Everything is f*cked: a book about hope


Title: Everything is gone

Author: Mark Manson

Translator: Hiva Kamjoo

Language: Farsi



Book introduction Everything is f*cked: a book about hope
The book is all gone; A book about hope by Mark Manson talks about things that are being destroyed. In this book, Manson addresses the anxieties and worries that permeate our lives and there is no escaping it.

Book introduction Everything is gone; A book about hope
In this book, Mark Manson, with a subtle sense of humor that is a hallmark of his pen, tries to ask you the right questions and leave the conclusion to you, instead of providing conclusive and biased answers. Is it possible to live without hope? How can hope put our lives on the right path and make us better human beings, and which hope is better and which hope is destructive and harmful?

All the presuppositions of the book are all gone; Everything about f * cked: a book about hope is based on the studies and scientific observations and thoughts of the great thinkers of history, and the relevant documents are provided in the form of a footnote. Definitely one of the main reasons for the success of Mark Manson’s books is the attention to your intelligence as an audience, which has made his first book topped the list of the best-selling books in the world for several years.
By reading the first lines of the book, everything is gone, as if it magically forces you to read. You turn the pages of the book involuntarily, and when you put the book on the floor to read it at another time, you miss it, and you count the moments for another opportunity and to read the rest of the book. This book is the book of life and exposes the thoughts of great thinkers such as Nietzsche, Kant and Plato.

Manson believes that the pursuit of happiness has a poisonous value that has long penetrated our culture, a destructive and misleading value. In this work, he says, it is better to let go of hope and accept the sufferings hidden in life. Manson questions our definitions of happiness, freedom, faith and hope.

Excerpts from the book Everything Is Perished, a book about hope:
How can you tell someone to “have a good day” when you know that all his thoughts and motivations are rooted in his endless need to forget the inherent emptiness of his own existence as a human being?

The opposite is not happiness, anger or sadness. If you are angry or sad, it means that you still care about something. That means something is still important to you. That means you still have hope.

– In order to create hope in our lives, we must first feel that we have complete control over our lives. There must be a sense in us that we are pursuing things that we are absolutely sure of.
The car of stupidity is always moving towards addiction, narcissism and compulsion. People whose minds are the cars of stupidity are easily manipulated by any individual or group that can make them feel good, whether they are a religious leader, a politician, a teacher of a sect, or an evil internet community.

Selfish people oscillate between feeling superior and inferior. Whether others love them or everyone hates them. For them, either everything is amazingly great or everything is completely gone. All life events are either the best moment of their lives or the worst. For a narcissistic person, there is no middle ground.

– You can change your destiny here and now, and that includes all the wonderful things.

Hope, like a surgeon’s knife, can save a person’s life, and hope can take a person’s life. Hope can lift us up or destroy us. Just as self-confidence has healthy and corrupt forms and love has healthy and corrupt forms, so does hope have healthy and corrupt forms.

Pain is the currency of our values. Without the pain of loss (or the possibility of loss), estimating the value of everything becomes impossible.
Only the true form of freedom and only the moral form of freedom are possible through self-restraint. This freedom is not a license to choose what you want in life, instead it is to choose what you are willing to leave.

Fake freedom puts us on the treadmill to pursue more pleasures, while true freedom is a conscious decision to live with the least.

Everything in the book is gone; A book about hope:
– The book Everything Is Perished is a call to participate in building a better world, and this book alone is enough to achieve this goal. (Ryan Halliday, author of two New York Times bestsellers)

– Mark Manson is a master of mind stimulation and a kind of unusual and special introspection. His simplification in this book forces you to flip through it unconsciously for hours. (James Claire, author of the best-selling book Habits)

We are all afraid of the evils of the world and Mark shows us how to avoid our dark side. A book full of insight and humor that we should all read at the earliest opportunity. (Sean Parish, founder of Famam street)

In one part of the book, everything is lost, we read everything about hope:
It all started with a headache.

Elliott was a successful man, one of the CEOs of a successful company. His colleagues and relatives loved him. He could be very attractive and disarm you with his jokes. He was a wife, he was a father, he was a friend, and he went to the beach for weekends and had a good time.

Except that he had regular headaches, and these headaches were different from headaches that can be treated with a painkiller. These headaches crushed the brain, as if they were tapping the back of his eye socket with a crane.

Elliott started taking medication, tried evening sleep, tried to reduce his stress, tried to stay calm and calm, and not get too hard. But the headaches continued. In fact, it got worse a little later. Elliott soon reached a point where he could not sleep at night or work during the day.

Finally, he went to the doctor. The doctor performed the doctoral duties and ordered the doctoral tests to be performed, and after receiving the doctoral results, the bad news for Elliott was that he had a brain tumor, right in the anterior lobe of the brain. Do you see it right there? The same gray spot seen on the front of the brain. My God, this is so big. By my account, the size of a baseball.
The surgeon cut and removed the tumor, and Elliott went home. He returned to work, embracing his family and friends, and everything seemed fine and natural.

But then things got worse. Elliott’s productivity fell. Doing tasks that used to be as easy as drinking water now required a mountain of focus and effort. Simple decisions like using a blue or black pen could keep him busy for hours. He made gross mistakes and did not correct them for weeks. He forgot about meetings and work schedules. In fact, his absence was better than his absence.

Index of the book Everything is f*cked: a book about hope
Chapter 1: The Bitter Truth
How can I help you?
The paradox of progress
Chapter 2: Self-control is an illusion
Ancient hypothesis
You have two brains, and these two brains are very weak in communicating with each other
Stupid cars
Open letters to the thinking mind
Chapter 3: Newton’s Laws on Emotions
Newton’s first law of excitement
Newton’s second law of excitement
Newton’s third law of excitement
Emotional gravity
Chapter 4: How to make all our dreams come true
How to have your own ritual
Spiritual mirrors
Ideological mirrors
Interpersonal mirrors
How to have your own religion
Chapter 5: Hope is gone
A brief history of the world, from Nietzsche’s point of view
Pandora box
Amor Fati
Part 2: Everything is gone
Chapter 6: A Formula for Humanity
Growth, how it is done
How to be an adult
Why do not we grow?
The only law for life
The modern crisis of puberty
Chapter 7: Pain is a universal constant
Move quickly pain
The only choice of life
Pain is a value.
Chapter 8: The Economics of Emotions
Emotions turn the world
Fake freedom
Real freedom
Plato’s prophecy
Chapter 9: The Final Rite
We are bad algorithms.
If I dare …

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