Why we want you to be rich: two men, one message


Title: Two men with a message

Authors: Donald Trump; Robert Kiyosaki

Translator: Niloufar Ahangaran

Publisher: Almas Parsian

Subject: Money and wealth

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 504

Language: Farsi

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Why we want you to be rich: two men, one message of the most famous books written by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump. The translator of this book was Niloufar Ahangaran, and this translation was welcomed by many people.

Introducing the book Two Men with a Message: Why do we want you to get rich too ?!

“Two men a message: Why do we want you to get rich too ?!” The views and suggestions of Robert Kiyosaki (1947) and Donald Trump (1946) are successful American entrepreneurs. The book emphasizes that the number of the middle class is gradually declining in developed and capitalist countries, and that society is becoming a bipolar society (rich and poor).

Therefore, reforms should be made in the approach of the society in order to increase the income and wealth of the middle class. Accordingly, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump answer some of the key questions in this area based on their personal experiences. In part of this book, we read: “Robert’s rich father always told him, ‘There is no such thing as a bad investment, but as much as you want, it is a bad investor.’ 90% of investors like to be given a magic formula to get rich.
There are three main forms of this way of thinking. First, there are solutions to make millions rich. So the first problem that has a solution is that each person has to find a magic formula that suits their situation. The second problem is that those who seek such formulas often fall prey to formula sellers who offer them formulas such as: “Lend your money to me for a long time and I will invest it for you.”

The third problem is that many people generally do not follow these formulas for long. If you choose to be in the group of people who are not committed to being 10% successful and rich, then you must know the necessary advice: “Save your money”, pay your debts, make long-term investments and diversify your economic activities create”.”

Why we want you to be rich: two men, one message

One of the two writers’ biggest concerns was whether the rich were going to increase their wealth every day, whether it might harm the US government and impoverish the US. With the analysis of these two people, they wrote this book and answered many of their questions.

Part of the book Two Men with a Message
Usually, the wealthy who want to make a difference in their society spend their money on things that they believe will make a difference. But Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have spent both their time and money on their goal.

As we know, a person can be given a fish and fed for the same day, or taught to fish and feed himself for the rest of his life. Instead of sitting down and checking to help the poor and middle class, Donald and Robert are teaching them to fish. In addition, part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be spent on other financial education institutions.

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