The Prophet and the Madman


Title: Prophet and the Madman

Author: Gibran Khalil Gibran

Translator: Najaf Daryabandari

Publisher: Karnameh

Subject: Lebanese literature, fiction

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 203 p

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


The Prophet and the Madman begins with the fact that “Al-Mustafa” or “Dardaneh’s chosen one” after 12 years of living in the author’s imaginary city of Orpheus, intends to leave that land and its people, and when saying goodbye, he answers the last questions of the Orpheus people. Each question, along with the answer given by Mustafa, forms part of the book. These questions are in fact everyday human issues and everything that human beings face in the world and seek to understand it. Topics such as love, children, love, pain, friendship, talking, marriage, work, and in each section, or in any other answer, we become more familiar with the author’s self-awareness and worldview, which are truly informative and enjoyable.

The second part of this book is called “Crazy” and begins with the story of the narrator going crazy: “One day, long before many gods were born, I woke up and saw that all my masks had been stolen, the same seven masks I had made And in the seven lives of my face. So I ran through the crowded alleys and shouted: Thief, thief, wicked thief. “Men and women laughed at me, and some of them took refuge in their houses out of fear of me, and that’s how I went crazy.”
The book The Prophet and the Madman contains short and allegorical stories that show the strong and beautiful pen of Gibran Khalil more than ever. The content of the stories is still mystical and of course poetic. It is interesting to know that Divaneh is the first book of Gibran Khalil that has been written and published in English from the very beginning.

About the author
Gibran Khalil was born in 1883 in a village in northern Lebanon to a Maronite Christian family. His family immigrated to the United States due to the economic problems that prevailed in his country at the time, and Gibran Khalil continued his education there. During World War I, Gibran was active on the Liberation Front and published poetry and short stories in Arabic publications of Arab immigrants in the United States. His most important book, The Prophet, was published in 1923. Gibran Khalil died in 1931 at the age of 48 and was buried in his native village.

Excerpts from the book
From the book of the Prophet: What does it mean to work with a seal? It means weaving a fabric that you have pulled the taro fabric out of your heart as your heart will wear that fabric. It means building a house out of love as your lover will live in that house. It means killing the seed by grace and reaping the result of happiness as your heart will eat its fruit….

From the book Crazy: Defeat, my defeat, you are dearer to me than a thousand victories and sweeter in my heart than all the honors of this world. My failure, my self-knowledge, and my disobedience to you, knowing that I am still young and agile…

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