After you


Title: After You

Author: Jojo Moyes

Translator: Dr. Massoud Hashemi

Publisher: Aso

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 456

Language: Farsi



After You, in the sequel to my best-selling novel Before You, was written by Jojo Moyes and has received the same attention from the audience.

The book After You also begins with an incident. The incident on which the story of the book is based. It goes back to eighteen months after Will’s death. You find Louisa in a situation where she is struggling on the one hand with the grief of losing Will and on the other hand with the pangs of conscience caused by helping her to end her life. His spirit and life are very turbulent.

Louisa is depressed, while months ago she promised Will that she would do her best to live an exciting and sweet life. But now he does not do any special activities. After Will’s death, Louisa now comes to London and lives in an apartment she bought with Will’s money. The story goes like this until something strange happens in Louisa’s life. An event that marginalizes his life …
The issue that Jojo Moyes focuses on in the book After You is also the ability of man to rebuild his life after tragic events and losses. In this book, we read about how Louise overcomes the grief that surrounds her life. In this book, too, many amazing things happen and old characters meet in new spaces.

It is worth noting that Moyes did not intend to write a sequel for me before you, but he has received emails from around the world about the story of Lou and others after what happened before me, as well as reviewing the characters as I write the script. I’m before you; He made her continue the life story of these characters in another book.
In a part of the text of the book after you, you will read:

My mother had said that staying with Will would eventually affect the rest of my life. I thought at the time that he meant me; Psychologically. I thought it meant a sense of guilt that I had to learn to overcome, sadness, insomnia, a sudden and bizarre outburst of anger, endless inner conversations with someone who is no longer here. But now I see that it’s not just me: in the digital age, I will always be the same person. Even if I could erase everything from my mind, they would never let me separate myself from Will’s death. As long as there are pixels and pages, my name is also tied to his name. People judged me on the basis of the most comprehensive information I received, or sometimes without knowing it, and I did nothing.
After You by Jojo Moyes, the rest of my story was written before you, and in fact tells the story of Louisa’s life after Will’s decision. The events are about 18 months after Will’s death. Louisa fights the grief of losing Will and helping to end Will’s life when she did not love it and was struggling with death. Louisa then moved to London and lived in an apartment where she bought money. In fact, Will did it so that Louisa could live the way she wanted to.

The book “After You” is written by “Jojo Moyes” and translated by “Dr. Massoud Hashemi”. Born in 1969 in London, English journalist and writer Jojo Moyes is a graduate of the University of London and one of the few writers to have twice won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award from the Association of Romantic Novelists. He has been writing for The Independent for about ten years and has only been writing for years.

“Before You” by Jojo Moyes is the New York Times bestseller, and its film adaptation is starring two well-known British actors, Emilia Clarke and Sam Clafine. In the introduction to this story, you read: Lucia Clark is the daughter of a nurse who has been exposed to her in a bigger world, she goes through them to resume her life and play another song of her being.
Lucia, who has now undergone a major transformation, is faced with a new experience, and the situation is such that she once again takes the test of life and stands at a crossroads. Eventually he is forced to make his choice and this is perhaps the biggest decision of his life that …
After you, it is the narrator of those who have stood in the difficult two ways of life and now have to fight the cruelty. This book, like the first book, begins with an incident, an incident on which the story of the book after you is based.

It is worth mentioning that Moyes did not intend to write a sequel for me before you, but he has received emails from all over the world about the story of Lou and others after what happened before me, as well as reviewing the characters as I write my screenplay. Before you; He made her continue the life story of these characters in another book.
Jojo Moyes is a well-known English writer, best known for writing romance novels. He has twice won the Romance Novel of the Year Award from the Romance Writers Association and his books have been translated into more than 10 different languages. Jojo Moyes has written 11 volumes of books and love is one of the main issues of his books. He portrays human relationships beautifully, drawing the reader’s attention to their characters and stories so that you become interested in them and follow them.
In a part of the book after you, we read:
I loved Will. How could these strangers understand what Will and I were like during the time we were together? How could I tell a short joke of the times and open facts and secrets? How could I explain to them that my world was completely turned upside down and that I could not live without him now?

What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? It was as if he was going to heal completely with a wound and not let go. I know what part of it I was, I know what role I played in it. So what’s the point of constantly reviewing the details of the past?

I’m not telling you to jump off a multi-story building or swim with whales or do such things (although I love to do them), but live boldly, have courage in your life.

Man is born only once. You really have a duty to lead the best life possible.

Beautiful sentences of the book after you
“I want to tell him I do not know how I feel. I want him but how to express it. “I do not want my happiness to depend entirely on anyone.”

“Sometimes we just have to look at the bigger picture for mental and physical health. (Let’s have a long view) »

“Life is short, right?” We both know this. Well, what if you are my chance? “What if you are the one who makes me happy?”

“When someone we love is taken away from us, it is often very difficult to plan for a new life. “Sometimes people feel that they will lose faith in the future or that their feelings will be damaged.”

“But after that, I knew better than anyone how the character you chose to present to the world could be very different from what it really is. “I knew how grief could change your behavior.”

“Sometimes superhuman strength is needed almost every day.”

“No, I’ve really thought about it a lot. You learn to live with it, with them. Because they stay with you, even if they are no longer alive or breathing. “It’s the sadness you felt at first, it overwhelms you and makes you scream in the wrong places and say you’re still alive.”

About the Author: Jojo Moyes
Jojo Moyes was born in 1969 and grew up in London. After a series of diverse careers, he quickly began writing as a full-time writer. He attended Royal College of Hollow and Barford College in New Jersey and the University of London. In 1992, he received a scholarship funded by an independent newspaper to complete his journalism course.

He worked for The Independent for 10 years, except for one year in 1994, when he worked for the Sunday Morning newspaper in Hong Kong, after 10 years as Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Art Reporter. And the media was appointed.

He retired from journalism in 2002, when he published his first book, The Refugee Rain. He became world famous with my novel Before You. Jojo Moyes also twice won the Romance Novel of the Year Award for Foreign Fruit Books and a Letter from His Beloved. He now lives with his wife and three children in Essex, England.

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What are the reasons for reading this book?
We lose everything, but in the course of life, we regain happiness, because in us love still means being. Losing someone you love is very painful, and grief is a natural response to losing. On top of grief, you have to make changes that you are not ready to make. It becomes difficult to save your life. You expect to go ahead and get out of the past; You have to move to bring love back into your life.

In The Book After You, Jojo Moyes intends to break your heart before restoring faith in love. His innate ability to describe affected people with complex lives is brilliant. His book is about making peace with the past and reminds us that life still exists. As Moyes puts it: “This is life; We do not know what will happen. “That is why we have to try our luck while we can.”
The novel after you eventually engages the emotions and seeks out the idea of ​​how we need to rebuild ourselves after the incident. Jojo Moyes, like a skilled psychologist, uncovers this problem and seeks a successful solution by incorporating a love of storytelling. The reader, like the previous novel, is well acquainted with the book, so that it can be associated with the fate and life of Louisa Clark.

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