Where I Am Likely To Find It


Title: Where Can I Find It?

Author: Haruki Murakami

Translator: Bozorgmehr Sharafuddin

Publisher: Cheshmeh

Subject: Japanese short story

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 166 p

Language: Farsi

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Where I Am Likely To Find It is a collection of 5 short stories by Haruki Murakami selected and translated by Bozorgmehr Sharafuddin. The printed version of this book has been published by Cheshmeh Publications and the audio version has been made available to those interested by Avanameh read by Maryam Pakzat and Arman Soltanzadeh. The volume of the audio version is 4 hours and 30 minutes, and those who are interested in Japanese short stories can listen to the audio version of these stories by reading it at any time.
Introducing the book Where can I find it?
“I’m not sure I know the difference between looking at the air and thinking. We always think right? Not that we live to think, but on the contrary, it is not always true that we think to live. Unlike Descartes, I believe that sometimes we think we are not. “Staring at the air may, unintentionally, have the opposite effect.” These are quotes from the book Where Can I Find It by Haruki Murakami. In the collection of stories in this book, he tells a story of frustration and loneliness, of the need for peace and loneliness of human beings today.

About the book Where can I find it?
The stories in this book are “The Mining Disaster in New York,” “Where Can I Find It,” respectively, “The Woman’s Little Dog on Earth,” “Another Way to Die,” and “Sleep,” and the translator says that reading them can be the dominant style. He knew Murakami’s story from them. Minimalist and fantasy stories that the further they go, the more interesting it will be for the audience to read. In these stories, we encounter contemporary people who seek peace and solitude even in the busy days of their lives.

Many literary critics believe Murakami is heavily influenced by the American writer Carver, but Murakami said in an interview on the subject that his writings are considered Western: “At first I wanted to be a global writer, but then I realized I was nothing but a Japanese writer. “Even at the beginning of my career, I did not use Western storytelling styles and tricks.”
But comparing the stories of Carver and Murakami, it can be said that Murakami writes story-driven. The narrators of Murakami’s stories enter society even though the characters of Carver’s stories express themselves to the outside world in a closed space. In Where Can I Find Me, Murakami tells his stories without any boundaries and tells of the sufferings that are common to all human beings on earth. Maybe that’s why he is so famous and popular.

About Haruki Murakami
Haruki Murakami is a contemporary Japanese writer who has become one of the most amazing and popular writers in the world in recent years. Most of his books are on the bestseller list in the world and have been translated into more than 40 languages ​​around the world. Murakami has won numerous literary awards in various literary circles for his profound and influential stories, including the Franz Kafka Prize, one of the largest awards Murakami has ever received.

Murakami studied at the University of Theater, but his interest in music eventually led him to start a jazz club. Cats, running, music and women are prominent elements in most of his stories.

Murakami began writing at the age of 30 and published his first book in 1979, Listen to the Wind. The idea to write this novel came to his mind after watching a baseball game. A year later, he published the book “Pinball, 1973”. Murakami’s next work is called The Chase of the Wild Sheep. These three books form a trilogy known as the Rat Trilogy.
Murakami has short stories and novels in his works. In addition to writing, he has also been involved in translation due to his fluency in English, and has spent some time working on translation translations and writing commercial texts.

“Where Can I Find It”, “Kafka on the Shore”, “What Are We Talking About When We Say Two Words”, “Norwegian Forest”, “Cookie Bird Calendar”, “After Dark”, “Dance Dance Dance”, ” “The Land of Soulless Wonders and the End of the World”, “The Elephant Disappears”, “The Blind Willow, the Sleeping Woman”, “After the Earthquake” and “Underground” are among his famous and popular stories that have been translated and published in Iran.

In a part of the book, where can I find it, we read:
Anyway, I went back to the couch and opened the book. How many years have passed since the last time I sat so comfortably and read a book? It is true. I usually pick up a book in the half hour or an hour alone; But it can not be called reading a book. I’m always obsessed with other things – my son, buying a house, that the freezer needs to be repaired, what I should wear to a familiar wedding, my dad’s stomach operation last month.

Things like that penetrate my mind, they grow, they scatter in millions of directions. After a while, I realize that the only thing that has happened is time, and I have not flipped a single page. I was accustomed to this way of life without books without realizing it. Now that I think about it, I see how strange it is; When I was young, reading books was the focus of my life. I had read all the books in the elementary school library and almost all of my tuition money was spent on books.
I even saved on lunch to buy the books I wanted to read. This continued in middle school and high school. No one reads books as much as I do. Among the five children in my family, I was a middle child, my parents were employed and no one paid much attention to me. I could read as many books as I wanted alone. I always participated in book reading competitions to win book titles. I usually won too.

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