Poirot investigates


Title: Poirot Research

Author: Agatha Christie

Translator: Hamid Reza Bolandsaran

Publisher: Hermes

Subject: English detective stories

Age category: All categories

Number of pages: 237

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Poirot investigates book is by Agatha Christie.

I was standing in front of the window of Poirot apartment, looking out of the street, unemployed. Suddenly I said calmly and involuntarily: It is strange. What my friend Poirot asked calmly, immersed in the depths of his comfortable sofa, calmly: “Conclude from this information I am giving you, Poirot!” A young woman is here. With expensive clothes …

Fashionable hat made of excellent fur. He continues to move slowly, looking at the houses as he walks. As if he did not know, three middle-aged men and a woman were chasing him. Right now, Padua’s son has joined them, who is also looking for the girl and seems to be pointing at her with his head and hands. What kind of show is this going on?

Is the girl a scammer and they are the detectives who are chasing her and trying to arrest her? Or they are all bad people and are plotting to attack an innocent victim. What is the opinion of our great detective?

Agatha Christie (September 15, 1890 – January 12, 1976) was an English author of crime fiction and detective fiction. His American father was Frederick Miller.

His mother, Clara Boomer, was English and came from an aristocratic family. Agatha could have been a US citizen because her father was American, but she never applied for citizenship. Agatha had a sister and a brother, both of whom were older.

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