Believe in the sun


Title: Believe in the Sun.

Author: Fahimeh Rahimi

Publisher: Avaye Chakameh

Subject: Persian stories

Age category: Adult

Language: Farsi

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Title: Believe in the sun is written by Fahimeh Rahimi, which has entered the book market in the field of Persian stories by Avae Chakameh Publishing.

Synopsis: There were four gardens from the pergola house to the eight-step alley.
This alley started right in front of the village square and started at the corner of Mash Naghi grocery store and continued to its waist.

The first house with a thatched head belonged to him and his family of eight.
It was rumored in the village that Mash Naghi had built a concrete staircase with the birth of each child, thus reducing the steep slope of the alley and facilitating the movement of residents.
Neighbors wished that…

Part of the novel Believing in the Sun.
Neighbors wished that God would give Mash Naghi other children as well, so that this dirt alley, where the first rains would fall, would take shape.
And if that happened, it would be more beautiful than all the alleys in the village.

His wife, Halimeh Khanum, taught the women and girls of the village how to weave carpets and read maps.
He made a good living this way.
Last year, when he went on a pilgrimage, everyone knew that he had been able to go to the house of God due to his suffering, and that he had not been deprived of his wealth and wealth.
Although Mash Naghi was respected by all the people and was known for his goodwill and benevolence.
But Ms. Halimeh’s efforts were also noticed by the people.
Especially teaching the Qur’an, from which most of the women in the village had learned the uncle and learned the Qur’an.
Four sons and four daughters were the result of Halimeh Khanum’s marriage to Mash Naghi, of whom only one in 4 boys

About the author of the book Belief in the Sun.
Fahimeh Rahimi (born 1331 – died 1392) was the author of popular Iranian novels. He holds the record for having 7 books among the 47 best-selling books after the 1957 revolution in Iran. Expressing women’s issues, fears and aspirations, exaggerating emotions and paying attention to the issue of separation and joining are characteristic of her works.

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