The girl who drank the moon


Title: The girl who drank the moon

Author: Kelly Barn Hill

Translator: Forough Mansour Qanaei

Publisher: Orange

Topic: Witch stories, teen stories, children

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 296 p

Language: Farsi



The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Barn Hill

Wrong kindness wizard gives moonlight to one of the babies he takes care of instead of starlight, and this baby has magical powers. The book of the girl who drank the moon! Written by Barn Hill, one of the New York Times bestsellers, it deals with the life of this magical and strange girl.

Every year, the townspeople leave the baby as a victim in the forest to protect themselves from the bite of a witch who lives in the heart of the forest. People hope these babies will not be harmed by an old witch named Zan, but they are sorely mistaken;

Because, contrary to their imagination, Zan has a kind heart and saves the babies that people leave in the forest and keeps them for a while. He uses starlight to feed the babies, and after a while he delivers them to kind-hearted families on the other side of the forest.

The main character of the book The Girl Who Drank the Moon! (The Girl who drank the moon) is one of these babies; A girl named Luna who has a different destiny than others. The wrong old wizard gives her moonlight instead of starlight, and since moonlight has so much magical power, Luna achieves extraordinary power.

Concerned about the child’s strength and fear of harming himself and others, Zan decides to raise him like his own daughter to protect him. The more Luna grows, the more powerful her magic becomes. Of course, Zan and Luna’s lives are not the same. This teenage girl realizes that in the near future she will have to use this extraordinary force to protect herself and her loved ones.

Kelly Barnhill published this mesmerizing novel in 2016 and gained a lot of fame and honors through it.

The honors of the book The Girl Who Drank the Moon:

– New York Times bestseller list

Winner of the Newberry Award 2017

– The best teen book of Entertainment Weekly in 2016

– Best Book of 2016 New York Public Library

– The best book of 2016 Chicago Public Library

– One of the top 20 Amazon books in 2016

– The best book of Publishers Weekly Weekly in 2016

Excerpts from the book The Girl Who Drank the Moon:

– Kelly Barn Hill’s amazing novel. (New York Times Book Review)

– A mesmerizing fantasy story. (Publishers Weekly)

– A safe choice for anyone who enjoys a truly extraordinary story. (Booklist)

In a part of the book The Girl Who Drank the Moon, we read:

By the time Luna was five, her magic had doubled. But all the magic remained inside him, mixed with his skin, flesh and blood. It was in each of his cells. Fully static, full of preparation and without any pressure.

“It can’t go on like this,” said Gulrak Ghargharkanan. “The more magic he collects, the more magic he can erupt.” He smiled at the child and made him laugh. “You are listening to me.” Tried to look serious.

“You do not know,” Zan said. Maybe no magic will come out. “Nothing may be difficult for us.”

Aside from his hard work with abandoned children, he hated hard things, sad things, and multifaceted things. If he could, he would rather not think about them. They sat next to the girl and made bubbles together and magically colored each of them. The little girl ran after the bubbles, took them by the hand, and placed them on the buds of flowers, butterflies, and the leaves of the trees. Sometimes it even went into a bubble and rolled on the grass.

“There is so much beauty,” Zan said. “How can you think of anything else?”

Excerpts from the book The Girl Who Drank the Moon
Nobody knows why he wants children. I do not know why he always insists on taking our youngest member. We can not easily ask him. No one has ever seen him. We want to be comfortable that we will never see him.

It turns out that there is. What a question! Take a look at the forest! It is very dangerous! Toxic fumes, wells, boiling volcanoes and thousands of other dangers are everywhere. Do you think this is a coincidence? Not! All this because of the witch, and if we do not do what she wants, you know what she does to us?

Everything you see is in the process of being made or destroyed or died or lived. Everything is in a state of change

Biography of Barn Hill
Kelly Barn Hill is an American author of children’s books, fantasy and science fiction. Barn Hill is a graduate of Catherine University in Minnesota. His wife, Ted Barn Hill, is an architect, and the couple have three children. Prior to his writing success, he studied creative writing and volunteered for firefighting courses. Barn Hill began writing short stories after the birth of his second child, which eventually became feature-length novels.

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