feminizm & erkekler


Title: Feminism and Men

Author: Nikki Van Dragag

Translator: Iman Soltani Nasab

Publisher: Chatrang

Subject: Feminism, Attitudes

Age category: Adult

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 228 p

Language: Farsi

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feminizm & erkekler by Nikki Van Dragag.

Feminism provided me with a tool to understand and express what I had experienced as a male growing up. The ringing of feminist works about patriarchy, racism, capitalism, and systematic gender discrimination rang in my ears, as I witnessed firsthand the masculine domination they objected to. I saw it at home as a child and immortalized it in myself as an adult. Their analysis of masculine culture and behavior helped me place my father’s patriarchy in a much larger social context.

It also helped me get to know myself better. I realized that I loved feminists and believed in feminism. Not only does it give women a voice, but it also opens the way for men to free themselves from the clutches of traditional masculinity. When we hurt women, we hurt ourselves as well as our community.

Many books have been written about feminism, as well as about masculinity, but few have tried to reconcile feminism and men. This book is not a history of the influence of men in feminist organizations or organizations or advocates of feminism, but rather refers to a view that at a particular time takes a holistic view and tries to integrate feminist discourse with the men’s movement on gender equality in a global context. .

“Apparently there are two completely different issues in this regard, one can be called a pessimistic position; They see fathers as a social problem in which they are not responsible, they are not committed to their duties, and they do not change … and the other sees himself as the antidote to that one, he sees the cure in the new father; “A soft-spoken, fashionable father with a woolen sweater that hugs the baby with one hand and washes the dishes with the other.”
Pointing to the need for men to participate in egalitarian activities, the present book states: “We see that many men around the world are fighting violence against women, shoulder to shoulder with women. A process that must be strengthened and continued. We need men who work for equal employment opportunities, equal pay and sustainable economic justice for women. In addition, they must show a willingness to challenge traditional masculine patterns. “Because gender discrimination will deprive women of their rights and men of their humanity.”

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