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Title: 504 absolutely essential words

Author: Seyed Saeed Hosseini Torghi

Subject: English language

number of pages: –

Publisher: Science and Knowledge

Language: Farsi



504absolutely essential words Usually, any language learner who starts learning English prefers to speak the language as soon as possible or to understand the meaning of any text he or she reads. But how is this possible?

If you’ve been through childhood and are now in your teens, then you can read a popular book like 504absolutely essential words.

This book is designed for those who want to build a stronger foundation for themselves and improve their lexical knowledge before entering more advanced stages.

As the name implies, this book introduces 504absolutely essential words very common and necessary words in English.

This book is a great option for preparing for international exams and makes learning different words fast and effortless.

Because it provides simple and concrete examples, short texts and word-building exercises, and helps you understand the meaning of different words in a text.

This updated book contains essential and important words that high school students or higher level students should read seriously in order to use them to succeed in the academic stages and tests.

504absolutely essential words book not only prepares you for academic exams, but also provides you with the vocabulary needed to master conversational English.

The authors of this book have summarized 42 different vocabulary lessons. In each lesson, 12 new words are introduced and taught in short sentences and texts.

At the end of each lesson, an exercise entitled “Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words” is presented so that the learner can measure his or her skills and progress in word formation.

The words are introduced with very simple examples and definitions, and after practicing with this book for a while, you will easily notice your remarkable progress.

What is the meaning of 504 absolutely necessary words?
In any language, some words are more commonly used than others and are most used in everyday conversation. The same is true in English, and the book 504 Words combines exactly these words.

You can find these 504 words in magazines, newspapers, books, movies, etc. and use them easily in everyday conversations.

For this reason, this book is one of the most popular and best-selling books among students, language learners and anyone who deals with English in any way.

Teaching methods in this book
As mentioned earlier, the 504-word book contains 42 lessons, with 12 new words in each lesson. In each lesson, the first two pages introduce the words and then various exercises are presented.

First, after introducing the word, the pronunciation and phonetics of that word are written and in front of it, the meaning of the word is explained. The meaning of each word is not introduced synonymously.

Rather, its meaning is explained in the form of a sentence and in a simpler expression, and then it is illustrated in three simple sentences so that you can learn how to use it better.

Examples are just below each word. On the third page there is a section called “word in use”. In this section, each of the twelve words in a short and simple text is used so that you can recognize their meaning in a sentence or a long text and remember it better.

In the last section, three different exercises are presented to use them to test your knowledge and review what you have learned.

Types of exercises in the book 504 essential words

Spotlight on section
In this section, one of the words is explained in more detail and the history, root (Stem), suffix and prefix of the word, the new and old meaning of the word, its synonyms and antonyms, etc. are stated. This will help you to guess the meaning of any other word with the same root if you see it. Even if you have not seen that word before.

Video exercise
In this exercise, a picture will be shown to you and through it you will have to reach the related word. This word is one of the 12 words in which the lesson is introduced to you

Fill in the blanks section (Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words)
Because each lesson introduces you to 12 new words, there are 12 spaces in this exercise that you must choose the appropriate word according to the meaning of the sentence and write in the space.

Practice Word Detective
In this section, twelve different phrases are presented, each of which refers to one of the 12 words that have been taught. So you have to write the right word right in front of the synonym.

Creativity Exercise

In this exercise, you are going to make a sentence. Of course, I mean, among other things, creative sentences. You know very well that “Baba Nan Dad” does not help you. So increase your creativity and make a suitable and practical sentence with each word. If you are not grammatically sure, you can search the word on the Internet and find interesting examples of it and then make a sentence with a more open mind.

Practice Synonym Search
In this exercise, you will be presented with various options that will help you find the synonym for each of the 12 words.

Practice Choose the Correct Word
This exercise is much easier than “fill in the blanks with the right words”. Because after each space in parentheses, two of those 12 words are presented, you have to choose one of them.

Matching Exercise:

Finally you have to do this exercise and connect the words with a pencil. In this exercise, two columns are presented, in one column there are 12 different words or phrases, and in the other column, 12 words of the same lesson are written. You need to connect words that are more semantically similar.

Exercise True or False

This exercise is one of the most popular exercises for most language learners from childhood to adulthood. It is enough to know the meaning of the words to be able to answer the questions correctly. For example, if the word is used in a sentence with an inappropriate meaning, you should write “F” and if it is used in a proper sentence, you should write “T”.

Practice Antonyms (Antonyms)
In this exercise, you must find the opposite of each of the 12 words from the given options. Of course, this exercise is not repeated much in the 504-word book and is not widely used. Because in this book, the focus is more on learning the meaning of words and their synonyms, not their opposites. Because the opposite of each word has its own meaning, examples, and synonyms.

Other sections:

Word Review section
After each of the six lessons, there is a section called “word review” that helps you review the words you learned in the six lessons (a total of 72 words). Because a total of 43 lessons are presented in this book, the word review section is repeated seven times, in which various exercises from A to F are presented, which include 10 questions.

Exercises in the Word Review section

Exercise A:

In this section, just like the choose the right word section, different phrases are presented and placed in parentheses of two related words, with the help of which you can choose the correct option.

Exercise B:

This exercise is similar to the “matching” or “connect” exercise, but instead of synonymous expressions, the opposite expressions are placed in two opposite columns, and you have to find the opposite of each word and connect it.

Exercise C:

This exercise is a test exercise in which you are given four different options and you have to choose the right word from them.

Exercise D:

In this exercise, you will be presented with a list of thirty words that you have already read in this book, and in the following, there are ten incomplete sentences. You need to find the right word from these words and complete the sentence. The difficulty of this part is that due to the multiplicity of words, the possibility of mistakes becomes more.

Exercise E:

This exercise is similar to the previous exercise, but instead of a sentence, you will be presented with a Cloze Test. That is, a text is selected from a book, magazine, or letter, and there are spaces in it. You must use the given words to fill in the appropriate word in the space provided and complete the sentence.

Exercise F:

As you know, each word may have different meanings and uses. In the word review section, other uses of a word are taught, and in this section, you must create different sentences that show the different uses and meanings of these words.

Section 100 Frequently Misspelled Words
There are also some words in English that may be misspelled. In this section, you will be presented with 100 visible words and small points so that you can always write the words with their correct spelling.

Bonus Review section

In the latest version of this book, in addition to introducing and teaching 504 common and widely used words, you will also be taught 125 difficult but necessary words. These words are a little harder and the style of introducing them is exactly the same as the previous 504 words. That is, these hard words are also taught with pronunciation and meaning to prepare you for more academic or practical texts or conversations. Unlike previous words, these words are not taught with examples or short texts. So if you need more practice, do a Google search for the same words to find commonplace examples.

Panorama of Words section

As mentioned earlier, the 504 words introduced in this book are some of the most commonly used words in English. These words are used in various magazines, newspapers, media and conversations, and in this section, real examples of these sources are given to you to help you better understand the use and necessity of memorizing these words.

Exercise Answer Section:

Fortunately, your favorite part, “Exercise Answer,” is also in this book. In this section, the answers are provided in the form of keywords and no explanation is provided. Compare your answer with the correct one if you have complete mastery and are really solving the exercises.

Index section

At the end of the book, a list of all the words is written in alphabetical order. There is even a list of 125 difficult but necessary words, and in front of each word, its lesson number is specified so that you can quickly find the word you are looking for.

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