Hickory Dickory Dock


Title: Murder in a student dormitory

Author: Agatha Christie

Publisher: Hermes

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book Hickory Dickory Dock by Agatha Christie
The book “Murder in a the Student Dormitory” by Hickory Dickory Dock by Agatha Christie was published on October 31, 1955. The story begins with the office of Hercule Poirot, a Belgian fiction detective reading a letter written by his secretary, Ms. Lemon. The detective encounters three typographical errors in the letter that have not been seen before. Ms. Lemon is a tireless and strong woman who never makes mistakes, so the presence of three typos in a letter was very surprising.

Hercule Poirot, after finding out the reason for the letter’s mistakes, found out that Ms. Lemon had a sister who was in a strange predicament. Her sister came to London from Singapore and currently lives at 26 Hickey Street, working with new students, half of whom are black. Recently, at Ms. Lemon’s sister’s workplace, items are strangely lost and no one knows why. Ms. Lemon’s sister has no plans to raise the issue with the police, but Hercule Poirot is smarter, more accurate and more curious than any other police officer to find the answer to the riddle.
The book “Murder in a Student Dormitory” is another readable and criminal work by Agatha Christie, a famous English author. The protagonist of this work is Hercule Poirot, a prominent and famous European detective who carefully puts together clues and solves criminal riddles. Agatha Christie used simple but enduring elements in creating this character, including a special mustache and an egg-shaped head, making her one of the most important characters in the world of criminal literature.

Biography of Agatha Christie
Agatha Christie, a prominent British writer, was born in 1890 in Don. During World War I, he worked for a time in hospitals and pharmacies, traces of which can be seen in some of the author’s stories. She never went to university and traveled to other countries, such as Turkey, through her marriage to an archaeologist. Christie’s life is as mysterious as her stories, she disappeared in 1926 for ten days and attracted a lot of media and audience attention. In addition to writing crime masterpieces, she has published several romances, including Mary Westmacott.

Agatha Christie devoted her entire life to storytelling and died in 1976 at the age of eighty-five from a natural death. He left behind sixty-six criminal works that have been translated into several languages. The book “Murder in a student dormitory” written by this prominent author and translated by “Mojtaba Abdullah Nejad” was published by Hermes Publications in Iran in 2011.
Mojtaba Abdullah Nejad, a good and prolific Iranian translator, has also translated other works by this author, including “Unknown Destination”, “At the Bertram Hotel” and “Papers on the Table”. In addition, the book “Murder in a student dormitory” by this author called “Crimes on Hikouri Street” was published in 1995 by Alborz Publications in Iran.

We read parts of the book Murder in a Student Dormitory
Although Poirot personally opposed tea at five o’clock in the evening and believed that it suppressed one’s appetite for the main meal, dinner, he had long been accustomed to it, at least to entertain others.

His dear servant George had prepared two large cups for today’s party, a teapot of concentrated Indian tea, some square crumbs and some butter and jam, and a large, toned square plum cake.

All of this was to entertain Capt. Sharp, who leaned back in his chair and drank his third cup of tea.

Sorry to bother you, Mr. Poirot. I had an hour until the students returned. I have to interrogate all of them and to be honest, I do not like this case very much. You’ve met some of them before, so you might be able to share some confidential information with me. At least in the case of foreigners.
Do you think I know foreigners well? But none of them were Belgian, dear friend.

I know. They were not Belgian, and I understand what you mean. Do you mean that because you are Belgian, all people of non-Belgian nationality are considered foreigners to you? But you are wrong, dear friend. I agree with the Indian and African peoples and the like. But I think you know the people of continental Europe better than I do.

– The best person who can probably help you with this is Ms. Hubbard. Ms. Hubbard has been there for several months now, and she has a close relationship with the children, and she knows people very well.

– Yes, she is a worthy woman and I trust her. I would also like to see the owner of the dormitory. He was not in the dormitory this morning. It has several other dormitories. As well as several student clubs. As I understand it, it is not very popular among dorm children.
Poirot said nothing for a moment or two. Then he asked:

Have you visited St. Catherine Hospital?

– Yes. The pharmacy manager was a good person. When he heard the story, he was very upset. He did not believe. – What did he say about the girl?

– He said he had been working there for a year and everyone loved him. In her opinion, the girl was dull but conscientious. He paused and then added:

Morphine has also been removed from the pharmacy.

– Separate? It is interesting and of course strange.

The tartrate contained morphine and was stored in a cupboard for toxic drugs. Top shelf. Among the drugs that have fewer buyers. For example, energy pills are highly consumed and morphine hydrochloride is more commonly used than morphine tartrate.

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