Just shut up and do it! : 7 steps to conquer your goals


Title: Just do these seven things and succeed

Author: Brian Tracy

Translator: Milad Shirvani

Publisher: Arastagan

Subject: Success – Aspects of psychology / goal and goal setting

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 95

Language: Farsi



“Just shut up and do it! : 7 steps to conquer your goals” is one of the lasting works of the great author of the world of self-improvement and success, Brian Tracy. In this book, he shares with the audience the seven secrets he has learned through various experiences.

These seven methods are neither complicated nor time consuming, but you can easily apply them and see the results in your life much sooner than you think.

About the book, just do these seven things and succeed
Why are some more successful than others? This is a question that Brian Tracy’s life changed during his youth. The answer was very simple.

Your success depends on what you do, the results you get, and how quickly and efficiently you achieve those results. This success does not depend on what you say or what you dream of, or what you hope to do in the future.

Success is only based on what you do right now. At its simplest, your ability to start and continue until you make and finish snakes is one of the most important things for you and your company. And that’s the key to success, happiness, fame and prestige in life.
In this book, Brian Tracy explains a practical, simple, and proven method in seven sections. These methods will bring you much more achievements in the next few months and years than the achievements of many people in the world in their entire lives.

Review the chapters of the book Just do these seven things and succeed
Chapter One, The Biggest Obstacle to Progress: It is important to know that 95% of the things you do or fail to do are based on your habits.

Your actions are determined by your goals or beliefs and your personality habits. Developing new and better habits, challenging beliefs, setting big goals, and modeling new habits are some of the topics in this chapter.
Chapter Two Take Responsibility for Your Life: You must take full responsibility for who you are today and for everything you have done or will do in the future. Escape from addiction, lost time, negativity, blaming others, setting up a success mechanism, and emotional control are some of the topics in this chapter.

Chapter 3, Dare to Move Forward: The biggest obstacle to immediate action is fear: fear of failure, embarrassment, criticism, or ridicule. To achieve all that is possible for you, you must consciously and deliberately control the fears that hold you back.

Increasing self-confidence to overcome fear, deal with fear, do the things you fear, and believe in failure as feedback on actions are topics in this chapter.
Chapter 4, Decide Exactly What You Want: Your outside world is a mirror image of your inner world. If you want to change something in the outside world, you have to work on something in this world that you can control, and that is nothing but your thoughts.

The need for a big goal, clear goals, life changing, personal strategic planning, goal setting, and creating your own miracle are the topics of this chapter.

Chapter 5, Overcome Procrastination: Like all other habits, procrastination and procrastination are behaviors you learn have nothing to do with your nature.
This trait starts in early childhood and grows with you over the years. The habit of procrastination and procrastination among adults may be the number one reason for failure in any field. Factors

Your backlog, pragmatism, and sense of winning are some of the topics in this chapter.
Chapter Six, Be a Lifelong Learner: It has already been said that the main obstacle to success is doubt and fear of any kind. In this case, you are greatly doubting your ability to succeed and get things done in the best way possible and better than others.

Doubt itself is one of the most destructive negative emotions, and it can cause you to give up even before you start. The best antidote to doubt and fear, the self-made rich, daily etiquette, continuous improvement of skills, and participation in supplementary training courses, are the topics of this chapter.

Chapter 7, Never Give Up: Perseverance and determination have always been the most important attributes for success. Despite all the difficulties, almost anyone can start.
But resistance on highs and lows, and lifting oneself up and down many times, requires a lot of resistance. Perseverance and individual discipline, developing perseverance, and responsibility are topics in this chapter.

In part of the book,Just shut up and do it! : 7 steps to conquer your goals
There are a few tricks you can do to overcome procrastination and move on to your most important task.

1. Make a checklist. You have often heard that lack of planning is, in fact, planning to fail. Make a regular checklist of each task in the larger task subset with an order from first task to last task. The initial step to continue significantly reduces your tendency to procrastinate and procrastinate.
2- Cut your task like salami pieces. You never think of eating a whole pack of salami at once. Instead, eat one piece at a time. Do the same with large tasks. Cut a small piece of the task and complete that activity. You do not have to do the whole thing; Just do a little work. Many times the same will be enough to continue.
3- Swiss cheese method. Make a hole, like a Swiss cheese hole, in your task and decide to go straight for five or ten minutes. Work on it before you stop and do something else. When you look at your task. Take a small section and say firmly, “I will do it now!”
4. 20% of the work you do will produce 80% of your results. Identify 20% of the tasks that make up 80% of your project success. Sometimes, the initial 20% of the tasks you perform, such as planning and organizing, make up 80% of the total work.
5. Reward yourself. Create a reward plan to get started and complete a specific task. Reward yourself with a cup of coffee for the first thing on the list. Reward yourself with a stretch break for ten customer calls. Reward yourself with a dinner out of the house to reach a number for a financial purpose.
6. Promise others. Tell others you are going to do a certain thing at a certain time. When you know that others are watching you and that you are committed to doing something specific on time, you will be more motivated to start, move and complete the task.
7. Start immediately. Start working on a main task each morning before checking email, cell phone, or text messages.
8. Focus on each task. Choose your most important task and start the first step. Next, work on it until it is 100% complete. This is called a single trial. This is one of the most powerful time management techniques ever developed.

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