The Secret Daily Teachings


Title: Every day with a secret

Author: Randa Byrne

Translator: Bahareh Vafaei

Publisher: Superior Man

Subject: New thinking

Another title: Hidden Secret

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 368

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The Secret Daily Teachings

“The Secret Daily Teachings” by Randa Byrne has been published bilingually. The pages of this book are named as the days of the year and the audience can read the appropriate content for each day in each page of the book.

In the pages of this book, sometimes the name of another author or speaker, except Randa Byrne, is specified for the sentences, and of course, the psychological approach to life and human beings can be considered as the common point of all expressions.

About Randa Bern

Rhonda Byrne was born on March 12, 1945 in Melbourne, Australia. He is one of the top writers and producers in the world. One of his best works is “Secret Documentary” and “Secret Book” on the subject of the law of attraction. Randa Byrne has affected the lives of many people, so much so that in 2007 Time magazine named Randa Byrne one of the 100 most influential people in the world.
Randa Berne’s biography is full of hopes that we must find in despair and walk towards success. Ms. Randa Byrne has written one of the most amazing books in the world, The Secret.
Randa Byrne currently lives in Los Angeles and is one of the top women in the field of success.

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Summary of the book

The book “Every day with a secret” does not know time. It can be started any day of the year. The mystery has guided millions of people around the world to their dream lives. Now, the “Everyday Mystery” book method will guide you through vital steps in life. With 365 new sayings based on powerful mystery facts, your knowledge of the law of attraction will be much greater than you think. You will experience more happiness, abundance and blessings every day of the year.

One of the best-selling books of the summer and fall of 2006 was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

The “mystery”, which is also a documentary of the same name, deals with the importance of the “law of gravity” in helping man to achieve his dreams. Belief in the law of gravity tells us that there is no such thing as destiny and that all matters and events of human life are under the control of his mind.

The book The Secret proves to the reader that man can achieve whatever he wants with the power of his thinking. A person who is aware of the power of his mind can only choose whatever he wants in the universe. After selecting the mind, it activates and visualizes them. This is how the feeling of having dreams is produced in the mind.

In this way, man uses the energy of the universe to fulfill his desires and desires are fulfilled.

“A year ago, my life fell apart, I worked to the point of death,” Berne said in the introduction to The Secret, referring to the countless problems he faced in life. Suddenly, my father died and my relationship with my co-workers was strained. “At that time, it did not even occur to me that I would receive a divine gift in complete despair and despair.”
In another part of his book, the author writes: “I took a brief look at the secret of life as a unique secret, the secret of life, which was in fact a hundred-year-old book that my daughter Haley gave me. I started tracking the secret throughout history. It was unbelievable to me that most people knew about it, that he was the greatest person in history such as: Plato, Shakespeare, Hugo, Beethoven, Edison, etc. ” We can mention: the powerful process of gratitude, the secret of money, the secret of easy, the focus on happiness, the only mind of the universe, the secret of life, be aware of thoughts, the secret of communication and find yourself.

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