The Fault in Our Stars


Title: The ominousness Our Lucky Stars

Author: John Green

Translator: Nafiseh Tavakoli

Publisher: Dariush

Subject: Teen stories

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 312 p

Language: Farsi



The Fault in Our Stars by John Green is the love story of Hazel and Augustus with cancer. And crying, love and hate and…

Hazel is sixteen years old and has been aware of her cancer for some time. On the advice of his parents, to avoid isolation and isolation, he attends a group where children with cancer participate.

While Hazel is among children with cancer, she meets a young boy named Augustus, who has lost one of his legs to bone cancer. This acquaintance is the beginning of a deep friendship and romantic relationship between the two who, due to the fact that they are both sick and their life expectancy is minimized, they experience unexpected events and…

In The Fault in Our Stars, apart from a real, pure love affair between a girl and a boy, it is not clear how much of their painful life is left, it looks at the lives of people with cancer, which may be bitter, but is real. Read this book; The heroes of this book do not come to power and yet they are heroes.

The remarkable thing about this book is the strong translation that distinguishes it from other existing translations. Excellent storytelling and strong illustration are other interesting points of the book that give us a better view of the story and characters. Up-to-date information of the author has made the book more tangible for the young generation. On the plus side, it’s a good start to the book, with no question marks at the end.
John Green is an American writer, editor, and blogger, producer, and actor. He won the Printes Literary Prize in 2006 for his first novel, In Search of Alaska. His sixth book, Our Lucky Stars Nahsi, topped the New York Times bestseller list from its first week. The novel has been translated into 47 languages ​​and has sold more than 10 million copies. He was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time Magazine in 2014, and his 2014 adaptation of the film topped the box office charts.

In an excerpt from the Unlucky Stars book, we read:
– True love arises in difficult times.
If there was no pain, how could the pleasures be understood?
– Our lucky stars are not unlucky, the objection arises from ourselves.
– It is difficult to find a good friend and it is impossible to forget him.
– You have given me infinite infinity in a limited time, and I thank you.
– Did you notice that the playgrounds of the hospitals are always empty and there is no one to play with?
I said, “Umm, I have nothing else with me.” He said, “What a pity. You are very much in the mood of my poetry now. Do you not memorize anything?” I began with concern: “Let’s go, you and I / when the sun sets over the sky / like a sick person who has been anesthetized with ether, lying on a table.”
– Girls think that they are allowed to wear beautiful clothes only in formal ceremonies, but I like a woman whose way of thinking is like this: I want to go and meet a boy who has a mental and nervous breakdown, a boy who has just lost his sight. It’s wrong, but why not? I wear my beautiful clothes!
“I love you,” Augustus said softly. “Augustus,” I said softly. “I’m really saying,” he said. He was staring at me, and I could see that the corners of his eyes were wrinkled. “I love you, and I do not deny myself the pleasure of simply telling the truth. I love you, and I know that love is nothing but a cry in emptiness, and forgetfulness is inevitable, and the end of us all is destruction and one day we will all “Our work in this world is turning to dust, and I know that the sun will devour the only planet on earth, and I love you,” I said again. “Augustus.” That’s all I could say.
Table of contents of the unlucky book of our lucky stars

Chapter One – Part One

Chapter One – Part Two

Chapter Two – Part One

Chapter Two – Part Two

Chapter III

Chapter Four – Part One

Chapter Four – Part Two

Chapter Five – Part One

Chapter Five – Part Two

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter IX

Chapter Ten – Part One

Chapter Ten – Part Two

Chapter Eleven – Part One

Chapter Eleven – Part Two

Chapter Twelve – Part One

Chapter Twelve – Part Two

Chapter Twelve – Part Three

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty-one

Chapter Twenty-two

Chapter Twenty-three

Chapter Twenty-four – Part One

Chapter Twenty-four – Part Two

The Fault in Our Stars or the misfortune of our stars; A book to understand love
“I’m sure I did not want to say that Hazel and Augustus are not heroes because I really wanted them to be heroes,” says John Green in an interview about Our Stars’s Error. Not because they were sick, not because they made difficult decisions. “Especially Gus wanted to be a hero, but I did not want to be one of those heroes, because most of us are not the ones we want to be.”

Why the misfortune of our stars?
All authors spend a lot of time choosing the title of their book. Because the original name or title of the book is the first writing that the reader sees when buying that book. For example, William Faulkner takes the name of the book “Rage and Pandemonium” from one of Macbeth’s monologues in a play of the same name by William Shakespeare.

John Green searched for many classics to choose a name appropriate to the story of his book, and eventually named the book The Fault in Our Stars. The title comes from a dialogue in the first scene of William Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar” in which the character of Gaius addresses Brutus: “Dear Brutus, error is not in our lucky stars, but in ourselves because we are nothing more than inferiors.”

In his book, John Green tells the story of a love that happens to be the fault of the stars Hazel Grace and Augustus. Luck that threatens the opportunity to be together and stars who act against their will.
Green has a bigger purpose than that, and that is to send a message to all those who are battling cancer, a cancer that results from improper placement of stars. It is interesting to know that the title given to the Norwegian translator of this book is “Damn luck”.

Is this story of “the misfortune of our lucky stars” real?
John Greene, author of Our Stars’ Mistake, says in an interview that all the characters in his story are fictional and none of them exist in reality. However, he is inspired by the story of his book by a girl named “Esther Grace Earl”. It can be said that Hazel Grace’s character in the film is very similar to Esther Earl, at least in appearance. Esther Earl was an American writer and blogger who had been battling thyroid cancer since the age of twelve and was eventually defeated in a 2010 battle with cancer.

“We met at a Harry Potter conference in 2009,” Green said in an interview with Esther. When I entered the hall, everyone in the group was chatting and making noise. I was standing in the corner, and so was the girl. “That’s why we started talking and became very friendly.”

John Green; Popular teen writer
John Green is an American writer and videoblogger who won the 2006 Print Award. He is on the Times Magazine’s list of “One Hundred Most Influential People in the World.” In addition to being an influential writer on Vernacular, Green is also a successful video blogger in the virtual world. John and his brother Hank have created eleven series of educational programs so far, one of which is a virtual channel for teaching literature, history and science.

John Green’s first book, In Search of Alaska. She wrote this book in 2005 and “Fatemeh Japik” translated it into Persian. John Green’s second book was A Let It Snow. Green co-authored the novel with two other authors. This book was a collection of Christmas stories that unfortunately has not been translated into Persian. “Paper Cities” is the third novel by John Green, which in 2008 was ranked as the fifth best-selling book in the New York Times.

In August 2009, John Green announced that the name of his new novel would be “The End”, the same novel that changed its name to the fate of our stars a few months later. The book, which was due to be published in January 2012, was sent to those who ordered the book nine days earlier due to an accident. At the time of the incident, John Green asked his readers not to read the book until the day of its public release, or if they did, not to reveal the story of the book. Readers also responded positively to the author’s request and did not reveal the story of the book until its publication.
John Green’s latest work is called Turtles All The Way Down. The book was published in 2017 and is considered by John Green to be his most personal novel. The story of the book is about a girl who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. “It was very difficult to write this book, but I was able to write it to the end,” said John Green, himself a victim of the disease, in an interview about the book.

“I tried to include all my experiences with obsessive-compulsive disorder in my book.” Two translators of this work have translated John Green into Persian, “Fatemeh Jabik”, translated by Milkan Publications, and the second translation by “Amir Mohammad Javadi”, published by Majid Publishing.

Nahsi of our lucky stars in Persian
Our Stars’s Error Book became very popular when it was published in 2012. But it took several years for this book to be translated into Persian.

The first translation of this book was published by Amout Publishing with a translation of “Ayatollah Arman” called “Nahsi Stars of Our Luck”. Helmand Publications has published this book with the translation of “Maryam Faradi” called “Bakht Parishan”. Cheshmeh Publishing House has recently published this book entitled “Mistakes in Our Lucky Stars” translated by “Mehrdad Baziari”.

Finally, the book we are reviewing on this page is the book “The Misfortune of Our Stars”, which was translated by “Elahe Moradi” and “Milad Baba Nejad” in collaboration. This translation has won the title of the best-selling translated book in the field of children and adolescents in 1397.
“Elahe Moradi” and “Milad Babanejad” are a young translator whose specialty is translating children’s books. By choosing the best-selling books in the market and then presenting fluent and simple translations of these books, the two have proved their work to those who are interested in children’s books. The couple has translated six books to date and published all of them in collaboration with Genesis Publications. “The Hate You Can Do” by Angie Thomas, “Our Island” and “How to Live Forever” by Sally Nicholas and the Mistakes of Our Stars are some of these books.

About the unfortunate movie of our lucky stars
In June 2014, American director Josh Boone co-wrote a screenplay with Michael Weber based on the novel The Mistakes of Our Lucky Stars. The film topped the list of best-selling films of 2014 with global sales of $ 18.3 million for weeks. The film stars stars such as Shailene Woodley and Ansel Algat. The film’s success at the box office prompted Michael Weber and Scott Nosdater to write another screenplay based on John Green’s “Paper Cities” a year after the success of Our Stars, which also became a blockbuster film. It was the box office.

The sales and success of John Green’s films was such that Fox 2000 signed an exclusive contract with him, and now the company is responsible for making all of John Green’s future and potential films. The music for the film’s final credits was sung by English singer Ed Sheeran, which also became a lasting work.
In 2014, Fox India announced that it wanted to make a new adaptation of Our Stars’s Error Book. The name of this movie is Helpless Heart and the shooting of it started in 2018, and its release date has been announced as November 2019.

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