The law of healing


Title: Law of Healing

Author: Katherine Ponder

Translator: Zahra Aloushi

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Mental healing

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 176

Language: Farsi

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The Law of Healing is another of Mrs. Katherine Ponder’s writings. This book, like its other books, including The Law of Wealth and the Government of Love, has attracted the attention of many fans.

One of the greatest secrets you can learn is that you are a healer. Medical specialties have a special status. You may have believed that healing has a mysterious and perhaps mystical power.

Denial of the first law of healing
By denying, you can erase the negative beliefs and emotions that have destroyed your health. Denial is the first step in clearing the mind of misconceptions. When you change your misconceptions, you see that your difficult circumstances and physical problems change.

Denial is a way to erase or remove or eliminate.

It also conveys the message that the disease is not true. Through the law of denial, you remove evil beliefs from your mind and evil appearances from your body.

Of course, you do not deny the existence of an unfavorable situation through denial. But this way you start introspection to find the cause of this situation. Because the appearance of the disease creates your morbid way of thinking. Only then can you start solving the problem.

You are actually denying your own misconceptions that have caused the current situation. Then you will understand the meaning of this old saying: “If you can erase something from your mind, you can also erase something from your body.”

Theory of Psychologists
Psychologists say you can only have something that mentally accepts it. It is also said that if you think you have been rejected, you will be rejected.

With the application of healing techniques in this book and other medical treatments that you find suitable for you, go a step further and emphasize Neda: “I am ready. I am fully prepared to heal my mind, body, relationships and all my affairs.

I now accept my complete healing. “I am calm and physically strong and mentally strong and all my capillaries are full of joy.”
Then ask your higher conscience to reveal to you which law of healing heals you faster.

The book is written in three chapters and each chapter describes a method or rule for overcoming difficulties in detail, such as rules such as saying no, silence, love, forgiveness, praise, deliverance, and each of these methods in each chapter throughout the story. And the stories of different people who have somehow solved their problems and issues based on that method, are described in detail.

The author provides a definition of that law, how it works and how it affects life. Because the author emphasizes meditation, he or she provides practical exercises during each section, and generally at the end of the chapters, and expresses specific phrases for the audience to repeat in their meditations.

This book describes the following topics:
The shocking truth about healing
Healing Law “No”
The law of “wonder” healing
The law of healing “liberation”
“Yes” healing law
Healing through a “miracle”
The mysterious law of healing
Mystical law of healing
Interactions of the healing process
Healing sacrifice and forgiveness
In conclusion: Can you accept your healing?
Differences between treatment and healing:

Although only 2% of human existence is the body and 98% of the existence is the mind and soul, the average person spends 98% of his time thinking about this 2% that is his body! That is why he often suffers from the disease. Because he wants to get in from the outside, while he had to get out from the inside.

Plato told Greek physicians, “The part can never be healthy unless the whole is healthy.” Plato realized that the difference between “healing” and “healing” is that “healing” refers to the perfecting of the whole of human existence, soul, spirit, and body, whereas “healing” means the immediate elimination or cure of disease….

Because it denies, resolves, removes, cleanses, and releases, its healing power lies in the word “no.”

Every thought, phrase, or prayer that helps you to say firmly, “No, I do not accept this negative appearance as necessary or permanent in my life.” Denial is effective. Time and time again – while others were talking about illnesses – someone mentally said, “No! Not ! Not !” And healing has taken place.

The power of belief, mental acceptance
Psychologists believe that you can only have something that we have accepted mentally. They even say that if you think you have been rejected, then you should work on thinking and strengthening our beliefs and changing our view of our surroundings and our desires. In this book, Katherine Ponder offers you a set of rules for better dealing with the environment and living more peacefully.

The mysterious law of healing

Whenever life is full of failure, despair and danger, it is time to wake up and activate healing. At this time, do not look at the experiences that discourage you and emphasize:

“I am”

These mysterious phrases are also sacred. The ancient Egyptians used this mysterious phrase to create amazing fruits.
Moses – the young prince – in the court of Pharaoh, received the sacred authority hidden in this phrase. It was clear to Moses that this phrase was very important to the Egyptians because it was engraved on all the walls of the Egyptian temples at that time.

When Jehovah taught Moses to use this phrase to save the Jewish people from the terrible captivity of Pharaoh, Moses well knew what extraordinary authority he had in his mission. When the authority awakened the phrase, it not only freed the Jew from oppressive slavery, but also did great things: the things you all read in the Old Testament, and…

Catherine Ponder is an American priest. So far, he has been able to write many spiritual books focusing on happiness. Pander’s books include The Law of Wealth, The State of Love, Open Your Eyes, and The Law of Healing. This is the fourth book by this author.

One of the most important secrets this book gives you is that it lets you know that you are a healer. This book actually shows the reader another type of healing called spiritual healing, which is different from the healing that results from medical science, and in fact this type of healing is achieved through prayer and praise of God.

The author of this book believes that any healing that exists in this world is due to faith and the divine command.

Part of the book of the law of healing
Why can negative thinkers also be healthy?

If the human body is strongly influenced by human thoughts, why do some negative thinkers feel so healthy?

This is because the human body is much slower to record evil thoughts than it is to record good thoughts. Because the true mission of the body is to create life and health. In fact, a healthy mind that is constantly being articulated can neutralize a thousand unhealthy thoughts.
Because the transcendent wisdom of the body is focused on health, not disease. The body tries – and often succeeds – in dispelling negative thoughts for a long time.
The constant misconceptions that have become a habit, the deep hatreds and hidden abominations, and the dry prejudices of man ruin his health.
Undoubtedly, those who insist on such negative emotions – whether you are aware of their stress or not – have a disturbed mind or body or things.

To heal the body, one must remove the long-standing negative emotions from the conscious and unconscious level of the mind. Just as man did not acquire these negative emotions overnight, so he cannot get rid of them overnight. And you have to be patient when refining these negative emotions.

Katherine Ponder is one of the most popular authors in our country and her books are often bestsellers. Now, this author’s “Law of Healing” has reached its 22nd edition; A set of rules to better deal with the environment and live more peacefully.

Shocking truth about healing, the law of healing “no”, the law of “wonder” healing, the law of healing “liberation”, the law of healing “yes”, the law of healing praise, the law of healing love, healing through “miracle”, The mysterious law of healing, the law of healing incarnation, the mystical law of healing, the interactions of the healing process, the sacrifice and forgiveness of healing, can you accept your healing? One of the chapters of this book is popular.

You can read a selection of some chapters of the book below:
The law of creativity is to look at them constructively instead of suppressing our long-held dreams on the pretext that they are impossible dreams. That is, know what your true desires are, and then make a list of your desires, go to them regularly, and change or relocate them if necessary.

When you write down your wishes, their mental position is also regulated. Start doing what you can or think you can! In courage lies genius and authority and miracles.

– Talking about filth causes filth. The more you pay attention to evil, the more you add to evil. Every defect you see in others brings the same defect or defect into your life.

What does it mean when others harass or frustrate you? Because others are children of God, they can not cause us defeat, despair, humiliation or shame. They may have slipped as they passed.
But they are also children of God, children who have temporarily lost their way. They came our way because they needed our good prayers.
Whatever they do or do not do, their existence does not hinder our progress and success.
They do not deprive us of our blessings, because they are not able to do so. Even if they seem to have harassed us for a while, they are on our way by divine providence. The reason why people sometimes hurt us is that their souls seek our divine attention and good prayers. If we ask for their blessings and forgiveness, they will not bother us anymore. They leave our lives and find their goodness elsewhere.

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