The 21 absolutely unbreakable laws of negotiating


Title: 21 Golden Rules for Successful Sales

Author: Brian Tracy

Translator: Fatemeh Ebadi

Publisher: Bo Kitab

Topic: Entrepreneurship / Success in Business

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 80

Language: Farsi



The 21 absolutely unbreakable laws of negotiating
We read the Golden Rule of selling faster and easier in difficult markets through the words of Brian Tracy in a book called Twenty-One Golden Rules.

The ability to interact with, communicate, persuade, and deal with others is a measure of how much you earn, and it should be so valuable to you that you do everything you can to improve it.
In a way, everything we do in life is a transaction, from waiting in traffic, getting the table you want in a restaurant, to accepting terms, schedules, and standards. So life itself is a transaction.

The main question is not “Are you trading or not !? The fundamental question is, “How good a trader are you?” So then we learn how to change the situation in our favor in a transaction and be superior to the other party.

1- The law of personal value
The value given to anything is completely personal and is determined by the price one is willing to pay for everything, and even schoolchildren know that everything is worth as much as someone else pays for it, no matter what the seller says. And what he wants.

Pricing is just a guess as to how much people are willing to pay for a service or product, or in other words, “What is the market capacity?”

People who say that the customer should pay this certain amount have not yet realized that the word “should” in the transaction is meaningless.
Auctions, discounts, and price reductions or bankruptcies are all evidence of an inability to correctly guess the value of a good or service and indicate that manufacturers have made a mistake.

So the customer ultimately determines how much they pay for each item and you need to learn how to improve the quality and attractiveness of your product to increase the price of the product or product.

In fact, by using ads and increasing the attractiveness of your products, you increase their value for customers to automatically add to their material value. This is a golden rule for increasing productivity.

2- General law of transaction
Anything is negotiable.

If there is a certain person who sets the prices and conditions, then surely another person can change those prices. This does not mean that prices will necessarily change, but it does mean that there is always this possibility.

Therefore, two logical conclusions can be drawn from these sentences. The first result is that the prices set are speculation of how much the customer will pay for the product, and the second result is that prices can be changed.
Do not be afraid of the prices written in the contracts, suppose they are written in pencil and they can be replaced. So it is important to want a price change.

Make your request confident, confident, hopeful and friendly so that you will be amazed that people will respond to your request so quickly.

3- Ambition
Every behavior and every action that human beings take is all about improving the situation in some way, and whatever goal they reach, they choose a bigger goal to achieve it. This is a law.

The only limitation of these ambitions is either internal limitations or external limitations.

Internal constraints include your own mental constraints and external constraints include personal resources and facilities, law and society.

This law has two logical consequences; The first result is that when you feel dissatisfied, you refrain from any action, and the second result is that if you feel completely satisfied or disappointed, then you make no effort to improve your situation.

So know your ambitions. Tell yourself, what steps should you take today that will surely get you what you want? Where and how you can improve your facilities, situation and conditions
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By reading this book, you can get acquainted with the best and latest solutions in work fields and be successful by applying these items in your life in your business.

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Brian Tracy is the author of Book 21 The Golden Rule of Successful Sales
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Part of Book 21 The Golden Rule of Successful Sales
The ability to interact with, communicate with, and trade with others is a measure of how much you earn, and it is so valuable that you can do everything you can to be better at it. In a way, life itself is a transaction.

You are always trading somehow. When you drive your car from one place to another, you cope with the traffic, you allow a series of people to overtake you, and sometimes you overtake them, you are somehow trading.
When you go to a restaurant, you are still trading. First of all to get a table and then by choosing a table that you like more than other tables. In business life and in all the things you have done and done, you are trading in some way.

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