Healing the child within


Title: Healing the child within

Author: Lucia Capaccione

Translator: Giti Khoshdel

Publisher: Peykan

Subject: Inner child, self-improvement, left-handed, right-handed

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 228 pages / illustrated

Language: Farsi

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Healing the child in reconciliation with the gentle spirit of our being; Most people are missing. Many people try to fill the void left by the child hiding inside with other people, different hobbies, or changing the routine of their lives.

In fact, this vacuum will not be filled until we recover and reconcile the child within us.

In the following, we will introduce you to a resource that teaches friendship with the inner child by introducing the book “Healing the Inner Child” written by “Lucia Capaccione”. be with us.

The older you get, the different your spirits become. From one place to another, along with adolescence, the feeling of nostalgia increases and a kind of inner unrest occurs in the person, the source of which is difficult to find.

In such situations, people try to regain their composure by socializing more and building wider relationships or more travel and entertainment; But that does not happen. Relieving this unpleasant inner feeling requires changing one’s attitude.

The search for the source of this feeling must be internal. In fact, we should respond to this feeling by finding the child inside.

Based on these explanations, we introduce a book that has been written with the same approach: a book called “Healing the Inner Child” that examines the inner child and tries to reconcile each audience with the inner child.

The book Healing a Child has 3 main sections. Each section of the book has 3 to 4 chapters. The contents of each section are also summarized in the same section.

This structure makes the different sections of the book separate from each other. On the other hand, the correlation between sections is formed by conceptual correlation between topics. You can read the titles of these 3 sections of the book below:

Part 1: Discovering the child within yourself
One: A young child will guide them Two: Meet the inner child: Support the vulnerable child within four: Accept the angry inner child

Section 2: Discovering the Inner Parent
Five: Finding a loving parent within him: Awakening a supportive parent within seven: Facing a reprehensible parent within: Healing childhood wounds

Section 3: The birth of a magical child
Nine: Let the inner child play inside: Appreciate the inner creative child Eleven: Discover the inner spiritual child.

The storyline of the book is such that it first leads the reader to a sense of acceptance and then refers to the expression of more effective content;

Finally, it examines the birth of the inner child in an effort to maintain the integrity of the concepts expressed. In fact, the author’s ultimate goal in writing the book is to convey the same principle to the reader.

About the book Healing the Child Within
Writing this book is simple and far from complicated and heavy literary language. Each section has simple exercises to help the audience and find the child inside more easily.

Exercises such as drawing a simple drawing, writing a few short sentences, playing with dough or making simple crafts. In each section, there are tips for doing the exercises better.

In each section, the author speaks to the audience in a specific way and a proper integration is felt between the topics. As you read the book, you feel like you are in a funnel, and the further you go, the closer you get to the touch of the child inside you.

You do not feel lonely at any moment. In fact, the author gets the feeling of loneliness from the audience by bringing comments and manuscripts of different users.

As we read this book, we are often confronted with short writings that both summarize the content expressed and act as a flip to recall the existence of a subtle spirit within a person.

Taking notes of these short sentences and creating a small archive of them to remember will not be without merit.

Inside every adult, a child shouts, “Let me show you.” Is this book for you?
This book is useful for any adult. The book Healing the Inner Child is more recommended for those who are in a civil war with them.

If you need to love yourself more, if you need inner peace and tranquility, if you want to go back to your childhood world, and if you feel intense nostalgia for yourself, this book is for you.

If you know someone around you who feels in need of inner peace, be sure to introduce this book to them.

The book Healing the Inner Child can also be a valuable gift to parents: for those of our loved ones who have grown old, and perhaps reconciling them to their inward child can revitalize their quality of life.

The child speaks in his own tone, simple and direct, and often full of emotion.

About the author
Lucia Capacchione, American author of the present book, was born in 1977.

He has published 18 effective and practical books that have been translated into many languages. Lucia Capacione’s activities are aimed at improving the quality of life and increasing vitality and life satisfaction.

He is very skilled in the visual arts. Capachione graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Immacualate Heart Collge with a close friend, Mary Corita.

Then they started designing for famous designers like (Ray Eames) and (Charles).

During this period, he became one of the first principals in the field by attending “Child Education” classes and led his life towards writing books in the field of children and education.

His most famous books are Creative Magazine, The Art of Finding Yourself, The Art of Emotional Healing, The Power of Your Other Hand, and Creativity Growth Using the Right Brain and Vision, and Ten Steps to Designing Your Dreams.

In most of this author’s books, there are short and effective sentences, some of which have become very famous sentences, such as:

People grow old as much as they grieve, not as old as they do.

Part of the book
The child has a powerful presence. It is in the center of our being. Imagine a healthy and happy toddler. When you imagine this child in the eyes of your heart, feel his vitality.

He constantly discovers his surroundings with enthusiasm. He is aware of his feelings and shows them openly. She cries when she is hurt. They shout when he is angry. When he is happy, he smiles or laughs from the bottom of his heart.

This child is also very sensitive and instinctive. He knows who to trust and who not to trust. Loves to play and discover.

Every moment is fresh and full of surprises: the endless source of creativity and vitality; His existence boils with joy from this playfulness.

Over time, this child is drawn to the expectations and world of adults. The voices of the elders – with their needs and wants – gradually silence the inner voice of feelings and instincts: “[2] Do not trust yourself.

Do not feel your feelings. Do not say this. Do not say it. Say what we say. “We know better.” (Page 7 print version)
The inner child lives within all of us, it is the part of us that senses emotions and is playful, intuitive and creative.

The inner child, which is usually hidden under our adult characters, holds the key to intimacy in relationships, physical and emotional well-being, recovery from addiction and creativity, and our inner self.

Healing the Inner Child is the only book that shows you how you can have a first-hand experience of your inner child by writing and drawing with your non-dominant hand (if left-handed with the right hand and if right-handed with the left hand). Be – Really feel your emotions and regain your sense of wonder.

In Dr. Lucia Capaccione’s Healing the Child Within, the highly acclaimed technique introduced in The Power of Your Other Hand shares a wealth of hands-on activities to help you embrace your vulnerable and angry child. Find the parent who nurtures you, and finally discover that creative, magical child who can heal your life.

Let the child inside you appear so that he can be creative and heal you.
The book The Inner Child has been translated by Giti Khoshdel and published by Pelican Publications.

The child has a powerful presence. It is in the center of our being. Imagine a healthy and happy toddler, you feel his vitality.

He constantly discovers his environment with enthusiasm, he is aware of his feelings and shows them openly, he cries when he is hurt, he shouts when he is angry, he smiles when he is happy or he laughs from the bottom of his heart, he loves Play and discover, knows who to trust and who not to trust.

Gradually, the child is drawn to the expectations and world of adults, the voice of adults with their needs and desires gradually fades away. “Do not say this, do not say this, say what we say, we know better.” Over time, curiosity and spontaneity and the ability to feel are inevitably hidden, often adults in the process of educating and disciplining children They become predictable and hurt the child’s true self.

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