You can, you will


Title: you can you will

Author: Joel Austin

Translator: Niloufar Eskandari Fard

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Success – Religious Aspects – Christianity

Age category: Adults

Number of pages: 112

Language: Farsi



About the book, You can, you will : 8 undeniable qualities of a winner:
If you really want to become a successful person and achieve your desires and aspirations, the audio book You Can You Will suggest eight practical solutions; Characteristics that all successful people have and have been tested in different ages and situations.

The eight practical principles of heroes’ lives are:
– Think of bold perspectives; Dare to imagine big dreams.
– Run your race; Focus on your unique path and goals.
– Think positive; Control your thoughts and attitudes.
– Expect good things; Anticipate great opportunities.
– Stay eager. Light the fire and approach life with enthusiasm.
Be committed to growth and excellence; Do your best and maintain high standards.
– Keep growing; Cope with your weaknesses and make regular progress.
– Serve others; Invest in yourself for others.
By reading the summary of the book, you want to be able, you realize that you are only going to live once, so you should not take the pleasure of achieving your dreams from yourself; Dare to walk in the path you want. You will also be faced with different questions every day that will make you think and plan more for your future.

Do not forget that you are smart and talented enough to have a good personality and appearance; All you have to do is turn your dreams into reality with the above series and the right self-confidence.

Learn more about Joel Austin:
A smiling author, speaker, and pastor whose television sermons reach an estimated 70 million viewers per week in the United States and more than 200 million others in more than 100 countries.

Listen, no one but Joel Scott Osteen.

The seven books he has written so far are at the top of the New York Times bestseller list, and some of his works have topped the charts for more than 200 weeks. He was also named one of the top ten most influential people in the world in 2006.
Austin, the High Priest of Likewood Church, is the largest Protestant church; The title and the path that actually originates from his father. As a young man, he did not even think of choosing one day, but was eventually succeeded by his father after his death in 1999, and since then the capacity of the Likewood Church has increased from 5,000 to 56,000.

This smiling American priest’s preaching style and articulation are unique. He says that he prefers to focus on the goodness and kindness of God and to have a happy and faithful life, rather than on the subject of human sin. Austin tries to teach Bible principles in a simple way, emphasizing the power of love and a positive attitude.

Here are some examples of Joel Austin’s motivational phrases:
Choosing to be positive and having an appreciative attitude determines how you will continue to live your life.

– You can change your world by changing words … Remember, life and death are in the power of language.

– I believe that if you maintain your faith, maintain your trust, maintain the right attitude, if you are grateful, you will see God open new doors.

Who is offered the book Wanting to Be Able?
If you are a fan of personal success books and would like to change the course of your life, this attractive and best-selling book is for you.

In a part of the book, we want to be able to read:
It is our level of expectation that defines the limits of our lives. If you have low expectations and low levels, you will receive the same amount. Things will not get better if you do not anticipate improvement in your life.

But if you expect the right opportunities, the growth and the growth of your business, all of this will eventually come into your life.
Every morning when you wake up, announce that something extraordinary will happen to me today. Every morning you first have to present your mind that you are going to have a great life and you have to maintain this attitude throughout the day.

Index of the book You can, you will : 8 undeniable qualities of a winner


Chapter One – Thinking of Big Dreams

Chapter Two: Focus on the goal

Chapter 3: Be Optimistic and Raise Your Expectations

Chapter 4: Everything ends in a positive attitude

Chapter Five: Commitment to Being Good

Chapter 6: Always Think of Growth and Progress

Chapter 7: Help Others

Chapter 8: Always Maintain Your Passion

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