The chakra handbook


Title: Chakra Therapy

Authors: Shalila Sharamon; Ludo J. Bajinski

Translator: Ali Asghar Shojaei

Publisher: Rain Rain

Subject: Healing

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 224

Language: Farsi



Introducing the book The chakra handbook : from a basic understanding to practical application “Shalila Sharamon” and “Budo J. Bajinsky »
Chakra Therapy co-written by Shalila Sharamon and Budo J. Bajinski “has been translated into Persian by” Raymond Shahabi “. This book introduces the body’s energy centers, or chakras, and how they work. In addition to describing chakras and ways to work with them, this book teaches simple exercises to coordinate these energy centers. A set of techniques has been selected to revitalize the chakras and untie the knots.

In part of the book The chakra handbook :

from a basic understanding to practical application we read: “Each of these bodies has its own frequency of vibrations. The ‘ether body’, which is closer to the physical body, has the lowest frequency of vibrations; the ‘astral body’ and the ‘mental body’ have the frequency. And the “spiritual body” has the highest frequency, each of which is like a dance of energies with its own frequencies, and as man grows, the corresponding frequencies increase according to growth. These bodies are at the level of their vibrations, when their vibrations increase.

They equip man with higher forms of vital energy, feeling and consciousness.

Different energy bodies are not separate from each other. As long as their waves continue at different frequencies, they penetrate each other. One who is able to see them recognizes the difference between them, as long as his waves of vision are in harmony with those particular spaces. If he wants to see the stellar body, he must be in harmony with the astral space; If he wants to see the mental body, he must be in harmony with the mental space; And so on….”

At some point in life, almost everyone asks themselves (Who am I?) What force acts on me? What abilities lie within me? And how can I awaken my potential talents to happiness and creativity? We believe that no science can answer these questions as well as the body’s energy centers, also known as the chakras.

There is no need for enlightenment or such powers in connection with the function of the chakras.

Activating and synchronizing the chakras is very simple. A set of techniques have been selected that revitalize the chakras and untie the knots …

A complete practical guide to chakras, including color, activity, sounds, background information, and techniques for opening and using force. This book, which has been a bestseller for a long time in Europe, is a definite text in this regard.

Chakra Therapy is a great book about chakras that simply explains the necessary and essential concepts in this field to the readers. This book is a clear, simple to use and easy to understand book for a beginner in the field of chakras. It’s not annoying at all, but it also contains useful information for more experienced people.

This book is very comprehensive, covering many aspects related to chakras and various types of useful therapies such as: sounds, colors, senses, gemstones, body areas, emotional, psychological and physical manifestations related to each Explains the chakra. Chakra Therapy not only explains all of this, but also links them to different ages and stages of your development. A complete and astonishing book on chakra.

The book The chakra handbook :

from a basic understanding to practical application takes you on a wonderful journey in which you become acquainted with your inner strength and after realizing it, you experience and feel another form of life. In fact, in addition to contributing to the health of your body, you will also achieve spiritual development by meditating and cultivating your mind. You will also learn how to clear and activate these key energy points in your body.

Who is Chakra Therapy (Energy Center Therapy) suitable for?

If you want to get rid of negative energies and have a calm and healthy mind and body, this book is recommended for you.

In a part of the book Chakra Therapy (treatment through energy centers) we read:
Our true nature is one with that force which manifests itself in an infinite set of waves, laws, colors and shapes, scents and sounds of the whole of creation. There is nothing that we can separate from it. The innermost core of our being is the inseparable unity in the absolute, unchangeable, and ever-present universe that we call God, the Creator and Ruler of all existence. By its very nature, purity and existence are unlimited and blissful.

As soon as the waves of joy of the Pacific Ocean of the divine universe, which rests within us, rise, the dance of creation begins, in which we are also one of its manifestations, and we play a role with our physical and delicate bodies. Our awareness of this oneness was lost from the moment we began, as a single being, to trust information received only through the physical body and the rational mind; Thus we forgot our divine principle.

Healing through the energy centers of the body is a complementary treatment for all physical and mental illnesses.

In addition, the balanced activity of the energy centers brings man closer to spiritual development. Dear friends, you can use this complementary treatment for any physical or mental problem you have. I emphasize that if you have any problems, you should continue your treatment under the supervision of the relevant specialists and at the same time use this complementary medicine to speed up your treatment. This book also helps you to clear your chakras and aura and open your third eye and cultivate your mind.

Chakra Therapy is a fascinating and readable book about reviving the energies within that exist in the nature of all human beings. Chakra refers to the knowledge of the body’s energy centers; All of us need to learn how our chakras function in order to be fully aware of ourselves, to discover our innate abilities, as well as our potential talents for happiness and creativity, so that we can succeed in Reach all aspects of life.
The purpose of this book is to help recognize and understand this innate ability. The author describes the chakras in a captivating and fluent language and explains the effective strategies for their correct use to the audience, and by teaching simple but at the same time efficient exercises, helps the audience to be able to do this. Coordinate energy centers with each other in the direction of their intended goal.

The techniques introduced in this book give new life to the chakras and help you along the way, as well as illuminate a different perspective on the innate abilities in your being and bring indescribable peace.

Finally, we explain the definition of chakra and its functions to become more familiar with these concepts:

Chakras are called energy centers in the human body according to Hinduism. The chakra or shakra is located in every living thing. The chakras are the body’s sources of energy, or in other words, currents for life.

Chakra Functions:

They are responsible for absorbing, digesting and distributing vital energy in different parts of the body.
They control, strengthen, and are responsible for the proper functioning of the physical body and the moral behaviors associated with the organs of the body. The endocrine glands are regulated by some of the main chakras and receive energy. By controlling and manipulating the main chakras, the endocrine glands can be stimulated or inhibited. Many ailments are due in part to the malfunctioning of the chakras.
Some chakras are centers of mental talent. Activation of certain chakras may lead to the development of certain mental talents. For example, the sub-chakras in the palm of the hand are the easiest and safest chakras to activate. By activating the chakras located in the center of the palms of the hands, one can develop the ability to feel subtle energies, inner aura, health aura and outer aura, and in people with this innate talent, the possibility of healing and In other people, provided there is a minimum of standard capacity in the chakras, it is possible to gain by practicing.

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