The Power of your subconscious mind


Title: The power of thought

Author: Joseph Murphy

Translator: Ali Asghar Shojaei Arani

Publisher: Atisa

Subject: Success

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 220

Language: Farsi



About the book The Power of your subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy
The Power of Thought is a book by Joseph Murphy that examines the subject of thinking, thinking and mind.

Why is one person sad and another happy? Why is one person happy and prosperous and the other poor and miserable? Why is one person timid and anxious and another full of faith and confidence? Why does one person have a luxurious and beautiful house while another can hardly survive in a poor neighborhood with insufficient water and bread?

Why is one person successful and proud and another unsuccessful and ashamed? Why is one speaker so popular and so popular and another so unsuccessful? Why is one man a genius in his work or profession and another working hard and dying without success and doing something important? Why are so many non-religious and immoral people so successful, so prosperous, and so healthy? Why is a woman happy in marriage and her sister lives so miserable and discouraged and hopeless?
Are there answers to these questions in your subconscious and conscious mind functions? Definitely so. I have seen many miracles that have happened to people from all walks of life. If you start using your subconscious mind, these miracles will happen to you too. This book is designed to teach you that ordinary thoughts and imaginations and today you design and shape your destiny and create it. Because a human being is what he thinks in his subconscious mind.

About the book The Power of Thought
This book is full of techniques, examples and stories that teach you how to develop and release your mental power and visualize future events using “thinking power”, intuition and more. The Power of Thought will change your life. This book is applicable to all spiritual paths. This book also teaches you how to activate your supernatural and intuitive powers and, using your innate thinking power, visualize specific events that benefit you. Change their negative form, decrypt the answers encoded in dreams and visions, write automatically to show future events, and more.
Dr. Joseph Murphy does not preach and does not seek to boycott anyone, he simply provides the basis for his recovery through the scientific use of the concepts of prayer as a means of flipping your subconscious power.
The techniques the author recommends in this book are probably different from the way you prayed in church, but they are probably more effective than anything you have ever experienced. There are also parts of the book about the use of dreams. Joseph Murphy describes some very simple but profound truths about using the subconscious mind and scientific prayer for greatness and teaches you how you can succeed and change your life for the better.
The book The Power of Thought

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