The torment of conscience


Title: The torment of conscience

Author: Alba de Sauce Pads

Translator: Bahman Farzaneh

Publisher: Phoenix

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The Torment of Conscience
The book The Torment of Conscience was written by Alba Dess Pedes, an Italian author, and translated by Bahman Farzaneh.

According to Gloni, this book was made available to the audience in 2001 by Phoenix Publications.

The subject of this story may seem repetitive and entertaining at first.

But it must be said that the art of writing accessibles is well derived from the uniformity of the subject and the audience does not get tired of reading this book.

The story is about two friends who communicate with each other through letters.

In between these correspondences, a journalist’s notes are taken and the story knot is untied.

Book of the torment of conscience
The story begins with a woman who is tired of her monotonous life and sends a letter to her friend.

And he explains to his friend how he can make his life monotonous at the first opportunity.

The author of this book, with the power of his writing, in addition to telling the story from a different perspective, has been able to keep the main and secondary characters together with proportion and accuracy.

Prose and, of course, accurate and fluent translation of the text have a great effect on the attractiveness of this work.

The surprise that occurs at the end of the story also makes the reader not forget this book.

The torment of conscience is a book that reminds human values ​​well and shows these values ​​by placing characters in different situations.

In a part of the book of torment of conscience, we read:

A few minutes ago, the same usual voice. My heart breaks every time I hear that sound, just like the night we returned from the island and I was dying in fear that someone might notice me in front of the building.

However, when the taxi left, I was scared. As Matteo gradually moved away from me, I also felt that I should not rush into talking to Guillermo. I felt that once again that torment of an unknown and permanent conscience was taking place in my heart.

About the book The Torment of Conscience
No doubt you are surprised to see my handwriting. But I am sure that in spite of my long and unjustified silence, you have opened the envelope not only with curiosity, but also with concern. I have not heard from you for years. I ask myself, are you still in Verona?

In the same house where I still imagine you? I’m even afraid that you are not there or anywhere else, I’m afraid you’re dead and I’ve not heard of your death.

This horror, while it may seem absurd, will make you realize how important it is for me to know that there is someone in the world whom I can blindly trust. Someone who might be able to help me.

I know these vague gestures are disturbing. Every letter of mine, every meeting of ours, has always disturbed you in a way that I have never understood a particular reason for. From the first day of our friendship until the last time I wrote you a letter, your love for me has always deprived me of my freedom to live as I wish.

You were chasing me from afar, questioning me. With some worry, you wanted to pull something out of me with your gaze.
Whatever I said or thought, whatever happened to me, whatever problem came to me, every choice I made, provoked such a strong reaction in me that in the end I felt responsible for all those actions. . Do not think that I am exaggerating. It seemed to me that your destiny depended on me. I have your destiny in my hands.

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