The slight edge


Title: Slight superiority

Author: Jeff Olson

Translator: Hamid Gholami, Seyed Mohammad Tahmasebi

Publisher: Atisa

Topic: Success, self-improvement, self-help, business success

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 256 p

Language: Farsi



Jeff Olson’s The slight edge is written in the principles of financial success. The book was able to sell well in the United States in a short period of time and was translated into many languages. “It teaches you one of the most powerful, practical, and important principles of success, it transforms your life,” says Brian Tracy, author of Self-Help Books.

Introducing the book Mild Superiority by Jeff Olson
Many people are looking for a way to achieve financial success. There are many sources, including lectures and books, that may confuse and confuse us in choosing the right path. But reading the experiences of a successful manager in his own language can be very rewarding. The book Mild Superiority is written by Jeff Olson, which reveals the secrets of his success in this book.

Introducing Jeff Olson; Successful author and manager
Jeff Olson was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He completed his education in marketing with the highest bachelor’s degree. He pursued his field of study and, at the same time as his studies, worked at Albuquerque Airport. From the start, he was able to demonstrate his managerial prowess and quickly found his way into large corporations, including Texas Instruments, a computer company. Following his success in various companies, he decided to start his own company.

Jeff Olson started Sun Air in the field of solar energy. He was very successful at Sun Air and experienced all the design, production, marketing and sales. After four years, his company was able to establish itself as one of the largest solar companies in the United States.
During his time in management, Olson was able to gain a wealth of experience in business and commerce and become known as a successful person. He used his experience in sales and in 2012 founded another company in the field of direct sales of goods. The company’s success was so great that its value grew from zero to one hundred million dollars in one year and it became one of the most important sales companies in the United States.

Jeff Olson was always trying to share his experiences with people and guide them to success and sales. He developed a national education program based on which he established the “People’s Network”. The People Network was one of the largest personal development training companies. He then began working with Brian Terry, Jim Ronn and Les Brown, and produced numerous television programs in various fields of psychology.

The slight edge

Jeff Olson became one of the most popular motivational speakers and gave many seminars on sales success, marketing and unlimited happiness. Jeff Olson then decided to write his own experiences so that more people around the world could use his teachings.
Jeff published the book Mild Superiority in 2005, which was very well received. Following the publication of this book, Jeff Olson decided to write his own experiences and the contents of the book Mild Superiority for Teens in another book. So in 2008 he published Success for Teenagers: Real Teenagers Say Mild Superiority. In this book, in addition to keeping the language simple and understandable to teens, Olson has added several stories of teen success to the book.

Slight superiority; Turn simple actions into unlimited success
The book Mild Superiority is written in two parts. The first part is entitled “How Slight Superiority Works”, in which the author tells his life story and tells about his failures and successes. Olson believes that the only thing that made him a successful manager was his perseverance and hard work. He recounts his own experience when his company shares fell and how he performed when faced with this major problem.

In this part of the book Mild Superiority, Olson argues that the set of tasks that keep us from failure and lead us to survival and success is simple, but we are misled by success in doing them easily. Things like saving just a few dollars, or a few minutes of exercise, or reading a book on a regular basis can all bring us great results. In fact, he believes that with a small habit right in the long run, we can create great success in the future.

The second part of the book is called “Living with slight superiority”. In this chapter, Jeff Olson emphasizes the importance of doing small, effective things on a regular basis. He believes that the private and secret moments of each person’s personality determine the course of life. Small choices determine how we spend our hours during the day. The daily selection of small and incorrect choices may seem trivial and ineffective, but they overshadow the future and divert us from the path to success.
Jeff Olson repeatedly states in the book Mild Superiority that you are the only one who can lead your own success and you must save yourself from everyday life. The phrase on the cover of the book, “Turning Simple Regular Measures Into Success and Unlimited Happiness,” also confirms the author’s recommendations; Because Jeff Olson believes that with small steps and by following the right habits and avoiding the wrong behaviors of the past, one can surely achieve success.

Who is this book useful for?
A book of slight superiority will be very useful for people who want to start a business. The book can also be a valuable resource for introducing and teaching ways to achieve success for everyone to use.

Translation and publication of the book Mild Superiority in Iran
Latif Ahmadpour is one of the translators of the book who is interested in the field of psychology and success, and other works translated by him are in the same field. His other works include “Magic Morning” by Hal Al Rud and “Motivational Marketing” by Robert Imbrail. “Latif Ahmadpour” and “Milad Heydari” also collaborated in translating the book “Mild Superiority” and Darren Hardy’s “Composite Effect” and “Why Do Excellent Students Work for Poor Students?” Translated from “Robert Kiyosaki” into Persian.

The book of slight superiority has been translated into Persian with the translation of “Latif Ahmadpour” and “Milad Heydari”. This version was first published by Phoenix Publishing Group in 2016 and has reached its twelfth edition to date.

In a part of the book, we read a slight superiority
Most people immediately fail when they encounter problems that are bigger or different from what they have been dealing with so far and stop trying.

Many people find big or different problems bad and negative and pollute their lives with negativity. What they do not understand is this philosophy: The size of the problem determines the size of the person. You can estimate the limitations of each person’s life according to the size of the problems that make each person depressed and sad. You can also measure how effective each person’s life is by the amount of problems each person solves.

The bigger problems you can solve, the more you will be paid; Because the size of your income is determined by the size of the problems you solve. What many people call a “problem” is actually a gap between point A and point B.
And if you keep your mind open, you can bridge that gap. The reason I spend my time explaining this gap is to know that it can work against you or in your favor. The distance between points A and B is not permanent and must be bridged; And of course it will be fixed; Now either for you or against you. This is the law of nature and you can not stop it.

But it is up to you to choose how to close this gap. The first way to overcome this tension is to keep point A steadily closer and closer to point B. Let the magnet of your imagination draw you to itself and to the future. Do you remember what people living in the failure curve were drawn with? With the force of the past. And what draws people to the success curve? The force of the future.

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