Fight club


Title: Boxing Club

Author: Chuck Palahniuk

Translator: Mohammad Javad Darouian

Publisher: Shir Mohammadi

Subject: American story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 176 p

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Fight club: a novel is about a pessimistic employee who works in a car factory and has been suffering from insomnia for some time.

One day he meets a man in strange clothes whose job is to market soap and he has new and interesting ideas.

She goes to his place of residence in a neighborhood where the city’s toxic waste is stored, falls in love with him, and talks to him about freedom and ways to gain power. The two consciously start fighting in order to get rid of their inner complexes and have a so-called rebirth.

After that, the thought of starting a club comes to their minds. But not every club…

But also an underground boxing club…
The book of Boxing Club is a translation of Peyman Khaksar. I suggest you read the book of Boxing Club and do not see it as just a work full of violence.

The first time you read the book, it seems vague and meaningless, but be patient and move on.

The beauty of the book is that you work hard to figure out what the flow is. The book has three central characters; The unnamed narrator is the main character, a man named Tyler Darden and a woman named Marla Singer.

Charles Michael “Chuck” Palanick (born February 21, 1962) is a well-known American author and essayist. He became famous after the publication of the novel Boxing Club in 1996. The novel based on which the famous director David Fincher made a film of the same name. Palanick lives in Portland, Oregon, Washington. His work is divided into fiction and non-fiction. So far, the film is based on two of his works (Boxing Club and Suffocation).

Excerpts from the book
The first step to attaining immortality is to die.

We have arranged a kind of love triangle here. I want Tyler, Tyler Marlara and my Marla. I do not want Marla and Tyler does not want me to be around her. No longer likes. This has nothing to do with the role of love in a romantic relationship. It is more like the role of property in the category of ownership.

An old adage says you always kill the person you love the most.

Crying becomes very easy when you realize that all the people you love will eventually reject you or die one day.

Boxing Club Rules:

Rule number one: Do not talk to anyone about boxing club.

Rule number two: Do ​​not talk to anyone about a boxing club.

Rule 3: Only two people take part in each fight.

Rule 4: There is only one fight at a time.

Rule 5: Participants must be shirtless and without shoes.

The sixth and final rule: the struggle continues as long as necessary.

There are many things we do not like to know about those we love.

I was tired and crazy and nervous. Every time I boarded the plane, I wished we had crashed. I envied people who were dying of cancer. I’m upset about my life. I was tired and angry with my job, my furniture, and there was no way I could change my mind. I just wanted to finish. I felt trapped. I was very complete. I was very perfect. I was looking for a way to escape my humble life.

The old adage that how you always destroy the things you love most is true on both sides. The destruction is two-sided.

Anything you love will either reject you or die.

Excerpts from the book Boxing Club
I did not want to hit him, but Tyler convinced me. He said he did not want to die without a wound and that he was tired of watching professional boxing and wanted to know more about himself.

Self-improvement may not be the answer. Maybe the answer is self-destruction.

After spending a night at the boxing club, the sound of the real world comes down to your ears. Nothing will make you disbelieve anymore. Your words are valid. Even if others break the law or beat you up, you still do not get nervous. In the boxing club, people are not what they are in the real world.

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