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Title: Training without shouting

Author: Hall Edard Rankel

Translator: Akram Karami

Publisher: Seed Books

Subject: Parental behavior, children, guardianship, child discipline

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 215 pages

Language: Farsi

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 Screamfree parenting : the revolutionary approach to raising your kids without losing your cool has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world use these strategies to educate their children and adolescents properly and without shouting by providing innovative training methods.

Hall Edward Rankel’s Screamless Education has been translated into eleven languages ​​and helps you achieve a revolutionary way of educating your children by staying calm.

Some parents try to warn their child by shouting at them when they want to stop them from doing something.
But parents who have repeatedly used this method to counsel and discipline their children have stated that this method is no longer effective because it has made their child conditioned, so the question that occupied the minds of these parents was what to do now to make the child Pay attention to our words.

About the book of training without shouting
The book without crying is a book in the field of child upbringing and supervision that is written in four sections. Wrankel, the author of this book, teaches step-by-step ways to communicate properly and friendlyly with children in four sections.

The first part of the book is an introduction to how to read the book, the second part is entitled “Keeping cool means creating privacy”, the third part is entitled “Keeping cool means determining position” and the fourth part is “Get used to practicing”.

 Screamfree parenting : the revolutionary approach to raising your kids without losing your cool

In the last part of each section, Edward Wrankel writes a true story of the experiences of his friends and colleagues and the experiences of the parents who came to him.
The author explains at the beginning of the book: “… At the end of each section, I tell a true story from the life experiences of people like you.

Some of these stories are about clients who have come to me for treatment or education, and others are about my colleagues and friends.

Fortunately, I have the gift of working with people who spend their time, money and energy learning to focus on themselves and how to relate to others.
Walking with them and watching the change they make in their relationships is a tremendous gift to me.

In each of these stories, the power and impact of training without shouting is evident. Of course, we have changed the names and details to protect the privacy of the people, but the essence of the stories is real and effective.

I have chosen these stories in accordance with the principles mentioned in the book. As you will see, these stories tell the story of the various stages of parent-child relationships throughout life.

“Although each person’s life story is different, I’m sure each of you will find similarities between your life and these stories.”

Who is the book “Education without Cry” suitable for?
In addition to the practical principles that every parent needs to raise their children, Rankel discusses parenting without crying.

This book is recommended for parents who are looking for new and effective ways to raise their children, couples who want to have children, educators and teachers.

The book of education without shouting, as its title suggests, is written for parents so that they can educate their children in a revolutionary way while maintaining composure.

To calm the world; For the peace and tranquility of the world in which we live, we must raise happy and kind children, children in whom there is a sense of cooperation, effort and mutual respect. Develop a friendly and principled approach.

But first of all we as parents should not think that we are the only ones who know about all the principles of parenting and do not need books and advice.
Some parents think that the methods of educating the past are still effective and usable today, but it is better to accept that it is not logical and fair to treat children the way we were educated in the past, or to value children so much that they have no control. We do not care about their behavior.

 Screamfree parenting : the revolutionary approach to raising your kids without losing your cool

Some parents are also interested in learning more about how to raise their children properly and how they can succeed in raising their children;

Should they be tolerant of the child and be kind enough to them to hand over the child or, conversely, punish their children for the slightest mistake?

This book teaches you the principles you need to raise your children in the right and logical ways with a structure that you can use step by step in your relationship with your child.

Implementing these methods in relation to your child or adolescent to you and they show this sense of joy, cooperation, balance and most importantly mutual respect.

In some parts of the book, we read without training
You love your children. You like to be with them and spend happy times together and you also love wonderful moments with which you establish a personal relationship.

Parents are often short on rules because of these deep emotions. As a therapist, whenever I come across a “best friend” communication pattern between a parent and a child, I see a red flag next to it.

It goes without saying that the red flag is not just because of the harm these relationships do to children.

It is true that these relationships hurt them a lot, they have talked about it a lot before me.

 Screamfree parenting : the revolutionary approach to raising your kids without losing your cool

But I see the red flag because of the damage done to the parent-child communication pattern.

Parents who resort to best friend communication try to make up for lost credit and acceptance through their children that they have not received from their parents and are currently unable to receive from themselves or their peers.

Parents are usually unaware of this. They just think they enjoy their children and do what is best for them.

They love to spend time with their children, and the rare moments they spend in close contact with them are so precious to them.

This closeness is very attractive, especially in childhood. Because later these moments become irregular and transient.

We are all looking for moments full of love and even friendship with our children, but what effect does this upbringing have on the family?
The answer is that when this practice is used too much, it thwarts the parents’ attempt to determine the status of family members; Because they no longer have the position of authority.

When parents are always trying to meet the emotional needs of their children, children no longer look to their parents for stability and guidance.

When we look at the “best friend” training method from this angle, we realize that it is harmful. More growth, more privacy You now recognize that children do not know exactly where their privacy ends and your privacy begins.

So expect them to expand their territory and expand their territory. They do not want to partner with anyone right away.
But pay attention to what I said. I am not saying to let them be unrestrained and to act selfishly without any restrictions.

I mean just the opposite. Part of our responsibility is to create privacy for our children by showing them where they belong. That is, to give them a space and let it be their own.

But another meaning is to show them what part does not belong to them. They certainly do not like you to set boundaries, but fighting for privacy is a natural part of healthy growth.

About Hall Edward Wrankel, author of No Scream Training
Hall Edward Wrankel is an active American marriage and family counselor.

He is now one of the most renowned counselors in the field of family therapy, organizational counseling, and professional coaching in organizations, churches, family corporations, and schools. His books have long been on the New York Times and Amazon bestsellers list.

Rankel is the founder and director of the Institute for Living Without Cry, and has published books on the subject.

He has spoken on more than 40 media networks on television, radio and various publications.
The book “Education Without Cry” by Edward Runkel, a bestseller, has been translated by “Akram Karami” and published by Saberin Publications.

This book, with a fluent translation and maintaining the simple and effective tone of the author, was able to reach its thirteenth edition in 1998.

Another book translated into Persian by Edward Rankel is “Living Together Without Shout” translated by Akram Gheitasi and published by Saberin Publishing.

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