Lie to me


Title: Lie to me

Author: GT Ellison

Translator: Marzieh Naserkhani

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 480

Language: Farsi



Lie to Me by GT Allison: The life of Sutan and Ethan Mont Clear seems ideal. But the truth is more ugly than that. Not drowning in betrayal, their relationship is full of love and hate. At the height of Sota’s troubles, he disappears, leaving only a note. The lies that the couple had been telling each other for years will soon be revealed.

“Lie To Me” with the original name “Lie To Me” by the famous J.T. Ellison was released in 2017 and was well received by the audience from the very beginning. This book has become one of the New York Times bestselling novels. In the description on the back of the book we read: “The life of Sutan and Ethan Mont-Claire seems ideal, but the truth is more ugly than that. Immersed in betrayal, their relationship is full of love and hate. At the height of trouble, Sutan disappears and only a note “When friends, the media and the police start investigating what happened to Sutan, Ethan finds himself the target of the accusations, and very soon, the lies that the couple have been telling each other for years are revealed …”.

Part of the text of the book:
When allowed. When Sutan fell in love with this broken old ship, he knew where he would take them. Did he know of the suffering they were supposed to feel between these walls? Of course, that house was nothing to them but pain and sorrow, they did not care that they had to learn from their experiences and grow. This house was cursed, Titan allowed him to deviate from his plans from the day he allowed Sutan to fall in love with him, knowing that they had a plan that would not have happened if they had clung to it with both hands. None of them needed five rooms and three fireplaces and a house that needed to be fully furnished from the inside out to be livable. They did not need anything other than a bed of champagne …

GT Ellison was born in Orlando, Florida, USA and studied at George Washington University.

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