Ask and It Is Given


Title: Ask to be given to you

Author: Jerry Hicks; Esther Hicks

Translator: Nooshin Ahmadi

Publisher: Contemporary Voice

Subject: Ethnography

Age category: All ages

Cover: Paperback

Number of pages: 232

Language: Farsi

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Ask and It Is Given of Jerry and Esther Hicks, what are you looking for in life? Improving relationships? Improving financial situation? Improving your health? Are you looking for your favorite job? Or looking to attract the right couple? This book is an answer to how you should be and how you should act and achieve everything that makes you happy. This book also teaches you how not to be and how not to act and how to avoid things that make you unhappy.

Asking for a book to be given to you is a solution to what you want to be, to live the way you want to live. This book teaches you how to do what is good or to avoid what is unpleasant. Just try 22 practical solutions of this work and see the result.
Are you looking for your favorite job? Or looking for a suitable spouse? If you want to have all of these things, ask Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks in the book Ask and It Is Given and they will teach you how to reach them. .

The work you have now holds in its heart the strongest teachings of this planet. This book complements the teachings of Abraham and the tapes recorded by Esther and Jerry Hicks over the past 18 years. By reading this book, you will understand how to control your thoughts. On the other hand, you will learn how to listen to your inner voice and make your own destiny.
The world around us is a mountain of different vibrations. “Nothing can happen unless something moves,” says Einstein. This means that everything is flowing with a measurable vibration. If you divide the world into smaller parts, you will realize that it is just a dancing solid. If you look at the smallest part of this quantum set, you will see that the source of this component is flowing in such a way that it overcomes all beginnings and endings. You and every other creature and object have a origin with this source and then you have entered the world of different objects, beings and beings. In fact, by leaving the source of energy in the body and mind, we enter the world of problems, diseases, deficiencies and fears.

The main focus of the book’s teachings is on returning to that source, the source that’s the source of everything and to which everything goes. By reading this book, you will be in a relationship with educated people whose only goal is to improve your comfort and health. They will remind you that you are all from the same source and that you can draw the greatest vibrations in the universe to you.
You can take advantage of this vibration in all aspects of your life or resist it. This book has an amazing yet simple message: Your source is love and a better life. When you are immersed in love and peace, you can reach this divine power that belongs to you.

In other words, the power of attracting wealth and expressing desires in you increases by reading this book. This is what the source of the universe does for you, and since you came from that source, you can do the same.

Ask for selected sentences from the book to be given to you:

You will get everything you think of. It does not matter if you want it or not.

The ideas that you firmly adhere to were once superficial.

If you want to achieve the desires of your life, do not stop at the things you do not want.

The thought you have in your head may bring you closer or closer to San Diego.

Life is always flowing, so you can not attach yourself to one thing.

You need to be selfish enough to achieve comfort and happiness.

Ask in a part of the book to be given to you, we read:
As we first come to strengthen our mathematical foundation and then see the sweet sense of the problems of this lesson, we must find a formula for understanding the world, a formula that is permanent and always works; In this way, you will be able to predict the future events of your life, and on the other hand, you will come to the realization that you can easily examine your past experiences and subsequently achieve a science that you have not used before.

You will never feel victimized again and you will no longer be afraid of the unexpected. All of these go hand in hand to make you feel good about being around you, it really makes sense to see clouds, fog, sun and sky working for you to succeed. This trait is potentially institutionalized in all human beings, but few put it to the fore.
When a person discovers his desires, he will feel a sense of satisfaction, and you can be sure that each of those desires will come true. So when you find the right belief and formula, the time between the emergence of desire in the mind and its full blossoming will be shorter.

Ask for a book and it will be given to you. It was first published in 2004. This book is in the category of psychology books of success and is suitable for the adult age group. In this book, the authors learn strategies so that the audience knows what to do to meet their needs. In the first stage, the authors identify the audience’s feeling as the key and most important factor and ask the audience to draw their attention to know what is happening at any given moment.

In fact, what Esther and Jerry Hicks are trying to say is that not everything has to be the way we want it to be. The present book has two sections entitled “Issues that we are aware of, things that you may have forgotten and that are important to remember” and the second section “Processes that help you achieve what you now remember”.
In the first part, the authors examine the impact of emotion and emotion management in the context of 22 articles and go into detail that finally tells the reader how to act in each emotional time period. In the second part, the authors talk about the process that causes vibration and difference in life. This book is for you if you want to know how you can achieve everything you want with the law of attraction.
Ask about the authors of the book and it will be given to you

Esther Hicks is an American author and motivational speaker. He was born in March 1948. Hicks is the author of motivational books and a way of life. Hicks has written most of his books in collaboration with his wife, Jerry Hicks. Some of the titles of their works are “Ask and it is given to you, Abraham’s teachings” and “Winners play, winners want to win and losers do not lose”. Hicks’s books have inspired many people around the world for many years. He co-authored How You Want to Get There with Wayne Dyer.

Ask for a part of the book and it will be given to you to read
They call us Abraham and we talk to you non-physically. Of course, you should know that you also came from a non-physical dimension; So we are not much different. Your physical world is an image of a non-physical dimension. In fact, you and your physical world are a continuation of a non-physical energy source.

In this non-physical realm we do not use words; Because we do not need language. We have no language to speak and no phone to hear; However, we communicate fully with others. Our non-physical language is vibration, and our non-physical communities or families are in the form of thoughts and intentions. In fact, we manifest by emitting vibration and become one with those who are like us.

Abraham is a family of non-physical beings naturally assembled by our powerful intentions to remind you, our physical extensions and sequences, of the universal laws that govern everything. We want to remind you that you are a source of energy that makes you happy and lovable; And that you have come to this reality when you are a physical place to live happily.
Everyone who is physically has non-physical twins. There is no exception. Everyone who is physical has access to a wider perspective, which is non-physical. But most physical beings are distracted by the physical nature of your planet. Because you have created strong patterns of resilience that prevent you from having a healthy connection to your energy sources. Our intention is to help those who want to regain this connection.

However, all physical human beings have access to healthy non-physical communication; But most of them are not aware of it, and often, even when you know it is possible, you are accustomed to thoughts that resist your ability to communicate consciously.

However, in certain cases, a healthy and clear communication channel opens up, and we can transmit our understanding in a vibrating way to those who clearly receive and translate it; And this is what happens through Esther. We present our knowledge, vibratingly, in a way that is similar to radio signals, and the ester picks up those vibrations and translates them into equivalent physical words. In any case, in this way and at this time, there are not enough physical words to convey our satisfaction and pleasure of this ability to give you our knowledge.
New York Times bestsellers Esther and Jerry Hicks present “Abraham Hicks Teachings,” the primary source of law of attraction that pervades the world. The teachings of Abraham Hicks were the main inspiration for The Secret, and they have inspired thousands of books, films, articles, and lectures that bring about changes in the global paradigm of consciousness. Professor Hicks collaborated on eight books with his wife, Jerry Hicks. Together since 1987 they have been presenting the Law of Attraction for Abraham Hicks Publishing every year since 1987.

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