The 5 AM Club


Title:  The 5 AM Club

Author: Robin S. Sharma

Translator: Mahnaz Sadeghi, Somayeh Yousefi

Publisher: Shirmohammadi

Topic: Success, time management, dawn, way of life

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 360 pages

Language: Farsi

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The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning . Elevate Your Life by Robin Sharma, originally titled The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life is the story of two strangers who meet a very rich man.

They use the teachings and instructions of a wealthy person to follow the path to success.
In this work, the author talks about the importance of waking up at five in the morning, he mentions this time as the beating pulse of the world and suggests to all those who are looking for success to wake up.

He believes that people are smarter at this time and their bodies have more energy than at other times of the day.

The main purpose of this book is clear from its name, it includes lessons that will help you increase your productivity with the morning program.

With a regular schedule and early morning, people can be more successful in work, personal life and relationships and make the most of their time.
The tips presented in this work are simple and easy and anyone can apply them.

Dawn is not only important in these busy times, but has long been warned by elders and successful people.

The proverb “Wake up early to become a camerva!” It shows the importance and high value of dawn; Because by doing this, people can get the most out of their day.

Waking up early in the morning is not just a simple act but a good habit that leads to getting things done as quickly as possible.
Aware of the importance of this issue, Robin Sharma, a writer and psychologist in the field of success, has compiled simple and practical solutions that help Saharkhizi in his book “Club of Five Mornings”.

This work narrates the importance of dawn in the form of a story for people who are looking for success factors.

An overview of the book chapters of the Five Mornings Club
The book “Club of Five Mornings” by Robin Sharma consists of several chapters and guides the reader to the dawn and the correct use of time.

“Dangerous action”, “Unexpected encounter with a strange stranger”, “Abandoning moderation and all that is normal”, “Strange adventure of taking control of the morning”, “Flying to the peaks of productivity, skill and invincibility”, “Preparations for Transformation Begin in Paradise,” “Method 5 in the Morning: The Morning Plan of the Creators of the World,” “A Framework for Demonstrating Greatness,” “Four Concentrations for Historians,” “Steering the Ship of Life in the Rising Waves of Time,” “Club Members” “Five Mornings Discover Habit Rituals”, “Five Morning Club Members Learn 20-20/20 Formula”, “Five Morning Club Members Understand the Need for Sleep”, “Five Morning Club Members Learn About Ten Lifelong Genius Tactics” “The members of the Five Morning Club learn the dual cycle of elite performance” and “The members of the Five Morning Club become the heroes of their own lives” are the titles of some of the book’s chapters.

About Robin Sharma, author of The Five Morning Club
Robin Sharma Canadian writer and motivational speaker was born on March 18, 1965. He completed his law studies, but left the field after a while.

He published The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari in 1999, which was a great success.

This work made the name “Robin Sharma” world famous and was translated into more than fifty languages. This work has been translated into Persian under the title “The monk who sold his fugitive”.

In a part of the book of the Five Mornings Club, we read:
It was as if nothing was in front of our homeless man. “And second, I’m very successful in business. I started a number of companies that are very profitable in this period when companies have billions of dollars in revenue but in the end they do not have a net profit. It’s so funny.

The world is getting more or less crazy. Greed is too much, but common sense is too little. And third, if you allow me … “As his raspy voice grew louder, he continued:” A plane is waiting for me on an asphalt runway that is not far from here.

So, before I go, I’ll ask you one more time … because I want to know. “Which part of the speech did you two like the most?”

The artist replied: “Almost all of them. I liked it all. “I recorded all the words of that old myth.”

“This is illegal,” the homeless man warned as he clasped his hands tightly to his chest. “By doing so, you may find yourself in a legal mess.”

The entrepreneur also confirmed. “This is against the law. “Why did you have to do that?”

“Because I wanted to. I felt I had to do this.
I did whatever I wanted. Rules are made to break, you know? Picasso said you have to know the rules like a professional, to be able to break them like an artist.

I need to be real myself, not a cowardly sheep who blindly walks in a path that leads nowhere. Most people, especially those with money in their pockets, are nothing more than a handful of charlatans.

Just as the speaker sometimes said, “You can either be in the same group or you can change the world, but you can’t do it together.”
I recorded them all. Now shoot if you want. The detention center is not bad either. “I will probably see some cool people there.”

Translation of the book of the Five Mornings Club into Persian
The book “Club of Five Mornings” was translated into Persian by “Reza Eskandari Azar” and “Nashr-e Noon” published it in 1398.

“Reza Eskandari Azar” is a young Iranian translator who has translated various books in his resume. He is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tehran.

He learned English as a child and has been interested in literature ever since.

Over the years, he has authored well-known authors in international fiction, including J.P. Has introduced “Danlivi” to Persian language readers.

In addition to translating stories and psychology books, Reza Eskandari Azar has also been active in translating works in the field of children. In this regard, he has translated the collection of famous books “Detective Sito” written by Antonio Itorbe into Persian.

“We Are Animals” by Justin Torres, “The Man Who Folded Himself” by “David Gerold”, “My Servant Jews and Other Stories” by “Woodhouse”, “The Five Second Rule” by “Mel Robbins”, “Suffocation” Chuck Palahniuk and Gingerbread Man by Danley are other translations of this translator.

Who is the Five Morning Club book suitable for?
The early hours of the day are one of the most valuable times of the day that a person can take advantage of to succeed.

The book “Five Mornings Club” has been compiled on this subject and is suitable for people who want to plan to succeed like successful and rich people.

People learn to make the most of their time by reading The 5 AM Club.

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