sarm.
The poet has somehow come to terms with his loneliness.

The Lonely Season
I have lived so long
I do not want to meet anyone
I lost love
I have no desire
The Ice Season
The garden also experienced
My heart also went through the cold night
I am not afraid of thorns and stinginess
I’m in this lonely hole
I have given up hope
I do not have the desire to accompany the cry of clay.
The poet is by no means uncomfortable about what he has lost. He has given up love and loyalty in general, but based on the love that is interpreted to the gardener in this book, he hopes that the gardener will plant the flower of love again and his product will be used by society one day.

If you resent the dust
The nightingale’s heart dies
If from a chest fire
Take the heart of a lover
Health gardener head
Which is full of compassion
Give to Johnny Garden
That the existence of lovers
You can give flowers
Health gardener head
Health Blizzard


The poet has a strange loneliness with Anas Walfti. Therefore, with all this annoyance and unhappiness, he does not engage with such an opponent because the lover hates violence and conflict and inevitably lives with the opponent. My poem and loneliness, from which the book’s name is derived, simply and honestly depict the poet’s behavior in times of loneliness:

The night is coming
I and the world have loneliness
I take my heart
And he drew his sword
Under the Ashraf flower tree
Where the blue earth
And even the grief of a lover is blue
I put my heart on the ground
And alone with his sword he draws a circle around my heart
And I pass the emotion
All the blue words of my sonnets
We wash with tears
And I hang it on the blue branches of the Ashraf flower tree
To sacrifice
Then in the presence of Hazrat Eshgh
I kneel
And to the massacre of the blue words of my sonnets
I stare under the razor alone …………..
However, the poet of these poems looks at and describes everything from the perspective of his own emotions.

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