Dancing with the old fox


Title: Dancing with the Old Fox

Author: Hassan Sholeh Saadi

Publisher: Reflection of Culture

Subject: Persian short stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 184

Language: Farsi



Introducing Dancing with the old fox written by Hassan Sholeh Saadi
Novels describe the history of a nation in a certain period, and since the novelist is not a historian, he writes his story based on events that do not follow the principles and rules of historiography, but the reader while focusing on the story and its events. In parallel with the story, he also reviews the history of his country at the time when this story happened.

Dance with the Old Fox is the author’s first novel, based on this, and its story spans a period of twenty years from the time of the first Pahlavi coup against the Qajar regime to his resignation and departure from the country.

The story is about a person (Tahmours Khan) who survived the Qajar rule and when he realizes that Reza Khan Cossack is seeking a coup against this regime, he joins his forces with all his might and accompanies and cooperates with Reza Khan until the change of the monarchy. But unlike all revolutionaries or coup plotters who want a share of power after the victory, he rejects Reza Shah’s offer to receive a royal gift, and this causes the Shah to be confused.

The story begins with the funeral of the son of Tahmourth Khan, a longtime friend of Reza Shah. An unprecedented funeral that has caused great concern to government officials. Therefore, the government that claimed undisputed power was also afraid of the doctor’s body. This is the characteristic of all dictators.
Security is a common chapter in everyone in the current affairs of the country. The people need security of life, money and employment and the regime needs political security and it must be provided at any cost ….. Livelihood, health, welfare and peace of the people are categories They were not to blame the government.

The story revolves around the fight against oppression and injustice, but does not lose its fairness, and the author has a fair look at the story’s data. Be:

World War II engulfed Europe. Hitler fought on several fronts and achieved great victories. Reza Shah, who did not want to remain under the burden of Britain forever, took advantage of the opportunity and turned to Germany. He did not allow Reza Shah to work. Page 23

To enter the story, one has to go back a while. When Mohammad Ali Mirza was the son of Muzaffar al-Din Shah, the crown prince of Iran and lived in Tabriz like all Qajar crown princes. Bring people:
The constitutional movement was in its final stages, and members of the royal family tried to destroy the constitutionalists in any way they could. Every time the crown prince plundered the people, his propaganda blamed the constitutionalists. They sought a solution. By following and studying the activities of this group (looters), they realized that this group, led by the Crown Prince, attacks the people every time and if anyone resists, they will kill him. Page 33 Dance with the old fox

By joining forces supporting Reza Khan, Tahmurth Khan intended to overthrow the evil 130-year-old Qajar government. It did not matter to him what the new government would do. And the oppression of him and other Qajar officials had destroyed the country and the nation.

Part of the country was under the boot of Soviet soldiers and an important and rich part of it was under British rule.

Dancing with the old fox

But this is the main problem, because in terms of focusing on the falling regime, it prevents the new government from investigating and predicting the situation and its actions, and the new ruler may be much worse and more dangerous than the previous rulers.
Basically, our nation is not interested in researching and studying political affairs. They simply gain their trust and fight to the death in the footsteps of the new leader, but because of the same confidence, they do not allow themselves to research and study about him. They are charismatic or holy, and people do not think that a holy leader can be a tyrant.

In the category of oppression, the author believes that the one who oppresses has once been oppressed, and after coming to power, he tries to take revenge on the earth and the time when he was oppressed. These are all the products of tyranny. Authoritarian tyranny and corruption are normal. If these are not catastrophes, everything should be doubted. In this book, we read:

The era of tyranny is the era of the birth of various positive and negative movements and ideas. Dervish and Sufi sects, underground associations, prostitution and human trafficking, and many economic and social evils were formed during these authoritarian eras.

The opposite face of Tahmours Khan and his son (doctor) is a person named Abbas. He later became known as Abbas Ajan.
He was a relatively fat teenager whom his mother had entrusted to Musa for his livelihood and for not staying at home ….. When he was hired by Musa, he was 12 years old. Amiz considered that he could not tolerate the behavior of other employees towards him …… weakness was the scourge of his life and he was constantly looking for an opportunity to get rid of this unpleasant situation …….. … Nezafatchi, after years of wandering, wandering, poverty and hunger, had now, as a result of political and social changes, with the consent of Reza Khan, become the head of the Tehran organization. Page 109 Dance with the old fox

As you will see in the book, Abbas was the source of many injustices and anomalies in his mission, relying on the power he gained as a result of Reza Khan’s coup from anyone who had been oppressed in the recent and distant past, without appearing The story takes its toll, revenge is hard.

The story ends with a discussion about Reza Shah’s departure from Iran. An argument between the Shah and the ousted Prime Minister Foroughi:

What should Foroughi do?
The victims have long said that whatever the sultan likes is art
Be serious, the situation is bad. If the Russians reach Tehran, they will not give up
The British will not help either because they resent His Majesty
What do you suggest?
Considering these events and considering that Prince Mohammad Reza is in a legal position to accept responsibility and considering the imminent danger that threatens you, I believe that the emperor should resign and leave the affairs of the country to the Crown Prince.
There is no one in the world of Iranian politics who does not know that Foroughi was an active and loyal member of the British government!

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