You are bigger than you think


Title: You are bigger than you think

Author: Masoud Lali

Translator: –

Publisher: Bahar Sabz

Subject: Success, psychology, way of life

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 208 p

Language: Farsi



You are bigger than you think, written by Massoud Lali, a five-volume collection that, as the first collection of story therapy in Iran with the aim of publishing Green Spring, tries to create different skills of self-knowledge, friendship with God, Strengthen the spirit of self-confidence, improvement of interpersonal relationships, self-confidence, love, success and happy living in any person with any background.

The prose of the book’s stories is so simple and comprehensible that it is hard for the reader to believe that this work provides a solution to the greatest challenges facing human beings;

But that is exactly what it is, and behind the simple and pleasant stories of the book, you realize what extraordinary powers you have, and in fact “you are greater than you think.”

The stories, in addition to being simple and smooth, are very short, about one or half a page, and sometimes less, but this work has really proven that understatement and excerpts are a gem and a price that, if used, is easy. Will be able to deliver an ethical and educational message that a multi-volume book may not be able to deliver. In addition, due to the shortness of the stories, the reader remembers them more easily and uses them in his daily life.

“You are bigger than you think” by Masoud Lali, using hundreds of authoritative sources, provides the reader with positive and motivational psychology teachings, and with these inspiring and readable stories, a light from Hope shines in his heart and strengthens his life skills.

Part of the text of the book
A man was washing his new car when his neighbor asked: When did you buy this car? He replied: My brother gave them to me as a gift.

The neighbor replied: I wish I had a car like this. The man replied: You should wish to have a brother like me.

The neighbor’s wife, who was listening to the conversation, interrupted them and said, “I wish I was like your brother.” Tip: Tell me what your dream is so that I can tell you how human you are. Life is based on dreams.

A mulberry leaf turns into silk due to contact with human genius. A handful of soil becomes a palace due to contact with human genius.

A cypress tree is transformed into a temple by contact with human genius. A string of fleece becomes a luxurious garment by contact with human initiative.

If in the leaves of soil, wood and wool it is possible for it to increase its value through man a hundred times, but a thousand times, can I not do so with this earthly body that bears my name?

Masoud Lalizadeh was born in September 1976 in Mashhad and has a master’s degree in clinical psychology. He studies and writes in the fields of psychology, life skills, inner growth and improvement, and success techniques.
The author has published over 50 volumes of best-selling books with a circulation of approximately 2 million copies.

According to him, he is the founder of the style of storytelling and allegorical therapy books in Iran and his works contain over 2,000 inspiring stories and allegories.

This collection contains acronyms from the greats of Iran and the world on the subject of success and the way of life, which is narrated from psychological aspects;

For example: “Crazy says: I am Abraham Lincoln and a nervous person says: I wish I was Abraham Lincoln and a healthy person says: I am and you are”. Frederick Pauls. “Every time we say ‘amen’, something happens.” Stlatrileman.

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