Spotted Zebra Initiative


Title: the spotted Zebra Initiative

Author: Rafael Giordano

Translator: Shabnam Darvish

Publisher: Parseh

Subject: French stories

Age category: Adult

Number of pages: 320

Language: Farsi

Categories: ,


Zebra Khalkhali’s initiative is the work of Rafael Giordano.

In this book, Giordano also takes a creative approach to the subject of life and its problems. The story begins with a man and woman sitting in a gynecologist’s room for an ultrasound to find out the latest status of the children on their way.
The doctor says everything is fine but he still can not announce the gender.

From the next season, which is called the first scene, we enter the life of Basil. The same child we read about at the beginning of the book. Basil is left-handed and was born with his feet, which is why he considers himself different from others.

We have been with Basil since he was forty, and he tells his story from his childhood and from his fifties. Basil is a talented and innovative boy who creates new things with disposable items. He is a strange man in the eyes of his friends.
At the age of twelve, Basil, inspired by his father’s interest in old motorcycles, invented a kind of mechanical spider and sold it at a good price, but was temporarily expelled from school for a violation.
From the third scene of the story, we go back to Basil’s youth, when he started his own store called Zebra Khalkhali Bazaar. In this store, he sells his inventions and innovations ….
Simultaneously with the opening of Khalkhali Zebra Shop, we meet a teenager named Atour, who is also an inventor. Arthur has invented a device that he wants to offer and puts the fate of the two face to face ….

If you are interested in novels that look at life and society from a different perspective so that you will be surprised, we suggest you do not miss reading this novel.

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