The Power of the Will


Title: Willpower; Another level of thinking; 10 powerful thoughts to have a life full of success and abundance

Author: Joel Austin

Translator: Fatemeh Jafari

Publisher: Elena

Subject: Success / self-improvement – aspects of psychology / religious life – Christianity / thinking at the highest level

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 152

Language: Farsi



The Power of the Will by Wayne Dyer (1940-2015) is an American author and motivational speaker. Wayne Dyer wrote the book in 2004, and according to Google, it is Dyer’s most popular book. In this book, Wayne Dyer explores the will as a force in the world that enables the realization of the act of creation.

This book explores the will not as what you are, but as the energy and force of which you are a part. In part of the book, we read: Activating the power of divine providence means joining your origin and becoming a sorcerer today.

Being a magician means gaining a level of awareness that makes previously inaccessible things available to you. “It was the duty of the sorcerers to face the infinite (divine providence), and they were immersed in this force like a fisherman who is submerged in seawater every day,” says Carlos Casta .eda. Divine providence is a force that is everywhere like a field of energy and is not limited to physical and material expansion.
It is also the source of non-physical and immaterial expansion. Now this power field is here and at your disposal. When you activate it, you feel purposeful in life and guided by your infinite wisdom. Here is a poem by a poet and a spiritual master who describes to you what I call divine providence: O God, you are on the sands of the shore as in the midst of the sea; I bow before you. You are in the small sands as in the calm expanse of the sea; I bow before you. O God, who hath encompassed thee in barren lands and in abundant places; I bow before you.

Willpower Book is written to help you make the most of your willpower.
Puts and explains them.

Excerpts from the book The Power of Will
Willpower is unique to humans. All living things exhibit purposeful behaviors, but only humans have the ability to maintain and dynamize their valuable goals for years, decades, or a lifetime. Of course, pursuing valuable goals in the medium term or Long, often at the cost of suppressing instantaneous and tempting desires

For example, deciding to lose a fit woman means that you have to control the urge to eat. You can not eat whatever you want or whenever you want. And seductive factors are what your willpower does. The ability to strengthen and maintain willpower helps to define your personality and determine your quality of life.

Willpower is equivalent to success
How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I had a stronger will”? You are not the only one who has such a concern. Without willpower, nothing can be achieved. Wake up, clear the snow and ice sitting on the windshield and go to work
Achieving long-term goals empowers you to fight and resist temptations regardless of the arousal of desires, but apparently, sometimes when you desperately need the power of your will, it is not that there is no power. Willpower leads to success and happiness for the following reasons.

Willpower helps you achieve your long-term goals and dreams
Willpower is crucial to overcoming addictive habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol.
Willpower gives you the power to say no to temptation
Increase willpower
Is it really teachable to increase willpower? In a word, yes, in recent years, psychologists have proven that in exactly the same way that athletes exercise every day before a big race, you can also strengthen your willpower by exercising. Their goal is to quit smoking.

Willpower exercises, such as squeezing rubber tools (used to strengthen the wrist) to the point where they cause slight fatigue with even excessive hand or not forgetting the correct physical position instead of squatting, are clearly related to stiffness and There are no smoking cessation efforts, although in practice, people who practice and experience these minor self-control will be stronger and more determined when quitting.
Identify the things you do every day that are habitual and changeable. They do not have to be actions that leave them a huge challenge to the willpower. In fact, you should choose simple tasks. The following are examples of things you can do: Select.

Sit flat behind the table
Avoid using swear words and bad words (while apologizing to you for never doing this).
Perform small daily tasks, such as tidying the bed, emptying the dishwasher, or tidying up your desk
_Using stairs instead of elevators and escalators (with reason and logic and considering health benefits)
Choose healthier food for a low-fat lunch – or new American coffee instead of cappuccino for a break from work
Do not eat while standing in the kitchen. After preparing food, sit down and eat
Avoid browsing your favorite Internet sites while taking a break from work. Assess your opinion about willpower. Once you have doubts and hesitations, having a positive and balanced view of your willpower will strengthen you.
Congratulations, you have already started the program of training and strengthening your willpower, just like in endurance running, runner first,
Shorter training sessions or a lighter weightlifter starts gaining willpower, calms down and starts to balance. Starting a workout with one or two of these small steps will help you achieve your goals. Bigger Success
he does
Restore confidence
If you experience failure because you do not get enough help from your willpower, your self-esteem may drop. Your memory stores examples of failure in related networks. When you experience failure, you may experience other failures as well. یاد
You bring
When such failures occur, try to remember the satisfying success or valuable role you played in your life. It may take effort and therefore willpower, but remembering success in the past is a good use of It is the limited source of your willpower. Thinking about past successes restores self-confidence to a decent level.

Focus on your friend
Ignorance and distraction, the enemy of willpower and concentration, is like focusing on the goal to help your willpower flourish
The old adage, “Unemployment is evil” can be said to be “distraction is evil.”

One of the most important things in cultivating willpower is to have enough energy and motivation to eliminate fatigue and laziness. To have this motivation and energy, you need to do exercises at the beginning so that your brain and body get used to that routine and it becomes part of your daily routine. By following the exercises and methods presented in this book and adhering to them, you can witness the miracle of will and stability in your life and find the way to achieve your dreams.

The book Power of Will (Le pouvoir de la volonté) helps you to strengthen the health of your body and soul and regain your willpower through these exercises. In this book, Paul Jago tries to introduce you to a healthy sleep and eating habits program and teaches people who have developed unhealthy habits to overcome them.

Jago also provides exercises that emphasize confidence and freedom of speech and action, with an emphasis on each person’s personal actions and speech. He believes that the most fundamental way to change the destiny of any person is to change his individuality, and to have focus is as important as the will in this direction. According to the author, the human will has a direct effect on his body and in times of illness and pain, the best treatment is to think about health and comfort.
In the present book, it is also pointed out that the power of will, in addition to the effect it has on the person himself, also affects and is influenced by others. Each section of this book contains exercises that increase your motivation and energy to achieve your goals and aspirations. This book also includes many simple things that are very important and that you may overlook in your daily routine.

According to the author, if there is a wrong habit in you, you should try to eliminate them. Even though these habits have been developed in you for several months or years, you must persevere in dealing with them and try to replace them with the right habits.

To whom is the book Power of Will offered?
If you want to succeed in your life and replace the right and constructive habits with the wrong ones, listening to this book is recommended for you.

Learn more about Paul Jago:
He was born in France in 1889 and lived there until the end of his life due to his great interest in Paris. He dropped out of college to study psychology (in the field of therapy and self-knowledge) and wrote important books on self-help and success. Among the important works of this author and researcher, we can mention “Personal Magnetism”, “Speech Training”, “Overcoming Shyness”, “The Power of Self-Induction”, “How to Control It” and “Practical Methods of Magnetism Hypnosis and Indoctrination”.

Paul-Clément Jagot was a man who lived a simple life all his life, studying and researching without making any changes in his way of life, and finally died in 1962.

Selected sentences of the book Power of Will:
– When planning, instead of abstractly formulating the various elements, we visualize the program in a tangible and as accurate and vivid way as possible, the best way to implement it will come to our minds clearly and quickly.
Try to never allow the conditions of your mental stability to interfere with your daily life.
– If you receive news when you are busy with something important, keep quiet and do not let your attention be distracted.
– Let your reaction affect those around you and do not try to add water and oil.
Goethe says that every soul and spirit can affect only by its presence in another soul.
– Stressful moods and passionate thoughts that are strengthened and accompanied by will, can invisibly affect the people we want from any distance.
In part of the book The Power of Will we hear:
Undoubtedly, works that discuss personal upbringing have something interesting in them. Because their readers are many, and even those who do not seem to care about getting the exact result read them. The latter group will undoubtedly feel relieved to be acquainted with the valued facilities. However, they do not show readiness for practical action.

This season is aimed at listeners who want to make their dreams come true. Listeners who want to find a solution to their immediate problems by listening to our book and achieve positive results. We have opened new horizons in recent seasons with numerous instructions, showing that everyone has the means to change themselves, to influence others, and to control their own destiny. Now let’s talk to you personally. Are you determined to act? Are you willing to give it a try? Do you really want something? If your answer is yes, we will try to make a plan for you so that you can reach your goal.

Index of the book
Part One: Preparing for Breeding
Part Two: How to Govern Yourself
Section three: How to achieve complete confidence
Part Four: How to Take Destiny
Section Five: Huge Energy Resources
Section Six: The direct effect of the will on the body
Section Seven: The Unintended Impact of Will on Others
Section Eight: The Impact of Will on Fate
Section nine: How to act
Section Ten: How to Respond to Weaknesses, Disabilities, and Negligence

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