Succeed for yourself


Title: The Art of Being Successful

Author: Danny Richard

Translator: Mehdi Gharavi

Publisher: Almas Parsian

Topic: Success in business and self-improvement

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 240

Language: Farsi

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Succeed for yourself book is written for all those who want to achieve success in their own lives, and you should be one of these people. Every idea and opinion that I share with you in this book is based on my own experiences and I trust you. I give that the practical advice I have offered is effective.

One of the most difficult concepts to define is the concept of success. Success has different meanings for different people. But whatever the meaning of success for you, this book shows you how to achieve your goals to be a successful person by your own standards.

The art of being successful

What is success? Success for one person may be just getting to the next meal, and for another it may be taking a job at one company and getting rid of worries for another.
But for most of us, success is achieving our goals, living happily and gaining the respect of those around us. So you are the judge and the jury about what success means to you.

Table of Contents Succeed for yourself :
About the author
What is success?
way of success
What is happiness?
Expect something good
Make another happy
Search in the right direction
Happiness is the result of your efforts
The force of hope
Make money with your success
Help others and yourself
Your most valuable asset
Tangible assets
Search for success
Evaluate what you have
Focus on the desired results
Exercise for the brain
Logic and creativity
Invest in yourself
Believe in yourself
Self nose
Build confidence
What is going on in your brain?
What is your brain full of?
How do you condition?
Environment – Who do we associate with?
Past experiences
How to make your own nose
How to be lucky
Iqbal Trade
Distinguish between luck and fortune
The principle of luck
Correct knowledge
Time: Your most valuable resource
mental pressure
Causes of stress
Activity and success
A simple time management system
Rest and fun time
Saving time
Manage yourself
Self-management methods
Change bad habits and practices
Accept your weaknesses
Ten steps to achieve self-management
Goals: The purpose of life
Set positive goals
Education and knowledge
How important is education?
Apply knowledge
The importance of setting goals
How to invent goals
Write goals
My goals
Personal planning
Target humans
Create the original application
Example of an application
Use illustration
Practical solutions
Mental training
Character of success
Positive spirit
Make yourself happy
Truth and honesty
Moral courage
Overcome obstacles
Causes of unhappiness
Bitterness and revenge
Sin and crime
family issues
Our happiness
Overcoming failures and obstacles
Opportunities and challenges
Fear management
Facing worry
Write down your concerns
Facing rejection
Overcoming rejection
Fear of the word “no”
Another view on the word “no”
There is no harm in asking
Do not take “no” to yourself
Negativity: Destroyer of success
How do we become negative?
The dangers of negativity
Negative thinking and communication
Negative thinking habit
Facing negative communication
Condemnation and complaint
Living in a negative environment
Dealing with the past
Eliminate negativity
Facing the negativity of others
Irresistible passion
Pain and pleasure
Behavioral change
Motivation levels
How we communicate
The importance of listening
Improve communication
Text communication
Take care of others
Loss of body
Consider the feelings of others
Success at home
Family benefits
Relatives and family
Financial success
Money vs. Happiness
How much money do you need?
Consumption of money
Acquisition of wealth
Create a positive mindset for making money
Overcome obstacles to make money
The right ways to make money
Richard Danny is a very successful businessman.

Over the past 25 years, Richard Danny has shared his ideas and ideas for success around the world. He is a popular speaker who has truly helped thousands of people around the world achieve success. They want to succeed in their own lives and you have to be one of them

Excerpts from this book
Success for one person may be just getting the next meal, and for another it may be taking a job at a reputable institution, and for another it may be getting rid of worries, but for most of us success is achieving our goals, living happily and gaining the respect of others. So you are the judge and the jury about what success means to you

Help others and yourself
One of the astonishing facts about successful people is that they rarely succeed on their own. Success is usually achieved through the support, encouragement, inspiration, guidance and help of others. The key to achieving what you want is to help other people, so that they first achieve what they want. After this stage, there will be a 100% guarantee that you have no choice but to succeed.

Your most valuable asset
Let me ask you, what do you consider your most valuable asset? Maybe your home, savings, or retirement benefits? Of course, the truth is that none of these things are really valuable. The most valuable asset is you. Your mind. Everyone wants their valuables and objects to be safe.

I grew up to think that security comes from getting a good job in a big company. In the three quarters of the twentieth century, this idea was fundamentally correct, but these days things are a little different. Now there are very few opportunities to get a job. Permanent and there for life
And many people have realized that they can not rely on their current and future employment as something with long-term security. If we accept that security can no longer be achieved by having a permanent job, then we can effectively maintain Focus on our most valuable asset, ourselves

And surely our lives will be safer, healthier, and happier. Common sense also says that if we use our assets to the fullest, it will have a huge impact on our lives.

Prepare for a new challenge
Many people do not prepare for new challenges and opportunities to achieve wealth and happiness, but those who achieve these successes are always learning, changing and progressing, training and seeking new ideas. Now that you are reading this book, it shows that you are one of those people who have a desire and desire for progress and advancement

The art of being successful
Believe in yourself
Let me ask you, how do you see yourself? In other words, what is your nose? No doubt you respond quickly, but this time wait a bit and really think about yourself. Others do not care about you because they may

They are completely wrong about you. The question is how do you see yourself inside? Some people build their ego after achieving success in life and then feed this ego with insatiable thirst.
We should all have egoism, but we should not have a ego problem

The bank account gets smaller
I remember an Australian proverb I heard years ago: “Be kind to people as you progress, because when you return you will meet some of them again.” And I look at my memories, I notice amazing phrases and incredible descents, and that little message made me feel in a good place now.

Succeed for yourself
Self nose
Your nose is the key to your success. You act the way you see yourself, so what you think about yourself is very important to achieving your goal, which is success. We have all heard that “some people are their worst enemies. That’s true, and these people really are

Sometimes people suffer from inferiority complex, and if we are honest with ourselves, we have all experienced this at some point in our lives or in situations. Poor self-esteem is a more fundamental problem than the occasional feeling of inferiority.
A person with a weak self-esteem also transmits negativity in dealing with his friends. Do you have any friends or do you already have who are under pressure from issues such as family problems, work problems, dismissal, depression and of course a weak self-esteem? It is evident in their appearance and speech that these people do not reach their appearance, do not trim their hair, and pay less attention to make-up and cleanliness.

Some people become overeating and become obese. This condition spreads to their physical condition and the way they walk. They may even distance themselves from other people and seek isolation. Some of the problems I mentioned above are issues that are honest and We can justifiably cite issues that are beyond the control of the individual. These issues occur outside the realm of immediate control of the individual.

Immortalize the weak nose
It is important to understand that a weak nose is usually self-perpetuating. Behaviors tend to repeat and repeat old patterns, but the treatment is simple. You need to change the way you see yourself.

Most people are not aware of the need to change or decide not to change, but some seem to get a strange satisfaction from immersing themselves in pity.

And to some extent, it gives them a sense of security and scares their success because they spend so much time thinking about difficult situations that their self-confidence and self-esteem further decline.

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