The language of flowers


Title: The Language of Flowers

Author: Vanessa Defenbach

Translator: Firoozeh Mehrzad

Publisher: Amoot

Subject: American stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 400

Language: Farsi

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Introducing the book The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Defenbach
The Language of Flowers is written by Vanessa Defenbach and has been translated into more than 40 languages.

This book has been translated by Ms. Firoozeh Mehrzad and has been made available to those interested by Amout Publishing.

The book is also one of the New York Times bestsellers.

Introducing the novel
Victoria Jones is an 18-year-old girl who has experienced adoption 32 times.

She is a rebellious girl, leaving the group houses, she has to face life alone.

Then he encounters flowers! And he works in a florist, hoping that others will know what each flower is, a symbol, and understand how he feels.
Victoria has nowhere to go and sleeps in a public park, where she has made a small garden out of plants.

The local florist soon discovers her talents and Victoria realizes she has the gift of helping others by choosing flowers.

Meanwhile, a mysterious florist in the flower market knows the answers to Victoria’s questions and the painful secret of her past, and…

About the language book of the flocks
I entered the first greenhouse. This is what Grant showed me on our first walk, and it consisted mostly of orchids. Only one wall was covered with other types of daffodils.

It was warmer outside and I was comfortable with my thin T-shirt. I started from the top row of shelves on the left. I numbered my notebook and took two pictures of each flower and wrote the scientific name of the flowers instead of the camera settings. After that, I used one of Grant’s gardening books to identify the common name of each herd.
I was painting in the margins of the book and I opened the culture of naming my flocks. I put a mark next to each flower I took a picture of. I finished four reels and put sixteen marks in my book. It took me a whole week to take pictures of the flowers that were blooming, and I had to wait all spring to take pictures of those that did not have flowers yet …

The language of flowers
From the very beginning, the prose attracts your writer’s fluent and familiar family. It is not so difficult to hold a reading and a dictionary, nor is it so that it can no longer be called literary writing.

Vanessa Defenbach was very good at inducing Victoria’s feelings to the reader, so that one can imagine all the scenes and put herself in Victoria’s place.

In my opinion, the feelings, emotions and behavior of the characters are exactly as they should be. Understands flowers like Victoria and…
The characters are not perfect and everything is real, but the story is both sad and happy, happy and hard.

It is impossible to read this book and feel tired in part. You will be fascinated by each and every issue of this story and the further you go, the more eager you will be to read it.

In The Language of Flowers, you will learn the meanings and feelings of flowers, as you will “skillfully choose your next bouquet,” according to Opera magazine.

Excerpts from the text of the language book of flowers
I remembered Meredith’s words in the group house and thousands of times before, “You have to ask for it.” He had said over and over, you have to want to be a girl, a sister, a friend, a student. I did not want any of them – promises, commitments or bribes to convince me.

But suddenly I knew I wanted to be a florist. I wanted to spend my life choosing flowers for strangers. I like to spend my days evenly in the cold of the spacious shop and opening and closing the shop box.

“No,” he said. I love them, but I can only endure them for a few minutes. My mother always jokes that I did not inherit my mother’s genes from her. I asked: What is another maternal gene? You know, that part of the biological structure that causes women to sacrifice alms when they see a child on the street. I have never been like this.
Her face was full of emotion when I looked into Elizabeth’s eyes. I could not say he was laughing or crying. He pulled me towards him, his forearm under my armpit and his hands on my chest, pressing against my ribs.

He said: Look, baby. His words told the truth at that moment. I had a vague feeling of being a teenager, even the feeling of a newborn baby, I hugged him tightly and relaxed in his arms. It was as if the years I had lived up to that day belonged to someone else, a girl who did not exist before. The girl in the mirror had replaced her.

My nose was only a few inches from its petals. Primrose has a spicy aroma, it is very sweet and similar to the perfume of some mothers.
I folded her letter into a small rectangle and placed it in my dress so that it would come in contact with my skin all afternoon while working with Marlena. He wrote: I disappointed you. I’m sorry too. Forever. And at the end, right above his name, he had written: Please, please, go home.

There was obvious forgiveness in his eyes, and his uncensored love terrified me. Like Grant, my daughter deserved more than I could give her. I wanted him to laugh easily and fall in love without fear. But I could not give him this.

I could not give him what I did not have. It was only a matter of time before my bitterness tarnished his perfection. I had hurt everyone I knew, and I desperately wanted to protect her from being in danger of being my daughter.

About the author of The Language of Flowers: Vanessa Defenbach

Vanessa Defenbach, born 1978, is an American author. Defenbach was born in San Francisco and grew up in Chicago, California. After studying creative writing and attending Stanford, he taught art and writing to young low-income families. Diphenbach now lives with his family in Montreux, California.

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