behind closed doors


Title: Behind Closed Doors

Author: BE Paris

Translator: Monira Jian

Publisher: Azarmidakht

Subject: English stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 320

Language: Farsi



Behind Closed Doors with Subtitle – Great Life or Imaginary Life? – The first novel B. Oh you. Paris is a psychological trailer that challenges the reader on every page.

On the eightieth page of the book, behind closed doors, a hook enters your mind and engages your mind so much that you can not put the book down.

On the back cover of the book, the San Francisco Book Review writes:

Behind closed doors, he tells a classic story in a modern world.

This book is one of the scariest psychological trailers I have ever read.

As you read each chapter, you become more involved with the story and more aware of the story’s character, Grace;

Despair that no one believes you and you have to fight to keep the dearest person in your life safe from harm.

The story of the book behind closed doors

Jack and Grace are a successful couple that everyone envies and longs for their ideal and perfect life.

The two seem to be a happy and loving couple, even though they met and got married at an advanced age.

But does this colorful and showcase show all the facts of their lives?

Initially, the audience becomes acquainted with the perfect life of the couple through a narrator who is “Grace”.

Lives full of success and satisfaction that inevitably make any viewer envious.

A little later, with the arrival of the couple’s new friend, Esther, everything takes on a different color and smell, but again, Esther’s curiosity is one that smells more like jealousy and spying in private life than smelling the suspicious cases behind all these pretense. Is hidden.

For the first moment, when Millie, Grace’s younger sister, enters the game, you may feel that you have found a flaw, and this is the defect in their lives, but a little later you will realize that although it all ends with Millie, the story It is more complicated than that.

After a while, the masks are removed from the face.

Then the reader is stunned how it happened! This is the hook of adventure, where you read another breath and read until you reach the end and see what is the fate of these strange and seemingly happy people?

The events of the story have a continuous structure and there is no place for the reader to get bored or bored.

The cluttered sequences of the narrative give the story a cinematic and somewhat criminal form that challenges the mind well and keeps the audience eager to discover.

And in the end, it is this strong sense of empathy with the oppressed character of the story that makes this book a good book.

Empathize with him and plan to escape, and ask, “What would I do if I were you?” All of these are reasons to close the book with complete satisfaction and take a deep breath.

About the book behind closed doors

This book is a narrative taken from the dark corners of the human mind.

The book behind closed doors is B.I. It is Paris and is narrated in an atmosphere that nails the two elements of fear and suspension between the past and the present, because he, too, is caught in a conflict between reason and emotion and is forced to find a way out.

The narrator is a young woman named Grace who tells the story of her life before and after marriage in parallel seasons of the present and the past.

Grace’s entourage envies the life of her and her handsome wife, Jack, unaware that a frightening truth awaits the reader behind closed doors.

The book Behind Closed Doors is a novel that has the color and smell of fear and at the same time makes the reader ponder the contradiction between the appearance and the inside of human beings.

The fact that the narrative chapters of the book shift between the present and the past and are full of mysteries, pushes the book forward very excitingly and the book can not really be put down.

From the very beginning of the book, it can be felt that the marriage between Jack and Grace is based on deception, and that image of marriage is everything, very artificial, but little by little we realize that the situation is worse than these professions, and…

The translation of the book was also very fluent and fluent.

This book teaches us not to blindly trust anyone, not to fall in love with someone just because of their good behavior and appearance without knowing, and of course not to judge people’s happiness and well-being by the appearance of their lives, and not to ignore the signs.

Sentences from the text of the book behind closed doors

I’m looking at a room that has been my home for the past six months.

There is not much in it, a bed, a window with an iron guard and another door that leads to a small service and it is my only way to enter another world and its only decorations are a shower, toilet, soap and a towel.

Even though I know this room from time to time, I still search with my eyes, because I always think that there may be an unseen place that makes my life more bearable;

For example, a nail with which I can line my worries on the edge of the bed, or if I suddenly disappear, I have a trace left. But there is nothing. After all, Jack’s goal is not my death.

There are no rules and regulations in feeding. Maybe he brings me food once in the morning and once in the evening, or not at all.
If he brings me breakfast, it might be the usual breakfast and fruit juice, or fruit and water. For dinner, it may be a three-course meal with a drink or a sandwich and milk.

Jack knows that nothing is better than a normal life routine, so he withholds anything like it from me.

Although he does not know this, and he is doing me a favor, because my normal routine is disrupted, there is no danger of me going crazy and not being able to think; And I should be able to think.

When I see him in front of the door, as always, I feel confused that his face is completely natural, because surely there must be something in his face, long corners or a pair of horns that indicate his evil nature.

The book Behind Closed Doors is a crime narrative taken from the dark corners of the human mind.

The first novel B. Oh you. Paris is narrated in an atmosphere that nails the two elements of fear and suspension between the past and the present, because he, too, is caught in a struggle between reason and emotion and is forced to find a way out.
This book is one of the most terrifying psychological trailers published in the year و and quickly became one of the best-selling works of the New York Times and Yu. اس. Todd is located.

As you read each chapter of the book behind closed doors, you become more involved in the story, as if you understand more about the character’s character, Grace.

A seemingly extremely happy couple make up the main characters of the novel Behind Closed Doors, unaware that the power of their loving careers is beyond imagination.

From the beginning of the story, psychological play begins with words and gradually unfolds behind what is hidden behind the door.

This psychological trailer, at the same time, with a simple and fluent narrative and far from any complexity, creates a story in which the irreplaceable description of human feelings and emotions, especially fear and hatred, is one of its important features.

Behind Closed Doors is a novel that has the color and smell of fear and at the same time makes the reader reflect on the contradiction between the appearance and the inside of human beings.
بی. Oh you. Paris (B. A. Paris) has French / Austrian roots. He grew up in England and then moved to France, where he worked for several years as a broker at an international bank.

He then resumed teaching and founded a language institute with his wife. They still live in France and have five daughters. The book behind closed doors is his first novel.

In a part behind closed doors we read:
On Friday morning, when he tells me to put on my best clothes, it’s not my fault, and all I can think about is whether the moment I was looking forward to has arrived.

My mind flies to the future, but I remind myself that I have been disappointed in the same way many times. Even when I get in the car, I still do not allow myself to believe.

But as we move toward the city, I slowly come to believe it, and with excitement I begin to map, terrified that I might miss this moment.

But when Jack parks the car outside the restaurant and gets out, I realize how happy I was.

About B. Oh you. Paris

Ms. B. Oh you. Paris was born in 1958 in England. He spent his childhood in his hometown and spent most of his adulthood in France with his wife and five daughters.

He worked as a teacher and accountant in France.

Behind Closed Doors is Ms. Paris’s first feature-length novel, which sold well and was successful.

The film’s royalties have been sold, and Ms. Paris hopes that one day, if a film is made behind closed doors, George Clooney will play the lead role.

Sentences from the book Behind Closed Doors

That morning in Thailand, the next night I found out I was married to a monster;

Unlike always, I was in no hurry to get Jack up because I knew I had to start acting as soon as he woke up. I spent most of the night preparing my mind, accepting that if I wanted to return to the UK immediately and safely, I would have to pretend to be a broken, timid woman. I was not worried about showing myself to be scared because I was really scared.

It was harder to pretend to be broken. Simply because there was fighting in my nature;

But because Jack had predicted that I would try to escape again before leaving Thailand, I decided not to do anything. It was important to think that I was completely surrendered now.

I heard him shake. I crumpled myself more in the blanket and pretended to sleep. I was hoping to get a little more respite.

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