Title: Portrait

Author: Hormoz Alipour

Publisher: Nimaj

Subject: Persian poetry

Age category: All ages

Number of pages: 72

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Introducing the portrait book by Hormoz Alipour

The book “Portrait” is a collection of poems written by “Hormoz Alipour”, a contemporary poet.

Alipour says in the introduction of the book about his poems: “Loving and being loved is the most beautiful and accessible kind of art, and it has nothing to do with the vulgar look and possibly stained with soul and soul. In some of my poems, one or more people may look at themselves and seem to have a unique audience.

Or it can be indoctrination. “In the silence of stone and faces and behaviors, they always call me a poem or poems that may evoke a kind of imagination in the reader.”
We read a poem from this collection together: “With every pronoun I start, I see / it’s too early / to see someone / someone who can not bring all this look / home with him and then rest / rest. “And then it becomes clear what is the fate of those eyes and gazes.”

Hormoz Alipour, born in 1325 in Izeh, one of the contemporary poets, published his first poem at the age of 20 in “Ferdowsi” magazine. Together with four Khuzestani poets (living in Masjed Soleiman) in the fifties, he was introduced to the literary community as the creators of the “pure wave” style by Manouchehr Atashi and Tamasha magazine. Alipour has been a formal and informal teacher for almost half a century.

In a part of one of the poems in the “Peztere” collection, it is stated:
Shaking the grass from the shoulders of the mountain
What my eyes are looking for
Or red flocks that never
He will not see the color of the tomb
I am not looking for any of these descriptions
That only if
I look alone and
I look at the stone
Of course I’m not alone
That’s how I am
As well as others
Why don’t I like you so much?
The book “Portrait” is a collection of poems written by “Hormoz Alipour”, a contemporary poet.

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