All our names


Title: All our names

Author: Dina Mangesto

Translator: Mehri Azadi

Publisher: Rain Rain

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 236

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Kata “All Our Names” is a novel by Dina Mangesto, first published in 2014. The novel is the story of two young men who mature during the events of a revolution and are dragged from the safe areas of the campus to the midst of the growing chaos of the streets.

But as the line between perfectionism and violence grows blurred, the two friends part ways — one on the deadliest dangers and the other on a safe journey to America.
Pretending to be a guest student in the United States, he falls in love after a while and settles in a small town.

Yet this quiet and dreamy life is inevitably influenced by the secrets of his past: the things he has done before and the work he left unfinished. Above all, he thinks of a dear friend who left him at home.

Dina Mengesto (born June 30, 1978) is an Ethiopian-American novelist and author. In addition to three novels, he wrote for Rolling Stone about the war in Darfur and for Jane Magazine about the conflict in northern Uganda.

His writings have also been published in Harper’s, The Wall Street Journal and many other publications. He is the director of written arts programs at Bard College. In 2007, the National Book Foundation named him “5 Under 35”.

Excerpts from the book All Our Names (text pleasure)

From that day on, all the people of the city are free to think and can talk about foreign lands, countries they have read about or places where there are no foreigners at all, lovers they have not yet met, husbands or wives. The better they dreamed, the bigger the house they dreamed of one day.

In short, people gave up their lives without knowing the young man. To give him all the power he wanted and to make him their king even though they did not know him well enough.
Weeks, months and years passed. People dream of living on the surface of the moon and the sun. The dream of palaces built on clouds, the dream of children who never cried, and just as people dreamed these dreams every night, their king removed part of the city every night.
One night one of the parks disappeared. One night, the hill with the best view of the city disappeared. Streets and then houses began to disappear. Soon the people who complained about these disappearances also disappeared

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