Essays in love


Title: Essays on love

Author: Alan Dubaten

Translator: Goli Emami

Publisher: Niloofar

Subject: Love, philosophy

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 228 p

Language: Farsi



Essays on Love by Alan DuBois

The “lost half” is the one we are all looking for in life. But how did we humans split in two?

A story in Greek myth says that in ancient Greece, humans were more powerful than they are today; They had two heads, four arms and four legs. One day Zeus, the god of the gods, split these creatures in two in order to be able to stand up to the humans and defeat them. But how much are they willing to search to find this love? To achieve this love, what are they willing to ignore or admit? What injuries do they suffer and what injuries do they see?

In Essays on Love, Alain Dubaton tries to answer these questions and examines the development and collapse of a romantic relationship from a philosophical and psychological perspective.

Subject of the book “Inquiries about love”
The book of essays on love is the story of a man and a woman who happen to be on a flight together. Their acquaintance starts from a normal conversation and progresses to the point where they decide to see each other after the flight and their relationship gets closer throughout the story.

Using the ideas of Aristotle, Sartre, Wingstein, and Marx, Alain de Button creatively and accurately tells the narrator’s love story for Chloe. He describes the ups and downs of this relationship in twenty-four short chapters. Dubatan examines the conflicts and problems of the relationship and explains the philosophical cause of each.

Two Buttons begins his quest for love with the chapter “Romantic Destiny.” A chapter in which the narrator interprets the accidental events of his life as a romantic destiny. He connects the rest of the chapter with idealism, one of the book’s most thought-provoking chapters, in which Alain de Button compares two frequently asked questions in romantic relationships: “Why do you love me?” And “Why do not you love me?”

Both questions show that both questions in the context of love show a weak will. He believes: Love is a gift that has been given to us, a gift that we can never and do not deserve to recognize.

He believes that the death of love is more painful than the end of life. Because we will not have a feeling after death, but after a romantic separation we have a burning sensation and sometimes we have a bad one.

When we look at a person or an angel from the position of one-sided love and think of the pleasure that comes from being with him in heaven, we subconsciously forget the basic point: If he loves us, what are we interested in? The color will fade quickly. We fall in love because we need to get rid of our corrupt hands by appealing to an ideal person. So what if this person came back one day and fell in love with us? We can only be surprised. After all, how can this divine being that we imagined be so badly tasted that it pleases someone like us? To fall in love, we must believe that the lover is in some way one of us. When this love is reciprocated, does not there be a cruel contradiction? “If he’s so amazing, how can he fall in love with someone like me?”

Essays on Love In addition to storytelling, there are practical educational tips. Doe Button believes that the principles of emotional and romantic relationships are similar; So by knowing a few fixed rules you can steer your relationship to a better direction. He examines the relationship in terms of the harms that can occur in an exaggerated romantic relationship: “Love manifests its madness in not accepting the normalcy of the loving nature.”

“Love is only moral when it is unconditional,” says de Batten. It then describes the factors that cause a couple to become bored and depressed.

What is a query?
“The researcher pays attention to firewood and ashes, the researcher pays attention to fire,” says Walter Benjamin in defining the paper.

Short, non-fiction writing is called an essay. Essay writing began in the 16th century, and Francis Bacon 5 is considered one of the first and, of course, the best essayists in Western literature. Victor Hugo and George Orwell are also among the most famous essayists in the world.

The difference between an article and an article is in the identity and individuality of the author. The author in the essay can freely express his views and opinions on any subject. An essay is not scientifically reviewed and judged like an article, so you do not need academic knowledge to write an essay. In fact, the essayist only offers the reader a new perspective on the subject.

Allen de Batten; Philosopher or writer?
Alain de Batten is a Swiss writer who has been living and working in the UK for many years. To write his books, Do Button first chooses a subject and then analyzes it from different literary, sociological, psychological, and philosophical perspectives.

In addition to writing various books, the author and philosopher de Baton has founded a school of life in London.

Alain de Button founded the “School of Life” believing that our children would not learn how to live in school. He believes that this lack of knowledge causes children to face many problems in their adult lives.

The subjects taught in the school of life are varied. But all of these teachings are aimed at increasing self-awareness. Because the leaders of this school believe that only with self-knowledge can we have a better and more satisfying life. The school’s curriculum is divided into six general categories. Self-knowledge, relationships, work, relaxation, social behaviors, and culture and leisure.

Experienced writers and philosophers also work at the institute. Interestingly, due to the differences in learning methods, the Allen de Button School of Life offers its teachings or products in a variety of ways, such as books, workshops, videos, psychoanalytic sessions, and more.

Works by Allen de Batten
Essays on Love is Allen de Button’s first book, published in 1993, and reprinted in 1994, 2006 and 2015. Alain de Button’s other works include Religion for Atheists, The Consolations of Philosophy, The Art of Travel and Love, all of which have been translated into Persian. Alan de Button’s collection of school textbooks has also recently been translated into Persian and has yet to be published.

Who is the best translator of love essays?
The original (English) version of the book Essays in love has a fluent and understandable prose, and if you want to read the book in Persian, Goli Emami has done the most famous translation of the essays on love by Allen de Batten, and this book Published by Niloufar Publications, but since parts of this book have been audited for translation, you may come across literal and sometimes incomplete translations in parts of the book.

Goli Emami says about the book Essays on Love: “This book is about a romantic relationship that examines its stages in two contexts from philosophical and psychological perspectives.”

Golrokh Adib Mohammadi, known as Goli Emami, went to the Schmidt translation school in Germany in 1344. The book “Sarafina” by Mary Kathleen Harris is the first translated work of Goli Emami that was published in 1349.

Goli Emami’s most famous translation is the translation of the book “A Girl with Pearl Earrings”, which was published in 1397. Goli Emami has been working as a professional translator for more than fifty years, and in the 70s and 80s, in addition to translating, he also managed the bookstore. Goli Emami says about the highest type of translation: “Translation is a valuable and sublime thing that the translator owes to the author. “Reducing or adding to the text of the work is acceptable only to the extent that the author’s pen is not damaged, ie the identity of the translator is not specified.”

In part of “Essays on Love” we read
When we fall in love, we hide the natural accidents of life behind a veil of purpose. Although, to be fair, it is impossible to meet our savior by accident and inevitability, we insist that this event was originally recorded in a scroll and is now slowly unfolding under the dome of Minab. We make a destiny (with our own hands) to save ourselves from the anxiety of the fact that every wisdom in our lives, however small, is our own creation, (and we forget) that there is no scroll (and of course a predetermined destiny); Who we meet or not on the plane has no wisdom other than what we call ourselves.

In other words, we want to avoid the anxiety that no one has written our biography and insured our love.

My mistake was that I did not distinguish between the fate of falling in love with the fate of falling in love with a particular person. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. But my deterministic conception from the beginning of our story proved at least one thing: that I loved Chloe. Finally, the moment I realized that meeting or not meeting the two of us was just a coincidence, was the moment when I lost the feeling of living with him for a lifetime. As a result, I no longer loved him.

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