Every Day a Friday Journal


Title: Every day is Thursday

Author: Joel Stein

Translator: Simin Tajdini

Publisher: Atisa

Topic: Happiness / Self-Esteem – Religious Aspects

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 312

Language: Farsi



Book introduction Every Day a Friday Journal
“Every Day a Friday Journal” by Joel Austin was published in 2011. This work is in the category of books on psychology and self-knowledge and is full of teachings related to positive thinking.

Books are every day Thursday
The Bible says, “No one can take away your joy.”

About the book Everyday is Thursday
The book is written in seven sections and in simple language invites its readers to stay away from negativity and debilitating energies. The chapters of the book are:

Do not lose your power!
Know what to ignore.
Underarm life.
Travel style.
Laugh more.
Be a dream come true.
Celebrate your presence.
Joel Austin, author of “Everyday is Thursday,” believes that every day deserves to be happy. He believes that by believing in their inner energies, people can overcome limitations and enjoy every moment of life. In this work, he refers to religious teachings and speaks of hope in God at every moment.

He believes that being happy is a choice and one cannot thank God, but at the same time he was depressed and discouraged. He believes that people who can resist external forces and achieve their true inner energy will achieve lasting happiness.
In this work, the author refers to the great joys that we pass by daily without paying attention. He talks about the blessings of health and family and believes that if there are people in your life that you love, then you are rich. If you hear your little girl’s feet coming down the stairs, then you are rich. “Everyday is Thursday” is a psychological work and helps a lot of people who are depressed.

About Joel Austin
Joel Osteen (born March 5, 1963) is an American priest and author. He is a Protestant pastor and American television preacher known as the Laughing Priest. He has appeared on numerous television programs to date and has published several books, some of which have been New York Times bestsellers.

In a part of the book, we read every day is Thursday
If you are negative and look at life with bitterness, you will not pass the exam. Progress awaited you; Opportunity for new growth! But you did not see the problems as a joy, you missed this opportunity. The good news is: God is giving you another chance.

He can still get you where you need to be. For example, when someone insults you, your attitude should be this: I will not be upset. I consider this insult a source of joy. I know this is a test for me. Behind this challenge, progress awaits me.
When your business situation is sluggish, instead of complaining, find it a joy. Tell yourself: this too is over. I know that God will meet all my needs. Or when you are faced with a frustrating subject, your negative emotions tell you to get discouraged and depressed. Your heart burns for yourself and you try to stay in that state. But instead of giving in to such negative emotions, encourage yourself. Say: Get up! be strong! Good days are on the way.

This is how you can pass the proud test. Everything like this makes you happy.
In times of difficulty, do not be surprised if the spirit of lethargy tries to knock you to the ground. Do not be surprised if you hear the thoughts of those who say: It can not be corrected. It will never be good. Done. Work is over. Do not believe these lies. Your emotions do not need to guide you at all. They are not responsible for this, you are responsible. Instead of letting your negative emotions talk to you, talk to yourself.

This is what the prophet David did: he trusted in God. That spirit of lethargy was trying to change his destiny. In those difficult days, the prophet David became depressed and discouraged. But he said, “O soul, why do you faint? … Hope in God.”
He asked himself: David, what happened? Why are you discouraged? Why did you miss the joys? God is still omnipotent and still has good things ahead of you. Hope for him.

Do the same when you feel lethargic. Look in the mirror and say, “O soul, listen! Be happy. Take a fresh look. We do not sit together depressed. We will not be defeated. “We hope in God!”

Our world is full of evils, obscurities, and negative news and reports. If you are not careful, you will suddenly come to your senses and see that you are drowning in them. The spirit of lethargy overwhelms you, robs you of passion and ruins your happiness.

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