Title: Educated

Author: Tara Westworth

Translator: Monira Jian

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: Women, USA, autobiography, survival, home education, female student

Cover: Paperback

Cut: paperback

Number of pages: 448

Language: Farsi



Educated by Tara Westworth is a bold move and one of the top 10 books of 2018 and one of the best and best-selling autobiography books.

This book tells the story of a girl who, despite her father’s pathological behaviors and the many hardships she goes through in life, opens her way to a bright future.

American historian and author Tara Westover writes beautifully about her life in the book Educated and talks about the hardships she went through.

The book that immediately made him famous and was recognized by many, including the editors of Amazon, the New York Times, Barack Obama, Bill Gates, etc., as one of the best works of 2018.

Tara was born in 1986 in Idaho to a fanatical family. Families with strange and unconventional religious beliefs. Tara’s father barred her from going to school and forced her to work because of her distrust of the government.

Tara did not have a birth certificate until she was nine years old, and her father forced her to work in a scrap metal warehouse at the age of ten. Although he was only a child, he distanced himself from the world of childhood with his father’s behavior.
When one of Tara’s brothers went to college, she decided to change her mind and try a new way of life.

Tara’s quest for knowledge transformed her and led her to attend Harvard and Cambridge universities after long distances.

Some comments about the amazingly educated book:
An unforgettable biography of a young girl. (Barnes & Noble)

Impressive, personal, shocking and inspiring work. (School Library Journal)

– Until I read Tara Wester’s book, I thought I was a self-taught teacher; But Tara’s ability to learn all at once hit me hard. I’m excited to have just talked about his book. (Bill Gates)

Educated is the extraordinary story of a young girl who is born and raised in an Idaho family struggling to survive in the end times.

A girl who struggles with her teeth to get an education and at the same time shows a deep understanding and compassion for the world she leaves behind. (Barack Obama)

Tara Wester, a heroine
Tara Westor was born in September 1986. He lived in Idaho, a western US state. His place of residence was the land of mountains, forests and deep valleys.

Tara Westor describes her life in the land of her childhood as follows: “I was born with the rhythm of a mountain, a rhythm in which change was never fundamental.

Mountain changes have always been periodic. Every morning, the constant sun rose, rolling across the valley and hiding behind the mountain. “The snow that falls in the winter melts in the spring.”

The Tara Westor family is part of the Mormons. “Mormons” are religious sects that claim to be Christian.

They are openly polygamous and do not drink alcohol, coffee or tea and spend a lot of time in church. They are called “Moronists”, highly superstitious people who live far from any possibilities.

Tara Westor did not have access to television or radio because of the influence of these superstitious and petrified ideas in her childhood.
Interestingly, this lifestyle is not centuries old, but Tara and her siblings experienced it in the late twentieth century.

Westor’s life was greatly affected by this superstition, and his father, as an extremist, put his daughter’s life in a quandary.
His father suffered from bipolar disorder and did not believe in education or treatment. Tara Westor and her siblings did not go to school for a while and did not have a birth certificate.

If they got sick, their mother would improve their health with home remedies. Tara spent her childhood at home under her mother, and her older brother taught her to read the Bible.

Contrary to her father’s beliefs, Tara Westor went to study and went to Brigham University to continue her education.

Tara Wester graduated in 2008 and earned a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge. After completing her studies at Cambridge, Tara claimed to have been mentally and physically abused by her older brother since she was a teenager, but her parents denied this and claimed that Westor was influenced by the devil.

Tara Wester continued her education until her doctorate and graduated with a degree in the history of thought. He engaged in research activities in the field of history and published several articles. Influenced by the difficult conditions of her life, Tara Westor published the book “Educated Girl” in 2018, which had a global impact.

Educated Girl book, the best biography of 2018
The Educated Girl is a biography of Tara Westworth. He tells the story of a painful life in his book until he was thirty. The Westor family lived next to a mountain called Buck. His childhood was influenced by his family’s religious beliefs, far from any education or health. “Dad is worried that the government will force us to go to school, but there is no danger because we are not in government statistics,” Wester writes. “Of my parents’ seven children, four do not have ID cards.” At the age of seven, when the children were getting ready for school, Tara was filling jam bottles or working in the garbage yard at her father’s house.

The book of the educated girl is a reflection of the misfortunes and oppressions that afflict children due to baseless beliefs. Tara writes the book in a fluent and engaging style and persuades the reader to move on to the end of the story.

The book The Educated Girl, in addition to being able to sell well in a short period of time, also attracted the attention of prominent personalities.

After reading this book, Bill Gates met with Tara Wester and says about this book: “Until I read Tara Wester, I thought I was a self-taught teacher; But Tara’s ability to learn all at once hit me hard. “I’m excited to have just talked about his book.”

“Educated is the extraordinary story of a young girl born and raised in an Idaho family struggling to survive in the end times,” said Barack Obama.
“A girl who struggles with her teeth to get an education and at the same time shows a deep understanding and compassion for the world she leaves behind.”

Honors of an educated girl
An Educated Girl is an engaging and artistic account of a human endeavor to build a new self. For 57 consecutive weeks, the New York Times bestseller in 2018 has been translated into 30 languages, as well as being the best-selling book on Amazon and USA Today, and the Goodreads Award for Best Book of History. Slowly

In December of that year, Amazon’s editors named The Educated Girl the Book of the Year, and the New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Guardian named The Educated Girl the Book of the Year. The book also won the 2018 Los Angeles Times Top Biography Book Award.

In parts of the book we read:
On New Year’s Day, my mother drove me to my new life. I had not brought much with me: twelve jars of canned peaches, a bed, and a garbage bag full of clothes.

As we walked fast along the road, I looked at the scenery around me: we walked through the black peaks of the Brewery Mountains and reached the sharp Rocky Mountains. The university was located in the heart of the Wasach Mountains.

A mountain whose white mountains came out of the ground. All these scenes were beautiful, but their beauty was menacing in my mind, as if all those beauties had attacked me.

The apartment we rented was located a mile south of the university. The kitchen had a living room and three bedrooms.
The bedrooms were small. The girls who lived in that apartment – I knew they were all girls because they were separated in the BYU dormitories – had not yet returned from vacation.

I brought the things I had brought with me from the car into the house. My mother and I stood in the kitchen for a moment in embarrassment, then my mother hugged me and got in her car and set off.

I spent three nights alone in that quiet apartment. Although no one but me was in the apartment and there was silence, the sounds of the city disturbed my peace.

I had not been in the city for more than a few hours before, and it was almost impossible for me to defend myself against the strange sounds that were attacking me minute by minute.
My bank account was constantly running low. I was afraid that I might not be able to pass my units, but a month before the end of the semester, after paying my tuition, renting a house and buying food and books, I gradually began to think that even if I did pass my units for a reason. I will definitely not go back to university: I could not afford it.

I found the conditions for getting a scholarship on the Internet. The tuition exemption required an almost complete grade point average. I still had a month until the end of the semester, yet I knew that getting a scholarship was ridiculously out of reach.

American history was getting easier for me, but only in the sense that I no longer failed all my monthly exams.
I did well in music theory, but I struggled in English. My language teacher said that I have a talent for writing, but my writing language is unofficially formal and sloppy.

I did not tell him that I had learned to read and write by reading the Bible of Mormon and the sermons of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. However, my main tragedy was the lesson of Western civilization.

The lessons of his speeches were heavy for me, perhaps because by the end of January I thought Europe was a country and not a continent, and as a result most of Master’s careers were incomprehensible to me.
Only after the question I asked about the Holocaust did I dare to ask to clear my mind.

However, because of Vanessa, Western civilization was my favorite class.

I liked him because he was a Mormon like me: he wore a loose-fitting ski collar, and he told me he never drank Coca-Cola and did his homework on Sundays. He was the only person at the University of Vanessa who did not look like an infidel!

Review of an educated girl book
Biography is one of the literary genres that reflects the lives of successful and influential people in the world. By reading this style of books, we travel to the author’s steep world and taste his victories and failures.

The educated girl is a picture of Tara Westor’s life that has attracted a large audience around the world with her eloquent pen.

The book is the story of Tara’s life, which is dominated by her father with her superstitious beliefs, but she suddenly decides to be different and decide another destiny for herself.

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