The robber bride


Title: The deceitful bride

Author: Margaret Atwood

Translator: Arash Houshangifar

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 536

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book  The robber bride by Margaret Atwood
The book “The Deceiving Bride” is by Margaret Atwood. This book has been translated into Persian by Shahin Asayesh. In a part of the text of the book, it is stated: “Zinia is a unique woman; But this is not unique to the benefit of Rose, Karz and Tonya;

Women who make the most pleasant excuses of their existence to meet this smart and beautiful woman. The result of these three wives’ trust in Xinia is a woman who is carefree and charmingly beautiful, a common wound that has been so little alleviated by Xinia’s death.
“And now Xenia is dead, but she has appeared suddenly, perhaps because she continues to wreak havoc.” The novel “The Deceitful Bride” is one of the works of the famous author Margaret Atwood, published by Phoenix Publications.

Sentences from the text of the book of the deceitful bride
1- The story of Xenia should start from the time her sperm closes. According to Tony, Xenia’s story began a long time ago somewhere far away; Where the damage was severely damaged and disintegrated. Somewhere like a European painting painted with the last flower by hand, with dusty sun and dense bushes with thick leaves and ancient, tangled roots, and behind them a boot protruding from the ground, or a lifeless hand. Which indicates something normal but terrible.
2. For the kind and sensitive souls of people like West, the real world, especially the real world of women, is a very violent place.
3- Being a female boss is hard work. Women do not look you in the eye. When they look at you and see that you are a woman, they say to themselves: “She is a woman like me, why did she take so much of herself?” None of their sex tricks affect you and none of your tricks affect them … If you yell at them, they cry right in front of you, not in the bathroom, like when one The man shouted at them.

A summary of the book  The robber bride
This novel is one of the most complex and bizarre works of Atwood. The story of the book, which takes place in contemporary Toronto, revolves around the lives of three amazing women. Raz, Caris, and Tony were college classmates, and all three had the fascinating and sometimes destructive experience of befriending a charming, seductive, and intelligent girl named Xinia.

It’s been twenty years since college and they met at Zinia’s funeral. But at lunch and after the ceremony, Raz, Caris and Tony notice Xinia; Healthy and fresh and with sinister thoughts in my head.

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