Ice Breakers


Title: Ice Breakers

Author: Beck L. Schreiter

Translator: Jahanpour Maleki Alamouti

Publisher: Nik Farjam

Topic: Network Marketing

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 112

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book Ice Breakers by Tom Schreiter
Ice Breakers deals with issues related to marketing and business management. This book contains the first words of your conversation with a potential customer to introduce the product or job opportunity you are considering. The words you choose as your icebreakers will make or break your successful network marketing business.

Introduction to the book Icebreakers: What to do if the customer insists on introducing the work to him
The book Ice Breakers: What to Do When a Customer Insists on Introducing a Job Tom Schreiter’s writing focuses on successful network marketing techniques and wants to teach you how to attract a potential customer.

Most inexperienced network marketers work hard, but because they do not know exactly what thoughtful words to use to talk to a potential customer, they can not attract him. If this bitter experience happens a few times, the network marketer will be affected. But if he gets acquainted with the concept of icebreakers and thoughtful words, finding a customer will be very easy for him and even a kind of fun.

This book has several effective formulas with numerous examples that you can use to learn the concept of icebreakers well and no longer worry about finding a potential customer or inviting him to attend a meeting, because from now on the potential customer insists. Introduce the work to him.

Tom Schreiter, better known as El Big, has been involved in network marketing for over 4 decades. In addition to compiling a collection of educational books, he has lectured in more than 80 countries around the world and teaches ways to find and talk to a potential customer by analyzing each word and their impact.

In part of the book Icebreakers: What to do if the customer insists on introducing the work to him, we read:
If you do not intend to refuel or gas, you can stop for tea or coffee. Talk to the waiter, build a close relationship, and then say, “I just found a way to get the same salary as you, but you no longer have to work in the afternoons. If you would like to know how, I will gladly explain it to you. “Can you give me a little more sugar now to make my coffee sweeter?”

simply. Many network marketers ask this tough question, “But I’ve been in this business for six months. “How can I say that I have just found a way?” That’s a good question. We have three quick solutions:

You can say, “I found a way.” But this phrase is less powerful and effective than the phrase “I just found a way”. The second phrase nails the mind of the audience and forces them to listen.
I bet you have just found something new in your business. Maybe a new product, a new way of consuming the product you have, a new property in your product, or maybe a new tax benefit. Well now you can tell your prospect that you have just found a way to …
Use the same phrase “I just found a way …”. No one notices. In fact, no one cares about our lives, because everyone only thinks about their own lives. Even if you talked to them yesterday, most of them do not remember or did not listen at all to what you said. In these forty years of network marketing experience, no one has ever asked me why I said, “I just found a way …”
Book Review of Freezers
How can you turn any hot or even cold customer into a hot and passionate customer? This is what you will fully learn in this book: “By learning how to effectively present your business in the form of a social dialogue, using just a few words, in a simple sequence and without the slightest hassle.” The book “Ice Breakers” with the full title “How to Talk” is one of the works of the great author of the marketing and business world, “Tom Schreiter”.

This book contains six simple yet fully functional formulas that are among the largest freezers. These formulas will help you as a salesperson or business owner to attract potential and hidden customers and have a successful sale. The book’s recommendations are based on Schreiter’s prolific experiences and have been able to influence the business and lives of many people around the world. The book “Icebreakers” translated by “Amir Ansari” was published in 1996 in Amoukhteh Publications.

About the book Icebreakers
Developments in the global economy have a profound effect on the performance of today’s businesses. Along with these developments, globalization, the development of information technology, and customers who are now smarter than ever, have created fierce competition in business models. The most important point of this competition in sales markets is to try to conquer the hearts and souls of customers.

In this book, Schreiter humbly admits that he is neither a writer nor a networking and marketing expert. His only request to the readers of this work is not to engage himself in specific letters and names or words, and to focus all his attention on the main meaning of his words. But do not worry. He has tried to convey the concepts in his own language and in the simplest possible way. In this book, Schreiter is by your side to teach you the skill of freezing, a skill that makes your daily conversations a great and powerful resource for attracting people. To strengthen your hacking skills, simply understand the teachings of this author and great network marketing leader and apply them to your network marketing business.
This book introduces some simple yet effective formulas that you can trust to have a new and thriving business. In addition to these formulas, Schreiter has tried to use examples that make it easier to understand these strategies and methods. Once you have learned how to use these formulas, you can create unlimited freezing sentences depending on your needs and circumstances. In this way, not only the customers, but even the employees of your company will enjoy what they do. You need to know that customers love to shop. But they are afraid of those who want to sell them something. This is where you need to use words that are more socially acceptable and you can easily persuade the customer not only to buy from you, but also to insist that you introduce your products to them.
Customers are everywhere. It’s up to you to know what to say and how to say it. You do not have to find specific people and just talk to them. But you have to choose certain words and phrases. In this way, you can look at everyone as a customer or a potential force. So if you need more customers, this book can be a good guide. Freezing skills will help you to have a more enjoyable and productive business. Freezers are the best way to transform your network marketing business. Just try it to see its profound effects on the prosperity of your business and increase your profits.

A Review of the Book of Icebreakers
Chapter One: Oh! Oh! ناله!
Chapter Two: Although I’m Rich and Happy, Why Do I Suffer?
Chapter 3: If you know what to say, potential forces are everywhere.
Chapter 4: Wherever I travel in the world, there is a problem.
Chapter 5: Do not be deceived by these myths.
Chapter 6: Those Fiery Words You Say to Your Sister
Chapter 7: Formula One.
Chapter 8: Let’s have some fun with this formula.
Chapter 9: Does this method work for strangers as well?
Chapter Ten: Party Time!
Chapter 11: Do not try this, it’s just an example!
Chapter Twelve: Formula Two.
Chapter Thirteen: The Third Formula (Best Customers and Potentials).
Chapter Fourteen: Formula Four (Customer Creation and Potential Force).
Chapter Fifteen: Formula Five.
Chapter Sixteen: Very shy distributors can do this.
Chapter Seventeen: Formula Six.
Chapter 18: And finally …
More about Tom Bigel
Tom Schreiter is the author of the BigL textbooks of the late 1970s. He has lectured in more than 80 countries and has been able to transform many people in the world of marketing with his new words and strategies. Schreiter is very interested in marketing ideas, marketing campaigns, and talking to the subconscious in a simple and practical way. He is the creator of many audio tutorials and is known as one of the most popular speakers at corporate meetings and regional events.

We read in a part of the book Icebreakers
“I have entered an exciting business that has exciting products and founders, and its revenue-generating and training plan is excellent …”
“Have you explored income opportunity options?”
“Like a full-time, depressed loser, do you want to have a chance to win?”
“The economy is booming. “Would you like to be at the top?”
“Do you want to be a low-level employee all your life?”
Yes, these are freezers that open the door to dialogue, but they are very, very obvious options. Even if these examples do not lead to a rejection answer, we certainly have not chosen the right direction to approach the potential force.
We all talk to people. The problem is, we’re doing the wrong thing.

We are not afraid to talk to people. It is easy for us to say, “Hello, how are you? How are you?” But between saying “hello, how are you, how are you?” And “Do you want to be a distributor?” There is a big gap.
And this big gap scares us. It’s hard to go from a social and friendly conversation to a conversation to introduce your work and not feel like a stubborn salesman. We need to “break the ice” and bring our work into the dialogue in a way that is socially acceptable.

If we do not know how to do it politely, we will only keep our business top secret. So no one knows about our business and no one joins it.
Now we do not want to ruin our relationship with people. We do not want to take advantage of our relationships. But if we do not understand this correctly, if we do not know what to say, then we will not find anyone to talk to. In the following, I will share an interesting secret with you.
The only difference between those who have unlimited potential in network marketing and those who do not is what they do. Knowing the right words is a skill that everyone should have in business conversations.
You know, our attitude is good. We go to the opportunity meeting. We believe in our company. We have goals. We know what we want. We are motivated. We think positively. We have all these.
The only things we do not have are the skills to say the right words and do the right things. The good news is that we can learn these skills.

Many distributors have similar revenue plans, similar domains, similar products, and similar pricing. All their working conditions are the same except for one thing: “what they say and do”, not their circumstances, will determine the size of their reward check.
So it’s time to say better things. Let’s get started.

The Book of Ice Breakers is a book on management and business by Tom Schreiter, known as The Great El. He has been involved in network marketing for more than 40 years and in addition to writing a collection of educational books, he has lectured in more than 80 countries around the world and has taught customer acquisition methods and ways to talk to a potential customer by examining individual words and their effects. This work emphasizes successful marketing methods and actually wants to teach you how to act so that the customer insists on introducing your product to them.

About the book Icebreakers
It must have occurred to you that you want to start a conversation with someone, but you do not know what to say. Many turn to talking about the weather and political conditions. Unaware that the fate of the discussion is determined by these initial sentences. The book Icebreakers helps us to choose the first words to introduce our product or service accurately and intelligently in order to succeed in the negotiation.

Who do we recommend reading the book Icebreakers?
We recommend Icebreakers to anyone who is interested in network marketing and face-to-face product sales. Secondly, anyone who likes to persuade others, and somehow negotiation with others is one way to grow and develop their business, it is better to take a look at the teachings of the book Icebreakers.

Part of the book Ice breakers
Why should I die and you should be rich and happy?

Suppose we are both networkers. After a weekly sales meeting, I go to Denny’s restaurant to have dinner late. I sit at a table and the waiter comes and says,

“What do you like?”

I answer, “Oh, a hamburger, a bowl of French fries, a single salad, a Caesar salad, some pasta and cheese, garlic bread, cranberry cake, apple pie, ice cream, some chocolate cake, and a couple of diet drinks.”

The waiter brings the food. I eat food. I would walk to the parking lot to get in my car and say to myself,
“Wow, this is work. No one here is interested in trying out a new job opportunity. No one wants a part-time job. Nobody wants to make money and start a new business. No one wants to be a salesperson. Everyone just wants to watch TV when they go home. “What a wonderful job.”

You are now in the same weekly sales meeting. After the meeting, head to Denny’s restaurant for a late dinner. You sit at the table next to me, and the same waiter comes up to you and says,

“What do you like?”

You say, “Do you always want to be a waitress or are you thinking of another job opportunity?”

The waiter thinks for a few seconds and says, “What?”
You repeat, “Do you always want to be a waitress or are you thinking of another job opportunity?”

The waiter says quickly, “As far as it goes. I do not want to be a waitress here for the rest of my life. “What is it now?”

Tom Schreiter effect ice breakers
If you are looking for a book in the field of network marketing, go to this book quickly by learning how you can effectively turn your business into a social marketing with an easy sequence and without a trace in just a few words.

“Ice Breakers” give you what you need to offer.
Prospective people love to shop and join the network. So why not use a socially acceptable word sequence that forces any prospect to literally follow you?

This book contains several effective formulas with many examples of each formula that you can use. Once you know how formulas work, you can use unlimited icebreakers (marketing troubleshooting methods) on request. So that your subordinates are no longer afraid to explore. Instead, they love to search and expand.
You are motivated and want to work hard, but just do not know how. Your initial accidental remarks ruin your luck and leave you with bad experiences.
But with trained words and phrases, everything changes. The results will be fast and positive.

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