The Sea-Wolf


Title: Sea Wolf

Author: Jack London

Translator: Poursha Oladdilmaghanian

Publisher: Rain Rain

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 376

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The SeaWolf by Jack London

In The Wolf of the Sea, Jack London’s main concern is exposing the oppression and unfair exploitation of human beings. Jack Andon’s works, including The Wolf of the Sea, sometimes take on a strong naturalistic tone and are often very detailed social analyzes. “The powerful eat the incapable to maintain their strength,” he says in the work. “The happy ones swallow first and move the most.”

Sea Wolf is a novel by Jack London, an American author, published in 1904 and quickly gained readership.

In this novel, Jack London tells the story of an intellectual named Humphrey Van Wieden, who is captured by a group of violent sailors, led by a man named Wolf Larsen, who is taken by ship to distant seas. Wolf Larsen is an immoral and violent man who has great physical strength and at the same time (like Jack London himself) is self-taught and has read many books. The story takes a different turn with the arrival of a woman named Mad Brewster, who is a famous poet, and Humphrey, who falls in love with the Medes in the remote islands, succeeds Wolf with her.

About Jack London

Jack London (January 12, 1876 – November 22, 1916) was an American socialist writer. His works, such as The Sound of the Beast and the Wolf of the Sea, were welcomed by readers. He was one of the first American writers to make a fortune writing.

He has seen the scenes he portrayed with his own eyes and most of the heroes of his stories are those who have associated with him. The influence of the thoughts of Charles Darwin, Herbert Spencer, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Nietzsche is evident in the writings of Jack London. These works, which sometimes take on a strong naturalistic color, are often very detailed social analyzes.
Jack London’s work is a narrative of the hardships of life in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century America.

Summary of the book

At the time of Jack London, the captain of a werewolf was called a trained man named Wolf Larsen. His physical strength is such that he can fight and defeat several people at the same time. In one part of the story, two of the ship’s crew drown in the sea because of his brutal behavior. But the sea wolf has several other characteristics, and that is that although he did not go to school, he read many books and Interested in literature and philosophy

He has a special philosophy in life in general. The story of the sea wolf novel begins when a young man named Humphrey Weiden, who is from a prosperous family, goes to visit his friend on a ship, but the ship with which he starts the journey sinks and Widen is rescued by the crew of a hunting ship called the Ghost. But things take a turn for the worse for Wyden. The wolf’s behavior is so brutal that Wyden, like the other crew, concludes that he must kill her.
In the meantime, something happens that separates Widen from the thoughts of violent rain. He becomes interested and at the same time afraid of the captain’s mischief. Wieden realizes that there is only one opponent for the werewolf, who is his brother.

The two brothers ‘ships arrive at the guinea pigs’ gathering place almost at the same time, where they compete with each other.

One night, Widen sees the girl caught in the captain’s clutches and rushes to his aid. Widen, knowing that he is not the captain’s opponent, strikes He hits her on the head and gives her a chance that the captain suffers from chronic and severe headaches and leaves Wieden and the girl. Immediately after this incident, Wieden concludes that they have to escape from the ship by boat with the girl named Mad. They carry out their plan quickly, and after wandering around the sea for a while, they reach an island. It is not long after their stay on the island that they see the ghost ship, the same wolf ship, reach the shore, but in this ship except The captain who is blind is no one else.
Because the wolf’s brother was able to defeat him and hire his staff, Wieden and Mumd see the opportunity to escape the island by ghost ship, but they are still afraid of the wolf because despite the illness and blindness, they are waiting for the blow at any moment. They finally hit the ship despite the wolf’s persecution. The wolf’s disease also progresses during this time. He gradually becomes paralyzed and loses all his physical and sensory abilities, and eventually dies. He dies and is buried in the sea by Wieden and Media.

Sentences from the text of the book

1- “The powerful eat the incapable to maintain their strength. “The happy ones swallow first and move the most.”

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