Title: You are a burden

Author: Milan Kundera

Translator: Parviz Homayounpour

Publisher: drops

Subject: Novel, short story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 336 p

Language: Farsi



The Book of The unbearable lightness of being is written by Milan Kundera and is a philosophical novel.

Set in Prague in 1968 during the so-called Prague Spring, the book deals with many philosophical concepts.

Thomas, a well-known surgeon, has been widely criticized by the Czech Communists, which has led him to lose his job. Thomas later meets Teresa and marries her after a while, but…

Book titles are:

Lightness and heaviness

Body and mind

Unintelligible words

Body and mind

Lightness and heaviness

Great walk

Carnin’s smile

The original name of the book was “Unbearable Style of Existence”, which was chosen by the translator as “the burden of existence” for the title of the book.

The translator’s opinions and statements about The unbearable lightness of being

In this book, the respected translator has written three texts for the book. Two prefaces and an introduction.

Some of the points of these posts:

The philosophical interpretation and penetrating language of the book, from the very beginning, confronts the reader with the fundamental issues of human existence and makes him think.

Although the characters in the book are not real, they are better understood and felt than real humans.

If we read the burden of existence with imagination and poetic feeling and with the desire to understand the mystery of human existence, we take an exciting journey.

You are about The unbearable lightness of being
I can not find a word to describe it as good. But I can boldly say that no book has ever occupied my mind so much.

The book emphasizes that life is like a straight line and style. That life is not more than once and will not be repeated, so distinguishing good from bad, and judging a matter is meaningless.

Milan Kundera compares the lightness and heaviness of the burden in different characters of the story.

I came to the conclusion that this book, like many other books, is not to answer, but to create a question! And I keep asking these questions in my mind until I can answer them myself.

About translating and writing books
The translation of this book was done in 1986 and it has probably been reviewed over the years and maybe some corrections have been made on it.

However, when you read the book, you realize that the book does not have a psychological text, and the reason for this is that the book is both philosophical and translated. In some cases, you will see heavy and even old words that you may need to look up in the dictionary for their meaning.

One more point about the book itself:

It is true that this book is a philosophical novel, but I must say that the book, despite its strong philosophy, has a weak story.

The Book of Existence – Summary of the Book of Existence by Milan Kundera

You are part of The unbearable lightness of being
It must be imagined that one day everything will be repeated, as it was before, and this repetition will continue indefinitely! If every moment of our lives has to be repeated countless times, everything we do in life has an unbearable burden. The heavier the burden, the closer, more real and real our lives are to Earth.

We encounter everything for the first time in life. Like an actor who enters the stage without rehearsal. But if life’s first exercise is life itself, then what value can life have?

Once is not an account, once because it is nothing. Living only once is like not living.

Nothing is harder than feeling empathy. Even enduring the pain of self is not as hard as the pain we inflict jointly with someone else for someone else or for someone else, and our imagination reflects it hundreds.

When a strong person becomes so weak that he disrespects the weak person, the weak person must really consider himself strong and leave him.

Thomas was looking at the dirty wall of the yard and did not know if it was a fleeting nervous feeling or love? And in this situation where a real man knows how to decide quickly, he was ashamed of his doubts and hesitations. This doubt emptied the most beautiful moment of his life of any meaning. Thomas blamed himself hard, but eventually realized that doubt was normal. One never knows what one should want because life is more than once and cannot be compared to past lives or corrected in the future.

Loving someone out of compassion is not true love.
The horrific event of a life can be explained with the help of a heavy metaphor. It is said that we carry a heavy burden and carry it, whether we can bear it or not. We fight it, whether we lose or win.

You can betray your parents, your spouse, your love and your homeland. But what can be betrayed when there are no parents, no husband, no love and no homeland left?

In the face of the obscene world that surrounded her, Teresa had only one weapon, and that was the books she borrowed from the municipal library. He had read many books. From “Fielding” to “Thomas Mann”. The book gave him the opportunity to escape from a life he was not satisfied with. The book, as an object, also had a special meaning for him: he liked to walk around the streets under his arms. The book was for him a delicate cane held by a distinguished man of past centuries. The book set him apart from the rest.

Book of Existence – Philosophical book suggestion

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