Title: The Unshakable

Author: Anthony Robbins

Translator: Abolfazl Atard

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Subject: Personal Finance

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 224

Language: Farsi



Unshakeable: your financial freedom playbook Book: A Guide to Financial Independence by Anthony Robbins, one of the New York Times bestsellers, provides practical lessons on the methods and strategies of the world’s best financial and stock market investors. This book is suitable for both novice investors and professionals.

Unshakeable: your financial freedom playbook: your financial freedom playbook offers insights and solutions that are timeless and unrestricted. Investors, and even those who have not recently invested in their lives, should read this book and apply what it says with motivation and sincerity.

As you know, the stock market is never moving in a straight line, it goes up and down, and every decline since 2009 has been met with a wave of sadness. At this time, many people who should have been in the market withdrew. Tony Robbins illustrates well in this book that due to the accumulation of assets, especially for retirement, those who left the stock market made a costly long-term mistake.
In this book, Anthony Robbins shows you how you can determine the fate of your investment and put aside your fears about reacting to market fluctuations. What to do when the stock market falls? How do you turn a situation that is catastrophic for others into an opportunity? He or she will help you avoid making costly mistakes by providing logical rules and explaining what you can do to improve your financial future.

The second enemy is costs. Keep in mind that every dollar spent means one dollar less growth next year. So you need to look at your financial plan to discover as much money as possible that could ruin your investment. These expenses will do with your money what Godzillas do with cities. You will gain more wealth if you are a knowledgeable investor.

Finally, Robbins makes it clear that amassing money and wealth is not an end in itself; Rather, it is an important aspect of achieving a purposeful life. In fact, the goal of business is to generate happiness, not to raise money.

Learn more about Anthony Robbins:
Anthony Robbins, the famous American writer and speaker, was born in 1960 into a poor family. After graduating, he did various things, but he did not have much success. However, despite his poverty and misery, he had big dreams and aspirations, which made him one of the most famous Americans to improve the performance of others. Be considered.

Selected sentences of Unshakeable: your financial freedom playbook book:
– Remove the curtains from the business tricks. (Upton Sinclair)
– I’m giving you all my money / and all I want in return, darling / is a little respect. (Arta Franklin)
– Merit is like a rare bird in this forest, if I see it I will praise it. (Frank Underwood)
– I have learned that courage is not fear, but victory over it, a brave man is not one who does not feel fear; Rather, he is the one who overcomes his fears. (Nelson Mandela)

What the world’s greatest financial leaders say about Anthony Robbins:
– It is rare for someone from outside to attract attention and become a respected influential speaker. With a new book, Robbins does just that, helping us prepare to take advantage of the inevitable ups and downs of the future. (Bill Clinton)

Interestingly, Robbins wrote a book that benefits both novices and the most experienced market players who manage multibillion-dollar assets. If there was a Pulitzer Prize for investment books, it would have won easily and unquestionably. (Steve Forbes)
In this book, Tony Robbins uses his unique intelligence to simplify such a complex subject, and turns the essence of the concepts of the world’s best investors into practical lessons that are useful to both novice investors and skilled professionals. (Ray Dalio)

Unshakeable: your financial freedom playbook

What other industry leaders have to say about Anthony Robbins:
– Tony’s power is superhuman. He is the way to change people. (Oprah Winfrey)

Coaching Tony Robbins has made a huge difference in my life, both on and off the field. He helped me to realize the essence of my existence and to take the life and game of tennis to a whole new level! (Serena Williams)

– I was worried that my success would deprive my family of something. It was Tony who was able to turn the page and show me that I have helped millions. Probably the most passionate feeling I have ever had. (Melissa Atridge)
When I was a kid sitting on the beach in Venice selling T-shirts, what Tony really gave me was to take risks. Do something and really become something. I say this to you as someone who has lived with these strategies for twenty-five years: I turn to them again and again for more use. (Mark Brent)

In part of the book Unshakable: A Guide to Financial Independence, we read:
I often ask people, “What are you investing in?” And I heard a lot of different answers: from making a lot of money to financial security, retirement, and a beach house in Hawaii. Almost all the answers were similar. What most people really want is freedom, no matter how much money they have today. More freedom to do what they want most, whenever they want and wherever they want. This is a beautiful and accessible dream; But how do you get around at sunset with a boat with a hole? At first it moves slowly; But then so much water enters the boat that it sinks before reaching its destination.

I hate to say that; But most people are in exactly that situation. They do not realize that the gradual but destructive effect of excessive spending on their financial well-being is doomed to despair. What bothers me is that they do not even know what their situation is. They do not know that they are victims of a financial industry that secretly but systematically imposes excessive costs on them.
Do not just take my word for it. AARP, a non-profit organization, published a report showing that 71% of Americans believe that they do not pay anything to have a 401 (ki) plan. True: Seven out of ten are not fully aware of the costs involved. It’s like believing fast food has no calories! At the same time, 92% admit that they do not know how much they pay at all, in other words, they have a blind trust in the financial industry that cares about their interests. Ironically, this is the industry that caused the global financial crisis. You may also just set aside your wallet and password on your credit card.

Index of the book Unshakeable: your financial freedom playbook
Author Notes
Chapter One: The Power and Peace of Imagination in an Uncertain World
Meet the big money
Baby, it’s cold outside!
Stay away from scammers
The road ahead
Snake and rope
Chapter Two: Are You Ready? So let’s get started!
Happy ending
Finally freedom
Chapter Three: Hidden and Half-Costs
Wolves of Wall Street
The human factor
Chapter 4: Saving Our Retirement Plans
Chapter 5: Who Can You Really Trust?
Dual licensed consultants
A little respect
Impact of private funds
Charge extra for doing nothing
Grand Prix
Seven key questions to ask each counselor
mission complete!
Part Two: The Unshakable Handbook
Chapter Six: The Four Main Cores
The first core: Do not miss
Warren Buffett
The second core: risk / return asymmetry
The third core: tax savings
Fourth core: diversification
Get ready for the storm
Chapter 7: Killing the Bear
The path of courage
Storm eyes
Elements (components) of success
take stock
Invest in other alternatives
The core and research
The last word
Part Three: The Psychology of Wealth
Chapter 8: Extinguishing the Enemy Within
Solution: Do not sell, re-align
Solution: Expand your horizons
Solution: The key is readiness
Chapter 9: Real Wealth
Extraordinary quality of life
Achievement science (to the goal)
A national treasure
In the end, it’s all about the power of decisions
Watch out for Godzilla

About the Unshakeable: your financial freedom playbook Book
Much has been written about the power of the mind as well as peace of mind, and many methods and techniques have been presented. But now the question is, if our financial and economic situation suddenly becomes critical, can we remain calm? Do we have to learn special methods to do this? More importantly, if we can not remain calm in a crisis situation, we will inevitably suffer irreparable financial losses.

Obviously, these cases are mostly the concern of those who work in the field of investment, stock market and stock exchange. Anthony Robbins, a talented writer and well-known psychologist, after seven years of research and interviews with world-renowned financial figures, has come up with ideas and mysteries that he tells us in this book so that we can win, even in very bad economic conditions. .

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