Zen and the art of happiness


Title: Zen, the Art of Inner Happiness

Author: Chris Prentice

Translator: Shahnaz Senator

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Religious life – Happiness – Religious aspects – Buddhism

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 128

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Zen and the art of happiness, the art of inner happiness
Zen, this amazing little book shows how to overcome the obstacles to being happy. This work is for those who want and need change.

Changes in expectations, habits and perspectives. Chris Prentice teaches us how to be happy with a passion for life based on experience and how to apply practical wisdom to the habit of living happily in everyday life. Lay down by your bed and enjoy Zen.

About Zen The Art of Happiness
There is only one way to achieve happiness; Easy way: حال Be happy. After reading this sentence, you may think of one or all of the following: ‌ “What does it mean? ‌ What a foolish book.” “I hope the next pages are better.” “How easy.” “The author rented his apartment and wrote a bunch of nonsense.” “It does not tell me how to be happy.” “Life does not go on like this.” “He does not count the time when I am not really happy at all, just because of the misfortunes and problems that constantly occur in my life, he does not even mention sad things.” “You should not always be happy.” “The writer must be a very old person.”

About Zen and the Art of Living Happy
This book is the result of the author’s life, study, and experiences of the beliefs of the people of the Orient, and in particular the beliefs of the Buddha. This work has been translated into more than 20 languages ​​around the world because the culture and beliefs of the people of the East have always been and will always be attractive to the world.

In this book, the author has tried to avoid the strict and sometimes outrageous teachings of Zen religion and teach us how to adapt to the inevitable changes and life events by relying on the Zen line of thought and building personal principles and philosophy based on Experience these teachings, peace of mind, and a happier life.

Who do we recommend reading Zen and the Art of Living Happily?
We recommend this book to all those who are looking for a happy life.

Part of the book Zen and the art of happiness and the Art of Living Happily
One day, his son comes to visit his father. He had come from a distant city to meet his father and told him his observations about his father’s profession. The boy believed that his father had made a big mistake in remembering the extra things with the sandwich. It is not right to spend extra on free items when the country’s economy is doing badly. Unemployment is high and people are reluctant to spend, and if his father does not remove his free items, he will be in big trouble.

His father was surprised and thanked his son and tried to apply his advice. After Max’s son passed him, Max followed his advice. He stopped offering free chips and drinks and even generously piled up his sandwiches. It was not long before customers began to complain and, frustrated and dissatisfied, turned away from the sandwiches. On his son’s advice, things were going to get better; But eventually the customers became fewer and fewer; So much so that his groceries flourished.

“You were right,” Max wrote to his son. “The country’s economy has taken a bad shape and I am experiencing it in my own sandwich shop.” Poor economy was what this man’s son saw in the outside world and around him and made it real to him. Despite a bad and weak economy, his father experienced good and prosperous work. His father did not think he was going through a difficult time. His father also did not think that the unemployment rate had risen and people could afford to buy less. He did not realize these external realities and treated customers only with joy and generosity. Things were going well before he realized his sick and weak economy, but everything got worse from the time his son’s negative and worrying thoughts spread to him; Because his son believed that something unusual was going on outside of his mind that was affecting his father’s career!

“The answers and the solutions are not outside you. They are all inside you, right in your thoughts and ready to be discovered and understood.”

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