Shadow effect


Title: Shadow effect

Author: Ford

Translator: Dr. Farzam Habibi Esfahani

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Psychology _ Unconsciousness

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 200

Language: Farsi



The Shadow Effect by Debbie Ford, a book that exposes the dark side of human existence and offers a solution. This book is actually a way of self-knowledge. Separation from love means separation from God and separation from God means separation from ourselves and separation from ourselves has no meaning other than the continuation of an absurd and stupid life.
The book articulates the shadow effect of the conflict between what we are and what we want to be. In this book, Deepak Chopra / Marian and Dr. Simon join Debbie Ford, exposing the effects of shadow and repressed thoughts, and teaching us how to gain power and awareness beyond the mind by knowing the shadow. Debbie Ford has done a lot of research on the shadow of people and has created many workshops. The Shadow Effect is a very inspiring book to get rid of our dark past.

Excerpts from the book
Discovering the hidden power within, confronting the shadow within, is a difficult but sure journey to return to the world of love. Love not only means loving another, but also love with any particular character in you and me; A love that gives us the opportunity to accept the richness of humanity and the sanctity of our being. Confronting the inner demon causes us to finally come to terms with the shortcomings of others, to find peace and compassion, to find a forgiving spirit, to avoid judging others, and in this way to reach perfection.

“The shadow of his invisible and safe home in the depths of our minds has taken over our whole lives with power. It is he who determines what we can do and what we cannot do. What we can not resist and what we can do at any cost. Shadow explains the mysterious reason for our likes and dislikes and determines what we like and what we criticize or judge.

The shadow affects our beliefs, what social or racial class we affirm and consider ourselves to belong to, and who we shun, who we vote for, what schools we advocate, and what schools we reject. It is the shadow that tells us how much wealth or property we deserve and determines how we use it, spend it wisely, or forbid it unaccountably. “

Sentences from the book Shadow Effect
Good does not have the strength to defeat its enemy once and for all.
Sigmund Freud had come to the conclusion that there are sad costs to civilization.
Pain is a known complication of those trying to cleanse themselves.
Mankind is the only creature that can create a “self”.
Babies are born without a “self” and in the first three years of life they build it, shape their personality, and develop their interests, self, and nature.
Scientists have found that the brain converts every emotion into a chemical equivalent and sends it to different parts of the body through so-called messenger molecules.
The subconscious mind has a purpose, and that is to keep us in the dark.
It is easy to be unaware.
When someone gains weight, starts smoking, or becomes ill, their close relatives and friends are up to about 50 percent more likely to develop similar behaviors or conditions.
A friend of a friend can make you smoke, unhappy or lonely. There are statistics to support this theory, even if you have never met your friend.
Implicit enemies also have implicit allies.
Religion is formed in the membrane of the brain and the image we have of hell and heaven lies in it.
Holographic or three-dimensional motive, in order to achieve generalities, goes beyond the details.
A little intensification of the inner world makes the outer world sweeter.
Everything that causes you to neglect is a shadow; Because the shadow is a place to hide pain and anxiety.
Everyone uses it as a defensive tool to avoid looking inward by blaming others.
You are not in the world. The world is inside you.
The way to deal with the negative state is to know and be aware of its existence.
I value the feeling of sympathy and empathy. If you can look at yourself and say, “No problem. I understand.” You have done two things at the same time. The first is to let the judgment out of your emotions and allow yourself to be who you are. Empathy is the emotion we tend to express; But we forget to give it to ourselves.
In the realm of the soul or divinity, enduring pain can be healing. Through compassion and empathy for others, you can open the way to a powerful source of inner healing, and I hope you will. This is one of the great pleasures of life and without a doubt, the purest.
When our response to the outside world is always the same, our body of emotions will undoubtedly get tired, and if it is in an unhealthy environment, it will surely wither.
It is only in attaining perfection that the emergence of a true “self” is possible.
Everything is part of a consciousness that in the past was called divine wisdom.
There are many ways to achieve a good life, and countless people have come to the conclusion that there is no reason to seek the whole (one of the most important reasons is that they are never exposed to the dream of a higher “self” that really exists. Are not located.)
If you can use balance for creativity rather than destruction, then you are a true soldier of spirituality.
When you can see yourself as your source and your world, then you have become whole.
From a general point of view, since everything is synchronized at the same time, there is no semantic distance.
Religion finds its constructive source. There is no section in that source. You do not need to master every aspect of yourself that is mingled with darkness. When you become what you really are, there is nothing in the dark that is unknown to you.
When you choose to solve a problem above that level, then you can deal with it logically.
You are never so right and you are not so victorious or pious that the anger, resentment and fear that you have caused in the hearts of the people are valid and right.
When you feel safe, the feeling that you have the right to be in this world comes alive in you. To feel belonging, you must feel love; Love reminds you that you are loved.
The ancient Hindus believed that happiness (Ananda in Sanskrit) was neither gain nor loss. Happiness is created within the human subconscious mind. Happiness means the purest emotions, joy, happiness and spiritual ecstasy.
Love unites two hearts.
Seeking love is another way of seeking spirituality.
How to find the right way to fall in love? Fear must be removed. Love does not need to be searched. Like the air you breathe, love is part of nature and a divine gift.
To find love, you must be able to see yourself as a lovable being.
Victory means being understood by others.
What we do not have the right to choose is what the universe wants, but the “I” does not accept within us. Of course, what you want is without a doubt the best choice for you. But this choice must be in accordance with nature; That means you can not ask for anything that is against the law.
If we act according to God’s will, then we really become ourselves.
You can not be rejected spiritually unless you accept yourself.
True self-confidence must be achieved, and when that happens, then there is nothing in you that others will refuse to accept. Of course, this does not mean that everyone in the world loves you and may love you, there may be people who withdraw from you; But even in this case, you will not feel hurt and you will not find a mental wound.
You do not have to struggle to prove your true self. Your true “self” is acceptable, not only because you are a good human being, but also because you are perfect and have all human qualities.
See yourself more fully, you will empathize with your mistakes.
Romantic surrender means to gain.
Surrender does not come from reason – it did not get anywhere by thought. You have to travel with deep awareness before words and thoughts can take shape. This is the whole purpose of meditation: to transfer one to a realm beyond reason that has a meaning beyond contradiction.
The spiritual way solves problems and can resolve all contradictions.

About the Author: Debbie Ford; The hero of shadows
Debbie Ford is an American writer, psychologist, speaker, and psychoanalyst born in 1955 in San Diego. Although Debbie Ford had ten more titles before writing her most famous book, she rose to fame after reprinting The Dark Side of Existence in 2011. This book, which was first published in 1998; When he found Bansher 13 years later, he became known as the author of the New York Times.

Debbie Ford, a facilitator in the field of psychology, says in the introduction to The Dark Side of Existence: “All your so-called mistakes, all the things you do not like about yourself are your greatest assets. They are only slightly exaggerated and exaggerated. Their voices are a little loud. Just turn down the volume a little. “Soon both you and others will see your weaknesses as your strengths and your weaknesses as your strengths.”

Debbie Ford says in one of her interviews: “The life story of each of us is the point that defines the border between us and others and the outside world. The life story of each of us humans limits our abilities and destroys our choices. The life story of each of us is the reason why we feel isolated from others, the same feeling that we are constantly trying to place ourselves in a story, a story, a memory. “This effort usually takes up all our mental energy in vain and makes us tasteless, unmotivated and frustrated.”

Dubai Ford’s first book is The Dark Side of Existence. Other books by Debbie Ford include Cleansing Consciousness, Divorce (Spiritual Separation), The Best Year of Your Life, and Why Good People Do Bad Things.

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