The last pomegranate in the world


Title: The last pomegranate in the world

Author: Bakhtiar Ali

Translator: Marivan Halabja

Publisher: Third


Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 392 p

Language: Farsi

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The last pomegranate in the world with the main title “The Twelfth Art of the World” by Kurdish author Bakhtiar Ali was first published in 1996 in Sweden.

Bakhtiar Ali, the most prolific and prolific Kurdish writer, was born in 1961 in Sulaimaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Bakhtiar Ali said in an interview about the last pomegranate in the world: If I die and I am allowed to take only one book with me to that world, I will take the last pomegranate of the world with me from all the books I have written.

Shir Ko Bekas, the great Kurdish poet who is called the Emperor of Poetry, says the following about Bakhtiar Ali:

One hundred years someone like him is born. Bakhtiar Ali introduced a new world to Kurdish literature. He does the work of several authors alone.

Shirzad Hassan, a Kurdish writer, poet and translator, also says about Bakhtiar Ali:

Bakhtiar was Ali Ebrahimi who came and broke the idols and did a great work alone. I think he deserves the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The translator of the book, Marivan Halabjaei, writes about Bakhtiar Ali’s works in the introduction of the book:

Most of the themes of Bakhtiar Ali’s works, especially in the field of war literature, are censorship, victimization, broken loves, criticism of the government and political parties.

Synopsis of the last pomegranate in the world
In the novel The Last Pomegranate of the World, which is written in the style of magical realism, at the beginning of the book, we are confronted with two seemingly different stories. Both stories are narrated by Muzaffar Sobhdam.

Muzaffar Sobhdam is someone who is surrounded by his commander in a small house during the civil war and it is not possible for both of them to escape, so Muzaffar Sobhdam decides to stay and resist the enemy forces so that Yaqub Sanobar can escape.

After this incident, Muzaffar Sobhdam was captured and sent to a prisoner in the desert. He is being held in solitary confinement for 21 years.

For twenty-one years I listened to the sound of sand, my prison was a room far from the world, a small room in the middle of a sea of ​​sand, a small room surrounded by sky and desert.

Muzaffar Sobhdam was captured at the age of 22, and while he was in prison, only his commander, Yaqub Sanobar, wrote to him and did not forget him.

Hopeful letters in which he promised to live in the most beautiful palace in the world but the only thing that Muzaffar Sobhdam cared about was his son.

In fact, the only reason he survived and endured 21 years in prison was to see his son again. Yaghoub Sanobar then releases Muzaffar from prison, but when he is released, he tells him that the outside world has forgotten you all, that the outside world has become corrupt and that everyone has a disease, that you should not regain your pure soul. Debt the outside world and pollute it.

But Muzaffar Sobhdam is eager to see his son and therefore runs away from his commander and…

Along with the story of Muzaffar Sobhdam, the singer is confronted with the story of Mohammad Delushisheh and the White Sisters.

Mohammad Delushisheh is a person who longs to find secrets. He has a glass pomegranate that he wants to discover the secret of at any cost.

Following this secret, he decides to visit an antique shop to guide him. But on his way he sees that a terrible storm has begun.

A storm that is getting worse every moment and causing a huge flood, a storm that has a different effect on Mohammad Delushisheh:

He sits on the water without drowning, as if he were sitting on a small invisible boat, sits on all fours on the floodplain and looks at the world with a smile, flooding the car, the car, the crumb, the chair and the drowned people on this side and that side of Muhammad. The glass is rolling, and he looks at them, the flood is filled with the city’s antiques, car tires, a collection of books that have never been read, colorful, ready-made trays and tablecloths, sunken women in black tents, and dead men. They still put their hands on their money to keep it from getting wet. The water of Muhammad takes the heart with it.

The storm sweeps Muhammad Delushisheh to the home of the White Sisters, sisters who have vowed never to marry, sing without each other, cut their hair short, and wear nothing but white.

The same pact of white sisters causes the younger sister to reject the love of Mohammad Delushisheh and…

In the continuation of the book The Last Pomegranate of the World, when Muzaffar Sobhmad escapes, he meets the white sisters and gradually gets information about his son, but he encounters other strange facts and events and realizes that…

About the book The Last Pomegranate in the World
This novel is an interesting and readable work that shows the history and culture of the Kurdish people well, and without a doubt, it will definitely be one of the best options for anyone who wants to read a book on Kurdish literature.

The book has a very anti-war aspect and the author has used everything to deny the war.

War has made us all beasts and monsters.
War makes the world’s pains bigger. Although war is against destruction, in the end it fills the earth with pain in a different way.

Even if war is the ultimate justice, it will always fill the earth with sorrow.

Each of the main characters in the book is a symbol of the events and hardships that have befallen the Kurdish nation. From poverty to being displaced, being captured by the enemy, to the dire situation of the survivors of various bombings.

In one part of the book, when Muzaffar Sobhmad seeks refuge in a shelter set up by foreign organizations for young people with disabilities in search of the truth, he is confronted with the depth of a tragedy that he describes as follows:

I was angry with the world, with the sky, with the world, with everyone, far and near, who was involved in life on this planet.
From everyone who considered himself the representative of the kingdom on earth, everyone who had caused the Syrians to suffer those calamities.

But I did not know who to turn my anger to. I dipped my head in the tap water.

I tried to calm myself down. Seeing all those wounds on a human body made everyone doubt their innocence.

Seeing those halls and corridors and sections full of wounded human beings was so painful that all beings in the world felt guilty.

In addition to being anti-war, the novel The Last Pomegranate of the World contains many other concepts, including the fundamental issues of human life, death and loneliness, God and beauty, betrayal and love.

No one has taught us to ask who we are! The day we face this question, our whole life will fall apart… but then each of us must realize the meaning of his life.

The Last Pomegranate of the World is a well-read and profound work in which the author beautifully connects concepts and events.
Each sentence of this book finds a special meaning over time and the reader is surprised at the end of the book.

The translation of this book has been done by Marivan Halabja, which is a very fluent and good translation, and we suggest that you read the last pomegranate in the world with this translation.

However, there are several writing flaws in the book that we hope will be addressed in future editions.

Two other books by Bakhtiar Ali translated by Marivan Halabja:

The last pomegranate in the world by Bakhtiar Ali

Sentences from the text of the book The Last Pomegranate in the World
The idea that the dead and others live in vain and that their lives have returned to normal is a great relief to man.

Love does not deserve someone to die in its path.

Man does not need any guard in two situations, when freedom becomes meaningless outside of himself and when he feels free in prison.

He wanted to go back to the original, which he felt had been taken away from him.
But his only problem was that he did not know how to start. He could have everything, everything.

But he did not know how to regain what he had lost inside.

There is no art more difficult than teaching yourself not to wait.

Humans are all born blind. Among all the people on the planet, there is no one who has been able to see from the beginning of his birth.

Do not think that those who have eyes can see. Nothing in the world is more difficult than seeing, it is possible for a person to have two clear eyes, yet he does not see anything.

I’m afraid of being someone else ‘s shadow.

As long as a person is captive, life has a deep meaning for him. Nothing gives meaning to life like slavery and captivity. Because at that time man is in a great struggle for freedom.

But nothing endangers the meaning of life like freedom. It is in freedom that man loses his mania, bewilderment, and desire for meaning.

It seems that a free man must be a meaningless human being. But human greatness is not to seek meaning in slavery. Rather, he must pursue it in freedom.

I did not believe in mourning and things like that. I do not believe in the work of those who sit on a rough chair for two days and drink water and other things and then go to a house for eating fruit and call it a mourning assembly; all that was pure nonsense to me.

I tell you that the battle of the wise men is a hundred thousand times worse than the battle of the savage and untamed men like us.
One by one, he told the story of those who had been burned in various wars and events.

He talks about one of his comrades who came down from the mountains with an eternal fire, a fire that was never extinguished. He had entered the city with the same fire and was brought to the hospital with the same fire;

A flame that no blue could extinguish. It was a fire that neither extinguished nor burned tension. “No matter how much water was poured on it, it would not go out,” he said. They put a blanket on him, he did not turn off, they threw him into the pool, it was the same when they took him out.

As we walked through the wards, we were all afraid that the flames would catch on our curtains, sheets, and clothes.
He slept on an iron bed and did not put anything on it, he fell asleep, one day he was taken to the TV and filmed and he came back. He was taken away once again.

They said it was from hell and that’s why it burns. He is the miracle of God so that we can see the real hell.

You were in a lot of pain, one night he escaped from the guards and got lost. “Nobody knew where he had gone, they called him a firefly.”

One should not finally think about answering questions that he has not been able to find answers to in his lifetime.

Those who do not care about death are doomed to start a heavy game with life.

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