Ask and it is given


Title: The Teachings of Abraham; Ask to be given to you

Author: Strogerie Hicks

Translator: Parvin Adib

Publisher: Parseh

Subject: Ethnography

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 332

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book of Ask and it is given
In the book of Abraham’s teachings, you learn that we are the only ones who can save us from the forces of evil inside and outside and bring us to what we want. This inner journey is costly, but with determination and perseverance, anything is possible.

There is no magic light giant. But we live in a magical world. Where sometimes everything looks like a miracle, without knowing the reason and origin. This is where the magic lies: the power of attraction. It does not matter if you believe in this magic or not, every success you achieve in life is due to the influence of this power of attraction.

So it is better to trust it and with a deeper understanding of this phenomenon, let your life find a new atmosphere. In Abraham’s teachings, everything is inner and spiritual, a place where you have to put aside all the do’s and don’ts and break the law for once.
Break the world, break the rules, live your dreams and become the ruler of a world that you now know how to create. Abraham makes you rich and needy, gives a new spirit to your life, and turns everything upside down.

About the Book of Ask and it is given
It is better to put aside thoughts and fantasies right now and start working. The least you can do is sort out the thoughts that are stuck in your mind and use them in the right way.

Esther and Jerry Hicks have written this book so that by knowing the source of your inner energy and the power of your thoughts, you can know your true and heavenly inner man, reach deep intellectual and personality development, meet your inner master and find your saints.

This book is a universal call for all human beings in the world to remind them of the immense power within them. By listening to this book, you will understand that everything is inside you. Happiness, sorrow, success, failure, are all things that you create yourself. The simple and intimate professions of the authors of this book come from the heart and maybe that is why they are very comfortable.

The authors have tried to use as simple and fluent language as possible to convey their message. They have written the contents of the book in such a way that when they are placed in a row, it shows you everything like a roadmap. There are many solutions in this book.
Trying to choose one of several solutions can be a waste of all your effort. Try all the solutions to see which one is more in line with your personality and lifestyle. If you use all these facilities, the possibility of being able to sleep peacefully and with quality will be much higher.

The book’s tips are designed to start a change in life. So you can not just listen to the material and archive it in your mind. The best way is to read the chapters of the book calmly and patiently and implement its exercises and strategies from the moment in life. After a while, you will see how much your personality, thoughts and quality of life have changed for yourself and those around you.

Many of the contents of this book may be unfamiliar to you at first, but the more you practice these strategies, the more natural it becomes for you. Repetition of these strategies becomes a habit and can have a great impact on personal and professional life. You need to have a small notebook and pencil for this book, so that you can write small and practical points and always review them.
The esters in this book are not very scribbled. They go straight to the point and express their main message without margins. This book does not mention the repetitive theories and stereotypes of psychologists and self-educating educators. In Abraham’s teachings you are dealing with a washed-out book in which there is nothing superfluous or useless.

The point is, you should not be fooled by the sleek and pleasant appearance of this book. You need to listen to it calmly and focused and then try to implement its strategies and exercises in your life.

Abraham’s teachings are like a handbook that teaches you how to achieve whatever you want by focusing on it. In this way, by reading this book and understanding its contents, you will see that there is no goal that you can not achieve.
The contents of this book may seem familiar or even cliché to many familiar audiences. But when you hear them, you have to ask yourself, if you have heard these things before, how much have you used them in your life. Repetition of some things in the world of self-cultivation and psychology does not mean abstaining from the teachings of other writers. Rather, it shows that these are principles that different people have realized their importance and have implemented in their lives.

This book does not know age and gender. Esthers have been able to simply break down geographical boundaries with their warm and honest words and write a book for humans; A human being who seeks intellectual and physical growth and excellence and seeks to make the world a better place to live.

We read in a part of the book Ask and it is given
Abrahams are a collection of immaterial beings who have come together naturally and with the intention of becoming powerful, to remind you, our material extension, that the laws of the universe govern everything. Our intention is to help you remember that you are the continuation of that source of energy. A sacred and loving being who has emerged for creativity, with joy in time and space and material reality.

Belief is, in fact, an experienced vibration. In other words, when you cultivate a thought for a long time, every time you approach that category of thought, the law of gravity accepts that belief as your point of attraction and confronts you with things that align with those vibrations.
In this way, when your life experiences are in harmony with the thoughts that have made them light and heavy for a long time, you conclude that yes, this is true. While you may rightly call it reality, we prefer to call it gravity or creation.

Everything you pay attention to becomes a reality for you. The law of gravity says so. Your life, as well as others, is a reflection of the dominance of your thoughts. There are no exceptions to this.
Sometimes our material friends say, “I’m stuck. This has been my situation for a long time. I can not get rid of this situation. “I’m stuck.” We always emphasize that you can not stay still. The energy source, as well as the energy itself, is always in motion. Everything changes.

But the reason you think you get caught is because things change when you think about your constant thoughts. But they often change in the same direction of your thinking.

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