Girl stop apologizing


Title: girl stop apologizing

Author: Rachel Hallis

Translator: Zohreh Masti

Publisher: Trying Thought

Subject: Success. Women’s self-esteem, happiness, women’s self-improvement

Number of pages: 264

Language: Farsi



Girl stop apologizing Rachel Hallis, a book on women’s self-improvement, success, happiness, and self-esteem, speaks to a general idea.

Do not be ashamed if you did something for yourself and no one understood.

Hallis believes that if you can do something that makes you feel good inside, it is worthwhile and “the strongest and most enjoyable feeling in the world.” And by no means should you be ashamed.

Do you always feel stuck in life’s problems?
Have you always tried to find a time when you could bring your dreams closer to reality or even try to accept those dreams yourself?

In The girl stop apologizing, Rachel Hallis discusses the problems, challenges, and excuses that keep us from achieving our goals.

The text on the back cover of the book reads:
I like fighting people who make a fuss.

I love someone who is not ashamed of what he wants and does not allow others to disappoint him.

I do not mean that these people have never been scared, I do not mean that they have never been caught in the trap of others’s opinions, no, they are human beings and, like all of us, sometimes lack self-confidence, but when it comes time to act, doubt them. They did not give up and did not hesitate, they just lowered their heads and continued their work without paying attention to others.

Reckless fighter in my opinion means this; That is, you are willing to try to achieve what you want – whatever it is – and do not wait for someone to give it to you with both hands, and you know that this desire belongs to you and you will achieve it.
This book, like the previous work by the author of the book Be Yourself Girl, has been ranked as one of the New York Times bestsellers. More than seven hundred and fifty thousand copies of the book Selfish Girl have been sold.

Your dream belongs to you, not me.
You do not have to justify anything, because you do not need the permission of others unless you seek their approval.

In fact, when you realize this and believe that you do not need to justify your dream to others and give it a reason, then you have actually entered a path that ends with the one you are destined for.

The book is written in three main sections.

In the first section, entitled “Excuses You Must Give Up,” Hallis discusses excuses that most people have come to believe.

To the extent that they may no longer look at it as an excuse. The various forms of these excuses are examined and finally, with a new perspective, it tries to get rid of them.

The topics of this section are:
Other women do not do this /

I am not a person who pursues his goals very much /

I do not have enough time /

I am not enough to succeed /

I can not follow my dream and be a good mother-daughter-employee at the same time /

I’m afraid of failure /

This has already been done /

What will others think? /

Good girls do not make a fuss.

The second part of the book
Which is called “Behaviors You Must Learn” and complements the topics in Part One.

After we put aside the excuses, we have to move on to new behaviors so that we can achieve the goals.

The focus of this section is on behaviors that have willingly or unwillingly become a part of our lives, or in other words, become a habit.

Now we need to identify bad habits and replace them with new useful ones.

Your behaviors are the way you express yourself every day and constantly. Your behaviors are your habits; The things you do, the things you do and the way you live your life.

What you need to know about your behaviors is that everyone is a choice.

The topics in the second section are:
Set aside permission /

Choose a dream and follow it with all your being /

Be ambitious /

Ask for help /

Plan for success /

Do not let others discourage you /

Learn to say no.

The third and final part of the book is “Skills to acquire”.
This section is about skills that naturally anyone can acquire by practicing.

This section does not talk about talent.

“Skills are not abilities you were born with, they are abilities you learn,” says Hallis.

The topics of the third section are:
planning /

Self Confidence /

Endurance /

Effectiveness /

Thinking positive /


The first remarkable thing about this book is that the author wrote the book for women. Of course, she has done this in a positive way, and in fact she intends to emphasize the abilities of women.
In different parts of the book you can see that Rachel Hallis started the sentences like this:
Girls… – My Sisters… – Ladies… Of course, it is natural that anyone who seeks to achieve goals, even without shame, can use this book.
There are many books on success, and great masters have written many books on the subject, which are still good and best-selling books after many years, but do not be ashamed, The Girl can be considered a new and updated book on success.

A book that also deals with new issues and tells you, for example, how to react if you encounter inappropriate behavior on Instagram that frustrates you about your goals.

In addition to being up-to-date, another positive point of the book is that it speaks honestly about its own life and suggests things that it has done in its own life.

The author’s humorous approach to mistakes in life and addressing them without feeling ashamed is perhaps the strongest aspect of the book.
Of course, the book may not be useful or attractive to everyone. If you read this book at the wrong time, or if you have read various books on success before, you can hardly say that you will not use this book much.

In general, do not be ashamed, Girl is a good book, but it is not amazing, as none of the books of success and self-help are amazing, because in the end, everything comes back to you.

If you want to have a better life and achieve your goals in life, these books can set the path for you, but ultimately you have to take that path yourself.
I suggest you do not miss reading this book if you are seriously looking for change and you are also interested in success books.

The simple and practical tips of this book can be useful for anyone.

In another part of the text on the back cover of the book, we read:
The weight and importance of other people’s opinions is so heavy for many women that it is very difficult to bear.

They are afraid to step out of the safe place they have built for themselves. But that’s not our reality, is it?

We must pursue our goals and dreams, we must be bold and courageous and accept the conditions; Because the chance to live with all our abilities is worth all the negative reactions and reactions we will receive in return.

Sentences from the book Do not be ashamed girl
What if you continue on your way?

What if you believe in yourself? And not just you, what if all women around the world decided to substitute their own perceptions of who they are?

Let me be honest, you have to be very skinny to be able to ignore the insults and irrelevant professions that people make on the Internet;

It took me several years to dare to talk about my dreams.

Most women, regardless of the environment in which they grow up, learn that in order to be a good woman, they must be seen by others.
The problem with this is that you allow others to determine your worth. Not surprisingly, half the women I know suffer from anxiety and depression.

They are overwhelmed by the wave of expectations and opinions of others. We have been taught that we have no value if others are not happy with us, but I disagree.

Personal development is not the same for everyone, it has to fit your personality and be done in a way that suits you.

Otherwise it will not work and will not be effective.

Be serious about your goal and be flexible about how to achieve it.
I am your friend Rachel and I say that I have gone through a difficult and painful time;

I say I was abused, I felt ugly and worthless and not enough, in thousands of different ways, but I decided to improve my life.

I improved my life and fought against lies and misconceptions over and over again. By looking at the truth, I gained such power, not by paying attention to the opinions of others.

You can do the same.
If you consciously decide to live without caring about the opinions and thoughts of others, you have made the best and most liberating decision of your life.

Have you ever experienced a moment in which you are ready to move towards your goal with motivation and energy?

Maybe you wanted to get on the weight loss path, maybe you wanted to continue your education, maybe you were training to run a marathon.

You were ready to do whatever it was, and suddenly. Suddenly someone came your way.

My sisters! There is only one thing between you and the destination you want to reach, and that is your own desire.

You must choose to be positive and see the opportunities and blessings of daily life.
You choose your own thoughts and there is no thought that stays in your mind without your permission, so whenever you start to be negative, stop.

Get rid of hate speech, silence their voices, then replace them with good thoughts.

The hopeful thing about this is that whether you are in a good period of your life or in a difficult period, you realize that you have the ability to control your point of view on the story.

Most women who choose Girl Stop Apologizing to Read are goal seekers;
Not a gold seeker, but a target seeker. It means you have a goal or a dream that is always in your heart and you are looking for motivation and advice that will help you move forward,

But among women, there may be women who do not know what the story of the goal and the pursuit of the goal is and how it works, because they are not the model of people who pursue their goals too much.

They have come to the conclusion that this characteristic is not inherent in them; Some people think so because of the environment and culture in which they grew up, and some people for other reasons.

There are even some who wish to be purposeful, but have little hope.

Rachel Hallis in How Shameless Is Her Daughter:
I am not an expert. I’m your friend Rachel and I want to tell you what made me successful.

I tried almost all the ways and finally did the following three things to achieve personal and business success:

I discarded excuses that hindered my progress;
I adopted good habits and behaviors that led me to success
I acquired skills to improve.
To be honest, I used to not have enough self-awareness to recognize these steps, but now I can look back and see that these steps were the main factors that led me to success.

Part of the text of the book Shame on How Much Girl
I like fighting people who make a fuss. I love someone who is not ashamed of what he wants and does not allow others to disappoint him.

I do not mean that these people have never been afraid, I do not mean that they have never been caught in the trap of others;

No, they are human beings, and like all of us, they sometimes lack self-confidence, but when it comes time to act, they do not doubt and do not hesitate, they just lower their heads and continue to work regardless of others.
Reckless fighter in my opinion means this; That is, you are willing to strive to get what you want – whatever it is – and not wait for someone to give it to you with both hands, knowing that it belongs to you and you will get it.

Society has taught us that we should raise boys to follow their desires and raise girls to follow boys. I am here to tell you no matter what society thinks of you and your dreams;

Hell, it doesn’t even matter what your family, friends or partner think about your dreams. The only thing that matters is how much you want your dreams and what you are willing to do to achieve them.

“Calm and talkative women rarely make history,” says Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. And there are hundreds of years of evidence to prove that.
Sojorner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, The Surfer Women, Marie Curie, Malala Yousafzai, The Opera, Beyoncé – None of these women cared about the expectations of the community or the era in which they lived.

None of them underestimated the talents, knowledge and abilities they possessed. These women and many others lived with their God-given talents and abilities without regard for the opinions of others, sometimes even without considering the impossible and the threatening messages.

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